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In Topic: Defective Amaco Wax Resist?

Yesterday, 11:53 PM

I bought some wax resit and I have no idea how to use it. It smells funny and is quite thick. Tried watering it down, tried painting it onto a pot with mega failure. Might practice again sometime.


Gave up and went back to a sponge and water.

In Topic: Critique My Work - Anyone? - I Want To Send You A Bowl.

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

Videoing is a great way to really look at what you are doing without the complication of thinking about it whilst on the wheel. I have learnt a lot from videoing myself. Never had the nerve to post a straight shot of me throwing onto here though  :ph34r:


Turning, I think you can tell from picking up the item. If it is the right weight it will feel so good in your hands. A little heavy and you will notice. I tend to like mine a little heavier on the bottom for stability. The foot looked a little small on the bottom of the bowl but still good. Also from here the outside profile doesn't seem to match the inside but it is hard to tell.


Throwing, looks good to me. I agree with pres about the thicker rim, after most pulls I go back to the rim to thicken it a little and make sure it is not wandering off. The bottom looks a little thin in the cut one. I would try not to go so far down but this just comes with practice to be able to gauge the depth.


Most of this is down to personal preference and what you are trying to make.

In Topic: Personal Pottery Video

Yesterday, 04:30 PM

I think copy right laws are a little outdated for the internet but you are right, I have removed the hbo sound and credited the voice over and music.

Still not sure if I am breaking any laws. Will need to read up on copyright so I don't get myself into trouble. I did read something on free use but I still don't understand what that counts as.

Being brought up most of my life with digital technology and the internet it is hard to not copy and repurpose. I find the internet a place where you can send out an idea and have it go through many different ittereations to come back completley changed. Meme are a good example of this. It is not great for people who want to make money. Mainly the music and film industry as now information can be easily copied and edited. Not that this didn't used to happen but now it is 1000 times easier. Everything being 1's and 0's instead of a physical object lends itself to copying.

You are right there pres. I remeber getting lectures from big companies who have started opening up studios in these places. It did seem to be more of the jobs that were monotinous and very tedious. There was a recent push to get tax relief in the uk for animation because of this fact. Still movies like harry potter have done a lot for the uk industry. It is amazing how many different companies can work on one film.

In Topic: Found A New Tool

26 July 2014 - 07:47 PM

I use an app called 'resize image' as it is simple and you can choose the file size you want to output while keeping the same aspect ratio

In Topic: Personal Pottery Video

26 July 2014 - 10:57 AM

Lost the copyright issues but in the process I managed to save over the video with a new video  :lol: :rolleyes: stupid mistake. I don't know my tea bowls from seaside mugs...


Took me ages to find a song I was happy with. It is funny how many of the songs I had already listened to in other peoples videos. Some older footage but I wanted to use it for something, and practise is good.