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In Topic: How Much Do You Stay Within Glaze Limits?

Yesterday, 08:05 PM

I hadn't even thought about trying to get the same values but with different raw materials to see what happens. Good idea.


I am still waiting for my beautiful stoneware range. Right now it is blue, blue and probably blue. Haven't found anything with copper carbonate that I like, I have an OK iron rich glaze and then my colourants run out... Started playing with rutile which has brought me a lovely new blue :D

In Topic: Three Part Mould Making :(

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Yea they broke. I was a bit stupid and used a cylindrical handle with no curve on the end so I wasn't surprised. Still, it had snapped in two before I noticed  :D

In Topic: How Much Do You Stay Within Glaze Limits?

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

Why are you stuck? There is always time to buy some rocks and melt them.

Somebody I know bought 1kg of glaze in dry format and it was £20 or something insane. I had to laugh when a 25kg was over £200 and they were calling it a bargain.

I did try commercial glaze once but never really liked them. They didn't work that well and I couldn't look at one part and think 'I can work with that' and drop other parts I did not like.



I will start looking at the limit formulas as more of industrial guidelines. I can see this cornish stone/whiting working well on the outside of some of my pieces with a lot more work.


It was funny how I went about trying to get inside the limits in 3 different ways by having 3 different recipes and they all came out a transparent, must be an ok glass though.

In Topic: John Britt New Book Mid Range

Yesterday, 01:35 PM

In Topic: The Double Dip

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

I find the best secret technique is a spray gun  ^_^