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In Topic: Lets Do The Happy Dance

Today, 08:58 AM

I once had a bisque kiln half full of pots that were too damp. They were also stacked on top of the dry pots. It was an interesting experience opening the kiln at ~150degC and seeing them jump around the kiln having some sort of gun battle, or maybe a popcorn party  :huh: They never actually took out any of the dry pots but they were all thick so could withstand the bouncing crowd above.


If you are sure it is not your work then I think drmyrtle has a good idea with stacking all your work together. Make a bisque protection box and keep firing it with you work inside  ;)

In Topic: Critique My Work - Anyone? - Round 2 Mugs!

Yesterday, 04:59 AM

I like them all, everything looks a little thick but improving that will come with practise. I remember the first coffee mug I made came out the right size for an espresso  :mellow:


Also RE soup mugs, I would have thought they are more of a two handed mug anyway.

In Topic: Differences Between Stoneware And Earthenware Body When Firing To 06

Yesterday, 03:54 AM

Chris Campbell has some tutorials on using mason stains.



In Topic: Lets Do The Happy Dance

24 November 2014 - 05:27 PM

The best way to understand glazes is to buy some rocks and melt them

In Topic: Alberta Slip Glaze

24 November 2014 - 11:57 AM

Are you sure that is the right recipe? I would have thought blue meant some kind of cobalt was in there.