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In Topic: What Is Your Favorite Source Of Information? You Tubes, Magazines, Internet,...

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

The internet has been my source for information since I was about 9. Even if I am looking for information about things outside the internet, I start there. I have never been good with a book or magazine but I have bought a few glaze and one kiln book for their collections of specific knowledge. Something you can just pick up if you know the answer is probably in there.


To solve my problems I google search or come here and post if I am feeling lazy or very stuck :D .

In Topic: Ceramic Bursary Uk Applicants

31 August 2014 - 08:55 AM

Thank you Babs :D Just about to make a coffee and sit down to do it. I don't completely fit their criteria as they say you need to have graduated or had a studio for three years. Although I have graduated I think they mean in ceramics! Worth a shot anyway.


I will still be making videos even if I don't get any money. Thinking of trying to make a weekly video-blog but I have been to caught up in other problems to have the time to record. Only got the two videos right now.

In Topic: Testing Picture

30 August 2014 - 06:41 PM

Ah Oldlady, were you using that weird image box at the top that asks you to put in an image url? I have not really been able to figure that button out or at least the few times I tried it didn't seem to work.

In Topic: Testing Picture

30 August 2014 - 06:17 PM

That is some good advice Chilly. Fancy software can only do what you tell it to do.


I prefer a little more control resizing but in the end it probably doesn't make much difference to the end viewer. I just like to get as close to the 500kb limit as possible and slide a few dials when saving my jpegs. There can be a big difference in file size between the same image, one saved high quality and one saved low quality.


I generally put in 712 pixels for the larger of the two width and high values and most software will scale the image proportionally by default. This gives a fairly full screen image without going over 1024 pixels which some people could still be using as their maximum screen resolution. Then again it all depends on how big I want the image to be viewed.


I also go up in powers of 2. A few years ago I was told this was good practise, something to do with computer memory working that way. It probably makes no difference other than making me feel better about it.


I don't quite understand when you say "they always want you to do the same thing" What things are these?

In Topic: Cost Of Replacing Elements

30 August 2014 - 11:50 AM


I charge $75 per hour for repair work.


...Plus it's more fun to be making things.


Making kilns can be just as fun. All depends what you find enjoyable.