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Today, 06:08 AM

Also, should I try to open the clay wider than I want it to be so it doesn't end up smaller or should I focus on pulling the clay up and not pushing in so much? 





Hit the nail on the head, best to open it up wider at the bottom than your finished diameter is going to be as when you pull up the walls the diameter can shrink.

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Today, 06:02 AM

Hey, I didn't know you could do it that way. When you click on the image and it comes up with those options it also says 'get direct link to image' click that and copy the url.


Then when you have the url click the circled icon shown below and past link into the box. No reason you can't do it the way you found but this way you can sometime link images from other sites than CAD.


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In Topic: Community Challenge #2

Yesterday, 07:26 AM


If you click the small image icon on the bottom icon line and paste the link in the forum will post it from your gallery, no resizing needed.


or you can put the link in this code



Ah HA! Thank you, Joel!! This has stumped me for as long as I've been on this forum, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I didn't understand the icon thingy that you said but the link bracketing I can totally do. Thank you times a million. :)



The icon just puts the image url into the right code for you automatically. Click the small tree icon and paste in the url. Sometimes writing the code doesn't work properly and its better to use the function.

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Yesterday, 06:02 AM

Sorry my question was phrased weird, I more meant why are you calcining it. Never heard of or seen that in a recipe before. Turns out after a little googling it is a thing.


An interesting looking glaze I bet, if you are planning to use barium and copper in a glaze you really want to learn some glaze chemistry. As a retro fix 5% kaolin could help, around 15% is good but if you add that now it will stop the glaze melting. If the glaze is very glossy 5% kaolin will probably be accepted into the melting.

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01 August 2015 - 06:35 PM

No clay in the recipe? I'm pretty sure that helps with powdery glaze.


What is calcined zinc oxide? Is that a thing?