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Everything In This Photo Sold At 1 Day Festival... Why?

01 October 2014 - 05:02 PM

I was just reviewing what I sold this past Saturday at a one day festival. I took this photo just before the festival and used it as one of my images to apply to another festival. Everything in this photo sold. I don't normally use bright colors like this, orange especially but was feeling kind of "fall" and made the leaves then decided to make the bowl to display the leaves had extra clay so made the spoon rests and mini dishes, etc etc. Next thing I knew I had enough to create a grouping and titled this line of work, "Falling Brightly".

I wonder if buyers were also attracted to the fall colors and that's why everything sold from this one line of work? I sold other stuff, a lot of other stuff but this line was obliterated. This got me wondering, do you focus the colors you use on your pots to the season?


Collaborative Work

02 September 2014 - 04:48 PM

Old lady and I collaborated on a small dish and thought it would be interesting to post it on the forum. She made the dish and the relief design, bisqued it before sending it to me. I painted the design adding color and texture to the piece, then glazed with a clear glaze and fired it. It was fun working with her on this. She started the vision and I completed it, kind of a neat way of trying something new for both of us.

Have any of you ever collaborated on a piece with another potter? If so did you learn something new? Did you enjoy the experience and would you do it again?


Technique Question...extruder Tree... Any Suggestions?

19 July 2014 - 09:57 PM

I have this vision of a tree it's made up of tiny extruded strands of clay wrapped, twisted and warped together to make the trunk then branching out and ending with a leaf at the end of each strand. The bark is finished in red iron oxide and the leaves I am thinking Oribe.

The thinking behind the design is that our lives are made up of individual strands that wind and grow together. Each strand of our lives enable us to bloom in different ways, together yet unique.

I work in Little Loafers, electric, cone 6

Is it even possible to do something like this with clay?

How best to go about it to prevent cracks and utter destruction from happening?

I realize there will be some movement of the branches in the kiln but as a tree if they change shape somewhat that would just make it more organic looking.


Holiday Festival

30 May 2014 - 05:39 PM

Oldlady asked me to put this out here for those of you that may be interested. It's a holiday festival in Washington that she was contacted about. I pasted the info from the email she forwared to me and I also went to their website and got the link for the event. Even if you don't want to do it you have got to see the booth fees! I thought Ann Arbor was bad all those years ago but this is... yikes!


Friday, November 28 -
Tuesday, December 23
Noon- 8 pm

Downtown Washington, DC
8th & F Street, NW

DC’s Unique Seasonal Shopping Experience in the Heart of Downtown

Announcing the 2014 Downtown Holiday Market

Dear Exhibitor,

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Downtown Holiday Market exhibitor application process is now open. Celebrating its tenth year, this event boasts one of the most spectacular outdoor shopping environments in the region. This year the Downtown Holiday Market (DHM) will operate for 26 consecutive days and will have 4 weekend dates. Opening on Friday, November 28, it will run continuously through Tuesday, December 23. Hours will be from Noon to 8 p.m. each day.

The market is held in the vibrant Penn Quarter neighborhood in DowntownDC with the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture as its backdrop. The festival will again be located on the wide sidewalk on the north side of F Street, stretching from 7th to 9th Streets NW. Both ends of the market are within view of entrances to the Gallery Place Metro. Adjacent to the market are the Hotel Monaco, the Spy Museum, the Verizon Center and the bustling 7th Street Gallery Place corridor with many upscale restaurants.

DHM has experienced tremendous growth in stature, sales numbers and customer attendance. This success can be attributed to the hard work of the event producers, the variety of on-site features and the caliber of participating artists and businesses. Additionally, DHM is well promoted by media partners and a considerable PR campaign.

The event continues to be a juried, high-quality crafts and gift market featuring a diverse display from exhibitors of many types of merchandise, as well as prepared food and beverage vendors. The Market will accommodate 55 exhibitors each day. As it has done previously, the market will continue to rotate exhibitors through the event in segmented schedules, thus allowing for a rich variety of products and businesses to participate. The market will accommodate a select number of professional retail-oriented exhibitors to be set up for the entirety of the event, for an added fee. Creation of an exceptional booth design to enhance appeal as a “storefront” business will be required. Price increases also apply for participation on the second and third weeks of the event and the final weekend, traditionally the most requested set of dates, and there is an added fee for special space requests. As always, exhibitors benefit from excellent amenities: all spaces are 10x10' and sheltered under high peak tent structures with raised ground covering, walls and closable front. Electricity is provided to accommodate additional display lighting. A loading area will be available at the curbside of the Market. For added convenience, nearby off-site parking is included in the fee.
All exhibitors wishing to participate must complete an application and pay a $40 application fee. A jury will review applications, images of products, and booth display. Upon notification of acceptance, the space fee will be due.

The jury will grant awards to 7 qualifying hand made artists for 25% discount on their booth fee.

The jury will review digital images on the following criteria:
Uniqueness of Product(s)
Craftsmanship of Product(s)
Professionalism of Business
Market Appeal- The contribution to a vibrant environment of varied high-quality gifts
Display Presentation- Inviting, professional and thoughtfully arranged booth
Only pre-approved products will be allowed to be displayed. DMM reserves the right to restrict or reject any exhibitor with products deemed unsuitable. All decisions are final.

Booth rates are $200 per day during WEEK 1, $250 per day WEEK 2, $300 per day WEEK 3 and $350 per day for the FINAL 5 DAYS. Additional fees apply for premium placement requests and to participate for the entire show. Double booths are available. Half booth requests must be accompanied by a partner half booth applicant for same dates so as to complete a full booth assignment. Preference for acceptance is given for exhibitors requesting complete segments or weekends over those choosing selected and non-consecutive dates.

Includes early load-in on 11/27
7 days
Fri 11/28- Thu 12/4 $1400
WEEK 2 7 days Fri 12/05- Thu 12/11
7 days Fri 12/12- Thu 12/18 $2100
FINAL 4th WEEKEND 5 days Fri 12/19- Tue 12/23 $1750
First 3 weekends
2 days Sat 11/29 - Sun 11/30
Sat 12/6 - Sun 12/7
Sat 12/13 - Sun 12/14
25 days Fri 11/28- Tue 12/23


Applicants must complete the online application form, include 3 images representative of the products to be sold and a booth display image, and pay $40 application fee. Information and application is available at diversemarkets.net

Upon notification of acceptance, the space fee will be due. There are no refunds after November 1 or for non-attendance. A $50 fee will be applied for dishonored checks.

Application Deadline
Notifications Emailed
August 4 - 17
Acceptance & Payment Deadline
Artist Guidelines
October 1

We look forward to your submission and a very profitable holiday season!

Diverse Markets Management Team
Mike Berman, Executive Director

The Downtown Holiday Market is produced by Diverse Markets Management and the Downtown DC Business Improvement District.

To Register Online:
Diverse Markets.net

For More Information:

Has Anyone Used The Airpen On Greenware?

22 April 2014 - 09:34 PM

I am looking at getting the Airpen but am wondering if it will do what I need it to. It's quite expensive and I don't want to get in if it won't do what I need. I would like to use it on bone dry greenware to do fine details with Underglaze. Has anyone had any experience using an Airpen like this? I am wondering if the tip needs to be pressed against the surface and if so if that leaves a groove which I don't want. Would using it on bone dry greenware also possibly clog the tip? Does the Airpen ever sputter out a glob of underglaze? Kind of like a squeeze bottle with slip can at times if there is an air bubble. Does it feel like a normal drawing instrument? Is it awkward to use or does it feel natural in your hand when using it.

I tried to find out more about how the pen works with ceramics but could not find any YouTube videos with it being used on CLAY. Went to their website and it says can be used on clay but no examples of it in use I could find. Big Ceramic Store carries the original model but again no video.

I tried to be as detailed as I could to help you guys help me but if I missed some aspect please let me know and I will try to clarify further.