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Need Pictures Of Kiln With Pottery Fired Too Hot In It

03 April 2017 - 09:14 PM

Yes I know a weird thing to ask for. I need a picture or pictures of what happens to a kiln when a clay body is overfired in a kiln.

I'm trying convince the powers that be that firing work made elsewhere, with unknown clay and glazes is something we don't want to do. That the risk of something going wrong if the person doesn't understand what happens to overfired clay in a kiln isn't worth risking our kilns over. A $10 shelf fee to fire these pieces just doesn't offset the danger to our equipment.

I called around and nobody around here will fire work unless it's made on their premises. I called some places in other states, most won't do it either but a couple do with some kind of weird cubic inch formula that sounded like more trouble than it's worth.

I want our policy to be if you want your pieces fired in our kilns you have to buy your clay from us.

The price of the clay includes a bisque and glaze firing. It seems to me if you know you are making something and you don't have a kiln then you can get your clay here to get it fired. If you are making something too large to fit in your own kiln then plan ahead and buy the clay from us. I realize they can still say it's made with clay from us and have it be from somewhere else but I just don't know how else to state it.

In my own kilns I won't fire something made outside of class by a student. I have no way of knowing what was used and I can't afford to lose a kiln or have one out of commission for any period of time. I've had too many people answer when asked....

Question: what kind of clay is it?
Answer: "it's white clay"
Question: what cone is it?
Answer: "what's a cone?"
Question: what temperature does it fire to?
Answer: "I don't know my teacher put it in the kiln"
Question: where did you get the clay?
Answer: "at the art store"
Or worse: "somebody gave it to me"
If answered at the art store do you have the receipt?
No I didn't keep it.
Sigh and on and on and on

I also know a lot are completely confused as to the difference between cone 06 and cone 6. In the past someone bought some pretty glazes and used them. When the kiln was opened it was realized they bought cone 06 NOT cone 6 glazes. When asked why they did that the answer was I thought it meant the same thing, it has a 6 in it! Grrrrrr

So I am looking for pictures to prove my point as to why we don't want to fire work made elsewhere with mystery clay and glazes. Nothing like seeing it to get a point across.


That Time Is Approaching... How Hard Is It To Change Elements On An Olympic Kiln?

13 March 2017 - 08:24 PM

I am noticing a slight increase in time to run a cone 6 glaze firing and my witness cones are starting show slightly less of a bend than previously so I think it's time to start planning an element replacement. I am at 180 total firings, 87 cone 6 slow glaze, 72 cone 04 slow Bisque and 21 cone 05 slow glaze transfer firings.

I've never done this before sooooo how hard is it? Do I need to replace anything else while I am doing it? Like relays, pins, high temp connectors, etc? I have an Olympic Freedom 1823HE.

I have found a repair man that will come down from the John C Campbell school and do it but I have no idea what price range I am looking at for the job. I'd also really REALLY like to learn to do it myself BUT don't want to mess up my kiln. I think knowing how to replace the elements in my kiln is vital to my growth as a potter, I like to understand how things work and go together, etc.

Sooooo honestly speaking how hard is it and are there any tricks I should know going in?
Should I just bite the bullet and let someone else do it for me?

Thank you all once again for your help.


Website To Order Pottery Tools Cheap

11 March 2017 - 05:16 PM

As I have mentioned before I have been hired as the new pottery director, I am scheduled to take over in May when the current director retires.

I need Need NEED new tools for the studio, there are maybe a handful of old, bent, abused tools there now. To teach classes to students I am going to need a minimum of 12 of each tool I list below and it would be nice to have 24. I went through the tools I use here everyday, every time, I work in the studio and have tried to eliminate any that are not absolutely critical to work. I need a website I can get these as cheaply as possible, wholesale or something. The budget is miniscule to nonexistent for new tools so chances are I am going to have to pay for some myself. In other words I need them CHEAP.

Flexible Serrated Metal Rib
KEMPER wooden tool #JA3
KEMPER Wooden tool #WT3
Fettling Knife
Sherrill Mud Tools Red Rubber Rib
Wire cut off tool
Needle tool

The last 2 I could get away with just a few. But the rest I need 12-24 of each. Any suggestions where to look to get these as cheaply as possible?


What To Add To Slip To Reduce Brush Strokes?

11 February 2017 - 05:49 PM

I would really like to reduce the amount of brush strokes I get when I apply my slip. The image I am going to screen has a lot of details in it and the texture from the brush strokes in the slip is a bit af a problem.

What can I add to my slip to make it either brush on smoother or smooth out once applied?


Commercial Glaze Deadpanning

10 February 2017 - 06:00 PM

I have a friend that has a gallon of commercial glaze that settles like concrete to the bottom of her bucket. What can she add to it to make it stay suspended better?

I add bentonite to my own glazes to keep the suspended better can I just giver her some to add to hers?