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Three Part Mould Making :(

Yesterday, 08:09 AM

Can anybody recommend a good book/tutorial/anything that I can read? Made a few one part moulds and two part moulds with some success so I thought lets try a three part mould. Lots of things went wrong, for one I don't think the soap I used was that good as I came to open the two parts today and it was fused shut  :blink: Also failed at estimating the plaster I needed and ended up with too little for one half.


Here is my attempt 


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How Much Do You Stay Within Glaze Limits?

Yesterday, 07:35 AM

I have been doing a few melt tests and one came out that I liked the look of (see picture) It was a test of 1g of Cornish Stone and 1g of Whiting. 


I put that into a piece of glaze software then added extra feldspar/china clay/quartz to bring the glaze into the limit formulas. After that I ended up with three transparent glazes which lost all that I was looking for. I guess the limits are good when you want a nice transparent glaze.


How much do you stay within glaze limit formulas?


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The Double Dip

12 November 2014 - 11:16 AM

I had never seen anything like this technique, after trying it out on a few pots I love it. Firing is on now so the final verdict will be found out tomorrow but it really speeds up my glazing. 


Thought I would share to educate anybody else who has missed out. 




22 October 2014 - 06:04 PM

Well it made me laugh  ^_^ Now it's your turn.


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How Do You Take Photographs And Keep Them Consistent?

29 September 2014 - 03:33 PM

I bought myself a portable photo studio. One of those things that has 7 sides of semi transparent fabric with a removable front panel and backdrops you can velcro in. I have taken photos of my work about 5 times but I still can't get them to stay consistent.


I use full manual with ISO 100, F25, neutral colour and daylight white balance. I use two 5200k light bulbs to light my work. I have a Canon EOS 600D.


When taking the photos, depending on the glaze, I have to adjust the shutter speed to get the right exposure. Is this the best way to do it? I really don't know much about cameras. Even though I have a tripod some come out slightly blurred (think I need to work out a delay after pressing the button or get a thing so I don't need to press the button). Even the same pot with the same shutter speed can come out different. Maybe it is my light placement as I don't really know where to place them.


How do you keep consistent photos? Maybe I am messing up the shutter speed somewhere or because I am doing it over multiple days the lighting is slightly changing. I don't know.


Having to spend a while in Photoshop changing the exposures so that they match throughout the piece for the different angles.