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That Time Is Approaching... How Hard Is It To Change Elements On An Olympic Kiln?

13 March 2017 - 08:24 PM

I am noticing a slight increase in time to run a cone 6 glaze firing and my witness cones are starting show slightly less of a bend than previously so I think it's time to start planning an element replacement. I am at 180 total firings, 87 cone 6 slow glaze, 72 cone 04 slow Bisque and 21 cone 05 slow glaze transfer firings.

I've never done this before sooooo how hard is it? Do I need to replace anything else while I am doing it? Like relays, pins, high temp connectors, etc? I have an Olympic Freedom 1823HE.

I have found a repair man that will come down from the John C Campbell school and do it but I have no idea what price range I am looking at for the job. I'd also really REALLY like to learn to do it myself BUT don't want to mess up my kiln. I think knowing how to replace the elements in my kiln is vital to my growth as a potter, I like to understand how things work and go together, etc.

Sooooo honestly speaking how hard is it and are there any tricks I should know going in?
Should I just bite the bullet and let someone else do it for me?

Thank you all once again for your help.


Website To Order Pottery Tools Cheap

11 March 2017 - 05:16 PM

As I have mentioned before I have been hired as the new pottery director, I am scheduled to take over in May when the current director retires.

I need Need NEED new tools for the studio, there are maybe a handful of old, bent, abused tools there now. To teach classes to students I am going to need a minimum of 12 of each tool I list below and it would be nice to have 24. I went through the tools I use here everyday, every time, I work in the studio and have tried to eliminate any that are not absolutely critical to work. I need a website I can get these as cheaply as possible, wholesale or something. The budget is miniscule to nonexistent for new tools so chances are I am going to have to pay for some myself. In other words I need them CHEAP.

Flexible Serrated Metal Rib
KEMPER wooden tool #JA3
KEMPER Wooden tool #WT3
Fettling Knife
Sherrill Mud Tools Red Rubber Rib
Wire cut off tool
Needle tool

The last 2 I could get away with just a few. But the rest I need 12-24 of each. Any suggestions where to look to get these as cheaply as possible?


What To Add To Slip To Reduce Brush Strokes?

11 February 2017 - 05:49 PM

I would really like to reduce the amount of brush strokes I get when I apply my slip. The image I am going to screen has a lot of details in it and the texture from the brush strokes in the slip is a bit af a problem.

What can I add to my slip to make it either brush on smoother or smooth out once applied?


Commercial Glaze Deadpanning

10 February 2017 - 06:00 PM

I have a friend that has a gallon of commercial glaze that settles like concrete to the bottom of her bucket. What can she add to it to make it stay suspended better?

I add bentonite to my own glazes to keep the suspended better can I just giver her some to add to hers?



02 February 2017 - 08:43 PM

I just ordered a hydrometer and need to get a clear test tube to use with it... what milliliter size do I need to get?

Also it came with no instructions... ummm .... how do I use it to rest the specific gravity of a glaze?

Yeah I know my blonde is showing. I could bat my eyes and act the dumb blonde (wouldn't be much of a stretch!) and get someone else to do it...but I want to learn this myself.

I am beginning to mix more of my own glazes and also buy powdered instead of premixed glazes so would like to get a better understanding of how much water I should be using to do so.

Thanks for the help!