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Gas Kiln Design

12 May 2015 - 08:39 AM

My friend has this gas kiln that we fired a few days ago, the pots actually came out really nice but the design of the thing is confusing me.


It has six burners, three on the front and back side. The flue goes out the bottom at the back but it also has a damper on the top not in the chimney  :blink:


I have never seen anything like this before. I am not even sure anything was going out the flue at the bottom. The damper is a flap like thing that you open and close.


No idea how we fired it with good results. Started with the flap slightly open and went up to 1000 degOnly closed it slightly to start reduction. If I completely shut it then the temperatures started dropping.


It seems strange and I am not sure what the gasses are doing when they go in, I feel they are all exiting through the top of the kiln.


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Community Challenge #2

02 May 2015 - 01:38 PM



Welcome to the community challenge #2

This is a place where we can challenge ourselves alongside other community members to create ceramic works within the constraints set out in each challenge.
The Challenge
This challenge is to make a plant pot that has been influenced from your research into the season of spring. Your research can include anything that fits into the topic.
Pick an area within the topic that interests you and would like to explore. 
Try to be creative with your research and how you translate that into an idea for your ceramic work. 
The Rules

  • Everybody can enter the challenge, all you need is a registered account on the forum.
  • Work in progress (WIP) images are encouraged. It can help to talk through your research and ideas but please don't spam the topic. Keep the updates informative and succinct.
  • One final entry per community member, images no larger than 1024 pixels wide/high.
  • Attach images to your final entry post along with the text (copy and paste what is below)
    [b][color=#ff0000]Final Entry - (Your forum name)[/color][/b]
  • This will make sure you are not missed out of the results thread. Also make sure you post your final entry in this thread to be entered into the challenge.
  • The challenge will run quarterly and will be
    • 1st February to 29th April, 
    • 1st May to 30st July, 
    • 1st August to 30st October, 
    • 1st November to 30st January.
  • The results thread will be posted on the last day of the ending month. It will be a collection of all the entries into one post for condensed viewing and some post challenge discussion.

The Rest
Remember you are entering for your own enjoyment and there could be a risk that your work develops into something new and exciting.
Be considerate of others and don't post opinions without good reasons to back them up. We are all here to improve and progress with our ceramics.
Some dates may vary slightly as this is a community run project and it will depend on members having access to the forum.
Have any ideas for a challenge? Post them in the ideas thread http://community.cer...hallenge-ideas/

Community Challenge #1 - Results

30 April 2015 - 06:04 PM

This challenge is to make a piece(s) of ceramics that has been influenced from your research into the sky and/or the atmosphere.





Evelyne Schoenmann











Glassy Musings.

06 April 2015 - 07:18 PM

To hopefully be able to ask my question I am going to talk about pure silica glass. I am still not sure if I am asking the right question.


Lets say I can get to the temperatures needed to melt silica. I start with my quartz which is a massive covalently bonded structure. I then heat it up until it melts and then cool it quickly into a vitreous silica (glass).




"A glassy structure suggest that chemical bonds among atoms must be partially covalent and partially ionic. This is because covalent bonds have well defined angles and distances (incompatible with glassy structure) while ionic bonds are non-directional."


So when I am melting the silica the electrons must transfer from being shared by each atom to being completely transferred to the other atom? I imagined that when melting the electron would go back to the atom where it came from but this doesn't seem to be the case. I need to have ions if I want to make a glass so electron transfer must be happening?


Is it that the melt is an electron soup where electrons are being shared with every atom at once and given enough time this would form crystalline structures but when crash cooled the ions get trapped as ions?


Source of confusion : http://digitalfire.c..._frits_340.html

Guess The Rock.

25 March 2015 - 01:51 PM

I went away with the family across to the Lake District for a few days. Walking up the hills I find myself looking at the rocks thinking "I wonder what glaze ingredient that one is" I started seeing whiteish what I assumed were feldspars or possibly quartz so picked up a few to melt in the kiln.


Any ideas what they could be? Sorry for the slightly bad quality, I am slowly learning how to use a camera. 

Turns out I can't link so many photos to my post so there are two more in the gallery - http://community.cer.../5048-img-6761/






It's a really beautiful place to go.