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In Topic: Specific Gravity - Cones - Variables?

Yesterday, 02:13 PM

I need to get myself a tall graduated thing so I can start doing accurate SG.


Right now all my glazes go 50/50 by weight. So if I have 10kg of glaze that goes in 10kg of water. Seems to work well for me and I have never bothered measuring their SG. Bad me  -_-

In Topic: Guess The Rock.

Yesterday, 01:49 PM

High Bridge - you should look up Mathew Blakely of Lode, Cambridgeshire who embarked on a project in 2011 - collecting various samples of rocks and minerals from across the UK which he then tested and researched before devloping them further and making some unique pieces. Take a look at his website - matthewblakely.co.uk. I'm sure you'll find it interesting. Matthew is a really lovely man and I'm sure would be happy to chat with you if you contact him.


:D yes having a quick look over his website he looks like the kind of guy I need to have a chat with. Thank you very much for the tip :D



Calcine in a bisque load then crush.  Maybe in a lidded bisqueware container, sometimes crystalline rocks like that get water trapped deep inside.  After calcining, it should hould be much easier, though still hard on the mortar and pestle.



Ok, I will have to make myself some forms to start calcining in.

I am looking at my old wheel motor and it is probably going to be re-purposed into a ball mill motor. Been looking at a few simple designs with a rubber belt going from the motor round a PVC barrel that sits on some castor wheels.

In Topic: Guess The Rock.

Yesterday, 08:45 AM

I will keep you updated :D first I need to find a way to crush the rocks. I just broke my mortar and pestle   :angry:

In Topic: The Tag That Says I Am Advanced

Yesterday, 03:50 AM

I do not have that field in my settings page.




I think you need 40 posts, or some number of posts before you become and advanced member and then it will be there.

In Topic: Guess The Rock.

25 March 2015 - 05:06 PM

I love that I can read the rock "erupted during a phase of cataclysmic volcanism 450 million years ago." and now try and melt it onto my pots :D


It's not just a glaze, its a 450 million year old glaze. Forged in the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions of the Lake District.