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#118002 Amaco Underglazes And Crawling Issue

Posted by Pugaboo on 06 December 2016 - 10:29 PM

Glazenerd... good eye. It's got me wondering are you by chance sketching out the design with something then painting the underglaze over it? If so is it possible there is a bit of wax in it? I know some pencils use a waxy type binder to hold them together and this could be making the underglaze pull away from the drawn lines.

Just another thing to consider.


#117984 Another Milestone

Posted by Pugaboo on 06 December 2016 - 06:21 PM

Here is the link... hope it's okay to post since it's for a page here on CAD.



#117979 Another Milestone

Posted by Pugaboo on 06 December 2016 - 06:07 PM

I have finally achieved another Milestone that I set for myself when I started this ceramic journey.

I FINALLY have business Insurance... YAY!

I went with Zinc Creative Insurance which I found by following a link here on Ceramic Arts Daily under the Potters Councils Resource Page. I am starting with the basic coverage but hope to be able to increase this as time goes by. Having this policy is a great relief off of my mind since now I have Liability, Business Property, Transit and Exhibition Coverage. Whew!

Breaking down the cost means I basically have to sell 1 Mug a month to cover the premium, that's not so bad and an easy way for me to look at it.

It also means I can start looking into offering private one on one lessons in my own studio.


#117838 Opinion: Using A Non Glossy Liner? Tested Durability.

Posted by Pugaboo on 04 December 2016 - 10:25 PM

When I started making mugs I used dark interiors that matched or contrasted beautifully with the exteriors and everybody commented they couldn't see the color of their coffee in a dark cup to know if the cream was right, or how much coffee was left in the mug, or if the mug was dirty or not. I had no idea it was such a big deal so I listened and went with a glossy white (boring ugh) on all my mugs and now they fly off the shelves.

I have said it before.... people are weird.


#117722 I'm Never Wedging Clay Again!

Posted by Pugaboo on 02 December 2016 - 10:02 PM

Well everyone I LOVE IT, absolutely love it. I am so happy I saved every penny I could so I could get it, it made sitting in 90+ degree temperatures for every festival I did this year worth it. It will make working extra hard the next 6 months to finish paying for it worth it.

I have already reclaimed/pugged 200 pounds of clay. I have to admit though that doing it didn't hurt at all! LOL I got to where I wouldn't wedge any of my scraps because if I wedged anything more than just the smallest softest amount, my hands, wrists and back would hurt so bad for days afterwards that it was torture to be in the studio. Carpel tunnel, arthritis and back surgery are the pits let me tell ya..... but then a lot of you already know that.

Everyone kept saying just throw it out... I can't do it... I tried ireaaly did and then had to fish it back out of the garbage... my dead Russian grandmother was screeching in my ear about waste. So I ended up just bagging it and stacking it in the corner and pretending it would one day be wedged when I could do so and then not work in the studio for a week.... well a year later and I had a growing mountain. I've run 200 pounds through so far and I'm not even halfway through the pile plus I have two 5 gallon buckets of reclaimed dry scraps sitting on my porch. Feel rather ashamed to admit that if I am honest, but now I have a solution and once I get caught up with all this past stuff it won't be a problem in the future since I will pug scraps at the end of each day.

I know it was an extravagant expense but it's already making my studio life better and once I get the extruder attachments for it I am hoping things get even better. I hope to be working in clay and growing my pottery business for the next 25 years and this machine should more than do that. As Mark C has said in the past there is more involved in the decision to buy a pugmill than just the price of the clay.


#117646 I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

Posted by Pugaboo on 01 December 2016 - 09:03 PM

That is super rotten and down right rude. They should realize when they put on shows and get artists lined up that we are often making decisions to do THEIR show and not a different show on the same weekend, that we also will be booking many shows over many weeks and just shifting the dates will bring it all down like a house of cards. Asking them to also understand it's how we make a living is often beyond their understanding, to many, though they need us we are worse than carnival drifters. Ill planned shows are a huge pet peeve of mine, but you are right there is no benefit to you to confront them as they might be involved in other shows that you want to do and that could make things difficult for you going forward. Just mark it down as a " no do" and find a different venue for next year on that weekend.

I'm sorry you lost the income, I hope your other festivals more than make up for it.


#117571 I'm Never Wedging Clay Again!

Posted by Pugaboo on 30 November 2016 - 09:36 PM

Thanks Min! I will give the foam trick a try since it might work even better than what I tested today.

Today I tried covering the board in plastic and then I gave it a spritz with my spray bottle so the clay pug will glide right along.

Ps.. and yes it's a mess just look at that floor! I'm just glad you can't see behind me in the photo since I had to take that shelf down and shorten it to install the pugmill most that was on it is stacked behind me on a table.

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#117569 I'm Never Wedging Clay Again!

Posted by Pugaboo on 30 November 2016 - 09:16 PM

My new Bailey MSV25T mixer pugmill arrived, has had its electrical needs met and I tested it for the first time this afternoon....

OMP! (Oh My Pug!) I am never never never wedging clay again! No more back pain no more wrist pain no more pain in the rump wedging!

I am attaching a photo, please excuse the mess I had to move stuff all over the place to get it to fit, then had a festival, orders, etc so haven't mopped this week. I still need to add a shelf or 2 underneath and get the studio reset up in it new configuration as well.

Once the studio is back in shape I'll take pictures of the whole place so you all can see and post them in my gallery.


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#117354 Craters Appearing After Decal Firing

Posted by Pugaboo on 27 November 2016 - 10:15 PM

If she is using the Justin Rothshank website chances are she is using laser Transfers. I do TONS of pieces with laser transfers.

I fire mine to cone 05 if alone or I put them into a 04 bisque load. When I do with bisque I put them on the cooler shelves and have never had an issue with craters and such. Have you used this particular glaze before with the Transfers? If so is it a new batch of glaze or has anything else changed? Have you ordered new transfer paper or changed the printer you are using to print the Transfers.

I do know some glazes can change color and not to the good all the time so testing will need to be done to figure out just what is going on in the kiln. Some glazes will make the Transfers come out more Orange or even fade away. I would suggest test tiles with a few different glazes, test tiles at different temperatures, different firing schedules, if you have some older Transfers put them on a piece and fire it and see what happens, etc. Basically you are trying to isolate and the eliminate whatever has changed, think back to your last successful transfer firing and think on what might have changed around that time.

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#117268 Help Clay Body Craters Or Blisters?

Posted by Pugaboo on 26 November 2016 - 09:26 PM

Nerd - never stop being a NERD! A lot of what you do is still over my head but that only makes me want to read, study, and research even more so that I CAN understand what you are doing. So Please please please never stop being true to the nerd that is inside you and sharing your nerd-ology with us non (but secretly wishing we were) nerds.


#116286 Pugmill, Looking To Purchase

Posted by Pugaboo on 14 November 2016 - 12:30 PM

I just ordered a Bailey MSV-25T DeAiring Mixer Pugmill
This one:

A lot went into the decision to get this model and you all helped a lot in getting me focused on what I needed.

Bailey Pottery was amazingly helpful with all my questions.


#116205 Moving Studio To Montana

Posted by Pugaboo on 13 November 2016 - 08:10 AM

Ooooo Marcia you lucky girl! A grand adventure for sure. Will look forward to watching your new studio take shape.


#115998 Help With Drying Method For My Situation

Posted by Pugaboo on 09 November 2016 - 10:45 PM

Are you looking to keep things damp or make them dry?

A damp box will keep things leather hard for a very long time, I have test pieces in one damp box going in 2 years with them remaining pliable. If you want to control and encourage drying of pieces a damp box isn't going to help you.

If it is cold and damp I would get a space heater to warm up and dry out the space and keep it at a constant temperature. If it's simply damp then a dehumidifier will encourage drying and keep the moisture in the air at a constant point.

I have heard of potters putting pieces in a warm oven to speed up drying but have never tried it myself. I know some here put their pieces in the sun to get the to dry. I personally have an old film drying cabinet that has fan and heater settings that if I absolutely must dry something quickly I can turn on. It even works to slow things down if I put them in there shut the door and not turn anything on.

Not sure if any of these things will help with what you are asking about.


#115257 Any Thoughts On How To Improve My % In A Good Gallery?

Posted by Pugaboo on 27 October 2016 - 09:42 PM

Listen to Mark C. He knows his stuff!

I have been listening and learning from him. I make lots of smalls, heck I do mostly smalls! I have the big flashy pieces as well, things I put on top of the display in plain view, you can see these from across the street. These $100+ pieces get people IN to the booth. They look and ooo and ahhh and then see an $11 spoon rest in the same glaze color and buy it. Like it's the same thing or something people are weird.

I have figured out a way to increase my per sale average this year. I started offering a combination of smalls in complimentary colors, again thanks to listening to Mark C. I do A LOT of glaze colors (thanks Mark!) on smalls in fact I will often do up tests of color combinations put them out and see which sell to let me know what color trends are forming. I have large and small size spoonrests, sponge holders, and the mighty mini dish. With this combination of choices I am now often seeing an $11 sale becoming a $38 sale... all in smalls.

This year I also started offering 2 different sized mugs, standard 12oz and large 20oz. I will be honest I don't like making mugs so I charge a lot for them, $22-$30 depending on size and design work. I think I am one of the highest priced potters for mugs in my area and I can't keep the things on the shelf! I made the 20oz ones as kind of a joke for people that said my 12oz mugs aren't big enough... boy oh boy did I ever learn. Sold every last one of them the first show and that happened again and again all season long. I am already making 20oz mugs I preparation for next year. I can only do about a dozen at a time before I want to commit harry carry. Mugs are my least favorite form to do. Spoon rests and sponge holders I can crank out all day long and often make 4-5 dozen in a day.

People LIKE for me to talk about the pottery in interesting ways. I tell them pick up a mug, it will tell you if it likes you or not. I say, my pottery is meant to be used, if you don't use it it gets sad. How do you know your pottery is sad, I ask them. They will shake their heads and say how? I say... it gets dusty. They laugh and buy something. I tell them how I create my blue lace and flowers using cotton lace dollies I inherited from my grandmother. I tell them it's my way of continuing her legacy. They get misty eyed thinking about their grandmothers and buy something. I tell them, The mighty mini dish is the little dish that just wants to make their life better. Then I list all the ways they can be used, they usually buy an handful at $5 a piece. I make the pottery personal and fun and I have found the people respond.


#115105 Qotw: Is It "hands Off!" In Your Studio?

Posted by Pugaboo on 25 October 2016 - 08:04 PM

Nerd - give it time your wheel doesn't really feel like yours yet, it's too new so it's fun to let others have at it. Over time you will find certain settings you like and if someone changes those you will find it annoying. The tools will become just like your drills, hammers, etc. Those tools have been with you awhile so they feel like YOURS, the pottery tools will do the same and become yours, an extension of your creativity.

So basically let em play now cuz later you are going to get possessive about them.