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How Do You Take Photographs And Keep Them Consistent?

29 September 2014 - 03:33 PM

I bought myself a portable photo studio. One of those things that has 7 sides of semi transparent fabric with a removable front panel and backdrops you can velcro in. I have taken photos of my work about 5 times but I still can't get them to stay consistent.


I use full manual with ISO 100, F25, neutral colour and daylight white balance. I use two 5200k light bulbs to light my work. I have a Canon EOS 600D.


When taking the photos, depending on the glaze, I have to adjust the shutter speed to get the right exposure. Is this the best way to do it? I really don't know much about cameras. Even though I have a tripod some come out slightly blurred (think I need to work out a delay after pressing the button or get a thing so I don't need to press the button). Even the same pot with the same shutter speed can come out different. Maybe it is my light placement as I don't really know where to place them.


How do you keep consistent photos? Maybe I am messing up the shutter speed somewhere or because I am doing it over multiple days the lighting is slightly changing. I don't know.


Having to spend a while in Photoshop changing the exposures so that they match throughout the piece for the different angles.

I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

26 September 2014 - 05:50 AM

I have 84 K26 (9"/4.5"/3") insulating fire bricks and I am a little stuck as to what to do with them. I have thought about trying an electric reduction kiln but I think that is too much work for the rewards. That and I have a little 13A kiln that would be good for it if I wanted to try.


I guess my question is what would you do with the bricks?


I could build a small gas kiln. Will I be able to reach cone 10 with only the 3" of insulation? I could build an even smaller one if I used the 4.5" for the wall thickness. I would be using power burners as it is just going to be a square box. Idealy it would be designed so I could remove each wall and roof so it could be slightly flat pack and portable. I wouldn't be planning to move it a great deal but it would be good if it could break down into smaller pieces.


I have been thinking a simple updraft kiln but I have also seen Simon Leech's downdraft gas design and I like how it looks. I would need to buy some extra chimney shaped bricks but that is no problem. Updraft still seems the easiest option.


Are they really drafts if I have power burners anyway?


I want a reduction kiln so bad!

Hydrogen Burner

18 September 2014 - 04:07 AM

Would it be possible to fire a kiln with hydrogen?


Just reading an article about better hydrogen generation and it got me thinking.


Employing The Homeless

13 September 2014 - 05:43 PM

Well not all of them but I know a guy who keeps asking me for any work. I am thinking I could get him mixing slips, wedging clay, slip casting and weighing out glazes.


Wouldn't be a full time job but at least a few hours a week.


Obviously lots of trust issues but has anybody ever tried this before?



Looking For A Good Kiln Supplier In The Uk!

09 September 2014 - 09:53 AM

I have rang many companies today asking their advice on kilns. The official skutt suppliers in the uk are very unhelpful and I have already had a bad experience with them when buying my skutt wheel. They forgot to put a plug on it and also forgot to include the head extension for the wheel. A few other companies I have spoken to are not much better. When I am looking to spend over £1500 you would think they would be helpful and not just sound bored.


The only company I found that gave sound advice and were helpful was http://www.kilns.co.uk/index.aspx


Just looking for people who have bought a kiln in the UK and have good things to say about the company. Give me your testimonies :D