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In Topic: Photogaphic Records Of Your Work Burying You Alive, Too?

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

So.... can anyone share their favorite organizing (and even editing) program for their digital images?  And any tricks to keep the reduced-size images separate from the full-sized images? I've been adding the letters sm or sz on the end of the image title, but when you're skimming through the images, it takes time to open up their titles to find which is large and which is small...and then when you close them, you're confused again.  I'm currently trying to weed out a lot of duplicates, but sorting out the small images from the larger is a pain.

You could try sorting by file size as I assume all the big images will be about the same size and it would at least give you a divide between the two.
There are many ways to search that people don't really use. Ok, bear with me as it may sound a little complicated.


Source info http://windows.micro...hing-in-windows
If you did want to keep adding small to the end of your pictures a way to search would be to type into your search bar in the folder containing the images.


Ok, basically this is saying search for a file that equals the phrase small, the asterisk means is that any string of characters could come before that.


Another way could be


Might be easier to read the link and type some in to see what happens. It's up to you what prefix/suffix you can add to the photo description. Date is a good one, and the image size is probably good too. Now you know a little more you can see how you can separate images.


Be prepared to sit a while and don't accidentally search your whole hard drive. Windows is bad at a speedy search and could take forever. None of these search codes have been tested as the version of windows is too old where I am at work xD


Photoshop is my go to editor. I am comfortable using it and know how to get things done. There is probably a light weight piece of software out there that can do all you want but I don't look around that much.

I find it is good to do a preliminary cull after a session photographing. Flick through them on the camera and delete the ones you really don't want. I bought the Canon EOS 600D an I was very happy with it. It is a few years older but the specifications are the same, minus the touch screen and slightly changed body of the camera.

In Topic: How To Get A Clear Satin Glaze

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

Do you still want it to be transparent?


From what I have read matt, semi-matt glazes can be produced in a few ways. Having a lower Si/Al ratio, under firing the glaze or a slow cool.


You could try taking out 5 of the silica and adding 5 extra of epk to see if that gets you closer to what you are looking for. There are magnesium matts which I think are helped by a slow cool so you could try adding a little more talc.

In Topic: Food For Thought - E - Course!

17 December 2014 - 08:23 PM

An idea while reading an educational post.


What if along with the FAQ's there could be an 'Informative Post' (name under construction) section. Posts that are educational/helpful/FAQ's could be stored under some kind of labels with the original post and link to forum. 


It could be decided through voting for (educational like this) a post. People would then know if they so wanted to share it would be recorded in an easy to find place not lost in the depths of the search function. It would be difficult with the image limits on the forum/posts to make a good tutorial that is not a wall of text.

In Topic: How High Did I Fire?

17 December 2014 - 04:04 PM

It could be reading the right temperature but taking too long to get there. On your controller how do you program in the ramps? Does the last ramp go full power to a set temperature or can you choose how many degrees it climbs per hour?

In Topic: Using Wire Support To Make Spikes

17 December 2014 - 01:09 PM

Could you make some clay spikes and bisque them to use? Never tried, but it could work.