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Glassy Musings.

06 April 2015 - 07:18 PM

To hopefully be able to ask my question I am going to talk about pure silica glass. I am still not sure if I am asking the right question.


Lets say I can get to the temperatures needed to melt silica. I start with my quartz which is a massive covalently bonded structure. I then heat it up until it melts and then cool it quickly into a vitreous silica (glass).




"A glassy structure suggest that chemical bonds among atoms must be partially covalent and partially ionic. This is because covalent bonds have well defined angles and distances (incompatible with glassy structure) while ionic bonds are non-directional."


So when I am melting the silica the electrons must transfer from being shared by each atom to being completely transferred to the other atom? I imagined that when melting the electron would go back to the atom where it came from but this doesn't seem to be the case. I need to have ions if I want to make a glass so electron transfer must be happening?


Is it that the melt is an electron soup where electrons are being shared with every atom at once and given enough time this would form crystalline structures but when crash cooled the ions get trapped as ions?


Source of confusion : http://digitalfire.c..._frits_340.html

Guess The Rock.

25 March 2015 - 01:51 PM

I went away with the family across to the Lake District for a few days. Walking up the hills I find myself looking at the rocks thinking "I wonder what glaze ingredient that one is" I started seeing whiteish what I assumed were feldspars or possibly quartz so picked up a few to melt in the kiln.


Any ideas what they could be? Sorry for the slightly bad quality, I am slowly learning how to use a camera. 

Turns out I can't link so many photos to my post so there are two more in the gallery - http://community.cer.../5048-img-6761/






It's a really beautiful place to go.


Glaze Comparison

04 March 2015 - 09:30 PM

At work on night shift again... Decided to make myself a glaze oxide comparison spread sheet in Excel 2010. You can sort by columns and I have set it up to turn blue when the value is under a set limit and turn red if it is over a set limit. You can change these limits on the second sheet.


If anybody does try it just delete my glaze data and tell me if it works :D You will have to enable the macros if you want to use the sort buttons.


If you think anything has been missed or other functions let me know too.


Maybe this could be done in glaze calc software xD


Attached File  rsz_spreadsheet.png   459.46KB   1 downloads


File: https://www.dropbox....Sheet.xlsm?dl=0

Making Burners Do's And Don't's

13 February 2015 - 06:57 PM

I would like to start building burners, all kinds of burners. Big ones, small ones, round ones and flat ones.


Any tips from your journeys into making or testing out burner devices? Any good source information that I could look at to get me started?


It doesn't have to be 100% kiln related, just related to making fire with gas. I have two kilns that are waiting to be converted and fired this summer when the weather improves but also other ideas none kiln related.

Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas

31 January 2015 - 07:57 PM

Post your ideas for challenges here.


Like peoples ideas for them to have a bigger chance of being selected for use. The more popular an idea the more likely it is to be chosen.