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In Topic: Could Someone Help A Mama?

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

I remember seeing a potter with parkinsons and when making pottery their tremors stopped. I think pottery is good for the brain. It is good for my brain.

In Topic: Discolored Bisque

Yesterday, 08:49 PM

Bisque or over fired should still have that glassy ring to it because it has been taken through the ceramic change. If there is a dull thud then maybe you need to refire.


A good look at the clay compared to greenware and the final fired look should also be an easy comparison to which one it looks closer to.


I had some bisque that went a nice blue where stacked inside each other but still overfired I think than underfired.
2014-02-15 20.12.44.jpg

In Topic: Discolored Bisque

Yesterday, 05:42 PM

I think they went over bisque and are closer to looking like the final fired body temp. At least this is what I have found in the same situation. The thickness keeps in heat and over fired itself.


Does it sound dull or do they ring?

In Topic: Lava Glaze Options

Yesterday, 12:51 PM

Interesting, so it is kind of a frit made from melted ash?


Found some chemistry. http://www.optaminer...-Coal-Slag.html Is it cheaper than standard rocks?

Symbol	Name	                   Percentage
SiO2	(Silicon Dioxide, Total)   ~46.5%
Al2O2	(Aluminum Oxide)	   ~22.5%
Fe2O3	(Iron Oxide)	           ~19.0%
CaO	(Calcium Oxide)	           ~5.5%
MgO	(Magnesium Oxide)	   ~1.0%
TiO2	(Titanium Oxide)	   ~1.0%
SiO2	(Crystalline Silica)	   <0.1%
Loss on ignition	(LOI)	   ~3.0%

In Topic: Could Someone Help A Mama?

26 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

If it is the only Dan I know of pottery wise on youtube he has two hands :D although his dad/relation has lost a hand and throws. I bet his wheel is old, it only has three speeds. Not sure of the make.


Try and get some help to move the wheel, I have been moving mine around solo and it gets tough. Easy for two.