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In Topic: Ian Currie Test Tiles Forums?

Today, 07:27 AM

Ok, thank you for the explanations :D I think I understand now. I don't have access to any reduction firing so won't be needing the extra tiles.


Probably start with the one flux and see where that goes from there for a little practise.

In Topic: Ian Currie Test Tiles Forums?

Yesterday, 09:02 AM

I decided to have a go at this 35 grid method. I am a little confused as to what I am meant to put in on the calculator on his website. Do all the flux have to add up to 100?


Made myself a plaster mould with all the squares to hopefully make my life easier.


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In Topic: Some Restrictions On Posting To Stop Spam?

Yesterday, 05:22 AM

I only reported once or twice, then I thought when a mod comes online it will get deleted if I report it or not. There is never really so many new post that it takes more than 5 seconds to see the new spam. Obvious spam is obvious.

In Topic: Humor: The Best Way To Learn!

19 April 2015 - 12:33 PM

I have never understood the thought that asking questions is dumb. You stay dumb if you don't ask questions! I was always the guy asking weird questions that got people thinking past the obvious.


I thought the video was funny for probably her first attempt at a comedy sketch. I did find more amusement in her bad acting but the idea was ok. I think they are all valid questions that a beginner will ask but I am sure after the 100th time it gets a little tedious. As long as they are learning from their questions and not asking the same things over and over.

In Topic: How Often To Clean Your Kiln?

19 April 2015 - 04:27 AM

I had to go round my kiln with a small paint brush and a vac when I bought it as all the elements were covered in brick dust. Besides that my next time will probably be when replacing the elements.