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#76853 Help With Ordering Newbie

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on Yesterday, 02:55 PM

Don't know if you found the key underneath for the test tiles. What you are seeing is the wash being painted on and different glazes producing different colour variations. (Note to self, read other posts first  :rolleyes:) Just saw the other post xD


To get all the different looks they have on those tiles you need the wash and 4 different glazes. Some of them are fired to cone 4 and some to cone 6.


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If you are looking to get the most variation out of the smallest purchase I would maybe buy a clear glaze, white glaze, a semi-matt or whatever kind of matt you are into. Get a few mason stains that you can colour the glaze/clay/paint and maybe a wash or two for painting under or over glaze.


That would probably get you started. It all depends what kind of surface you are looking for and the colours.

#76590 Cobalt Wash

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 02 March 2015 - 12:28 PM

I have this recipe for a blue wash, never tried it but I have had success mixing my clay with 0-10% cobalt to make a coloured slip, don't know if that is classed as a wash.

Red clay 100g
Cobalt oxide 4g
Manganese Dioxide 4g
Water ~
Enough water to make it into a watercolor consistency. The iron in the red clay and the manganese soften the harsh blue that you can sometimes get using the Cobalt alone.

Also this one, I am sure you could try without the manganese dioxide.
Grey Blue
Cobalt Carbonate 60
Manganese Dioxide 20
Gerstly Borate 20


Underneath are my tests with Cobalt Carbonate 1%, 2%, 4%, 8%, 16% and 24% with the clay body. It is under a white glaze.
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#76483 Heat Proof Surfaces

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 01 March 2015 - 01:00 AM

A few bricks or a paving slab? Some people have mentioned using cement board. Have a look at this thread for more info http://community.cer...alls#entry56835


if it is the kiln you have posted about it looks like it has a big air space between the kiln so I bet you could probably put it on any table. Still if you want to be extra safe put it on something like a paving slab or cement board.


You shouldn't take stuff out of the kiln before it is under 100 degC so that surface shouldn't matter. I just take mine out and put them on a wooden bench, nowhere near hot enough to singe/burn the wood.

#76271 What Causes Glaze/clay 'tide Mark'?

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 27 February 2015 - 05:42 AM

I'm pretty sure it is to do with sodium

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#76127 Finding Your Own Style...easy To Say

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 25 February 2015 - 04:58 AM

It is funny how many things I have thought 'this is my style' till I watched an old pottery video again and saw that I was obviously inspired without knowing it and have just copied what I have seen. I always see my style as a mix of sensory inputs run through my brain circuits.  

#75936 Standard Ceramic Glaze Issue

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 22 February 2015 - 12:53 PM

Sodium silicate should have thinned down the glaze really, sounds like there is an ingredient in the glaze that is causing mischief. Is it a commercial glaze you have used before?


I remember reading stuff about glaze cracking/gelling and why but I can't remember it any more. I will see if I can find it again.

#75857 Community Challenge #1

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 20 February 2015 - 06:01 PM

I haven't managed anything yet for this challenge :( but my first ceramics monthly mag arrived with a great front cover that gave me some inspiration. Work by Julia Galloway, she must have seen the challenge :}

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#74867 Very Pale Cream Glaze Tests

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 05 February 2015 - 08:15 AM

You could try a different feldspar, I find cornish stone gives a much creamier glass. Maybe swap out 50% of the soda for that.
Increasing the china clay could also get closer to the off white but it will become more refractory.. Maybe a darker ball clay could work too. Not sure about the colourants, a very low percentage could give you what you want.
Here are some of my melt tests, if you look at the feldspars across the top it goes soda, potash, cornish stone. Cornish stone to me looks the most off white.
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Do you have any photos of your tests?

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#74755 Community Challenge #1

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 03 February 2015 - 12:52 PM

I like the idea of making a lampshade that looks like the sky in the day and when it gets dark stars would shine through the clay. Not sure how that would be executed other than a load of small holes  :huh:


Roberta, very top of the page there is a floating menu where you can sign in/out. If you click on your name it will bring up a box to post 'what's on your mind'  otherwise you can go to your my profile page and click 'profile feed' on the left menus and update it from there.

#74614 Mocha Diffusion Tobacco Tea

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 01 February 2015 - 04:22 AM

#74573 Community Challenge #1

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 31 January 2015 - 07:26 PM





Welcome to the community challenge #1


This is a place where we can challenge ourselves alongside other community members to create ceramic works within the constraints set out in each challenge.


The Challenge


This challenge is to make a piece(s) of ceramics that has been influenced from your research into the sky and/or the atmosphere. Your research can include anything that fits into the topic.

Pick an area within the topic that interests you and would like to explore. 

Try to be creative with your research and how you translate that into an idea for your ceramic work. 

No specific item needs to be created for this challenge so the choice is up to you. Good luck.


The Rules

  • Everybody can enter the challenge, all you need is a registered account on the forum.
  • Work in progress (WIP) images are encouraged. It can help to talk through your research and ideas but please don't spam the topic. Keep the updates informative and succinct.
  • One final entry per community member with an image no larger than 1024 pixels wide.
  • Upload your image to your galleries and attach to the entry post or use the attachment uploader within the post editor. If you don't it may not make it across to the results thread.
  • Only attach one image to your final entry post along with the words "Final Entry - (Forum name)" This will make sure you are not missed out of the results thread.
  • The challenge will run quarterly and will be
    • 1st February to 29th April, 
    • 1st May to 30st July, 
    • 1st August to 30st October, 
    • 1st November to 30st January.
  • The results thread will be posted on the last day of the ending month. It will be a collection of all the entries into one post for condensed viewing and some post challenge discussion.


The Rest

Remember you are entering for your own enjoyment and there could be a risk that your work develops into something new and exciting.

Be considerate of others and don't post opinions without good reasons to back them up. We are all here to improve and progress with our ceramics.

Some dates may vary slightly as this is a community run project and it will depend on members having access to the forum.


Have any ideas for a challenge? Post them in the ideas thread http://community.cer...hallenge-ideas/



(If there is anything you feel I have missed out, could be improved or doesn't make any sense please send me a personal message.)

#73888 Community Challenge Idea

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 22 January 2015 - 03:23 PM

I have found a way to link other peoples/any attachments, and hopefully I can link all entries in one post. If you can't attach to the forum but can email/transfer me/any other helpful member I am sure we can upload it/resize to the right format.


Sorry Guinea but you have been chosen as test example #1



#73885 Community Challenge Idea

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 22 January 2015 - 03:10 PM

You will just need to post the image in the challenge thread using the normal attachments. I will be adding them all to the results thread.

#73801 Should This Glaze Fire Out Glossy?

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 21 January 2015 - 05:18 PM

John posted a good explanation a while back about glazes and limits.



It all depends on that for which you are looking.


The most "interesting" glaze surfaces typically are those that come from some so-called 'imbalance' in the oxide distribution in the melt, most often causing some chemical unevenness in that melt, the lack of full melting of some raw material component, or the precipitation of some silicate type materials onto the surface in the cooling phase.  Or all of the above.  Or takes advantage of a raw material source for oxides that casues a 'defect' as the glaze is melting ... that we look at as "nice" (ie. American Shino crawling). 


Keep in mind the "limits" that everyone talks about are for what might be defined as "good glass".  And that "good glass" is defined by relatively modern industrial standards. The criteria has as much to do with stability, REALLY long term durability, and consistency as it does with any aesthetic qualities.  THOSE are criteria for mode rn industry.  (There is a reason that bathtub and toilet and sink glazes look like they do.)


If you are not concerned about the same things...... then the "limits" can apply less and less to what you are doing.


If you are making food service wares....... then concepts like the leaching of potentially toxic materials likely should be in your list of desired criteria. 


If you are making sculptures for outdoor installations, then stuff like durability in acid rain and pigeon poop likely should be in your list of desired criteria. 


If you are making floor tile, then hardness and resistacne to abrasion likely should be in your list of desired criteria.


Understanding how the various limit formulas might help you evaluate your list of personal criteria is where the art of USING glaze chermistry software comes in. 


Only you can decide what those criteria are. 


The only formal "laws" relative to the production of ceramics in the USA at the moment are from the FDA and the State of California... and they pertain to any wares that contain lead or cadmium compounds.  Not hing else is formually regulated.  You also DO have what are known as standards from organizations like ASTM for the labels of things like "microwave safe" and "dishwasher safe".  Of course general liability law says if something you make harms someone... you can be held liable in either civil or even potentially criminal (unlikely) situations.


Then there is a piece that is the "moral" dilema.  If you make wares that are somehow "sub-standard" in some way....... and you know that they are....... what do you do with them?  For example, if you have a dinnerware glaze that is drop dead gorgeous........ has NO toxic components...... but it is outside limits.... and the way it is outsisde those limits tells you that compared to a piece of commercial Noritake dinnerware....... the surface will not stand up to repeated washings as well......... what do you do?


NO easy answers.


Anyone who uses American Shino and sells it is "outside limits".  (Guilty!)  Anyone who woodfires and sells work with natural fly ash deposits is "outside limits".  (Guilty!)






#73785 Community Challenge Idea

Posted by High Bridge Pottery on 21 January 2015 - 02:15 PM

I didn't know the polling had a limit of 20. That along with the mixed opinions rules out voting. I don't like the idea of more than 20 entering and having to pick who goes in the poll.


The hash tag could be a good idea.


For the main challenge thread I am not looking for one entry after another, the dialogue will be interesting. After the three months I would post a final entries thread so you can see all entries at once. This is the only thing that will need to be hosted off site. I really like using google docs so could make up a pdf of all entries and link. That would be the only part needed to be found off the forum and I feel google docs will be around for a long time so it could in theory be viewed 10 years after being posted.