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In Topic: My First Show!

29 September 2014 - 08:35 PM

That's great! You might want to think about taking some inexpensive wrapping paper to wrap sales in if they say it is for a gift. Everything I sell online I gift wrap and people really like opening the package even if it is something they bought for themselves. Wrapping their item makes it extra special and they remember the extra touches.

I'm doing 4 more weekends before the end of the year including Thanksgiving weekend and the first weekend in December. I focus my items a bit for these shows making sure I take holiday themed items as well as my regular stuff. This past weekend the lady with me had made ghosts, jack o lanterns and little pinch pot pumpkins and sold a whole bunch. It's something to think about, making a FEW holiday themed items that people might want to add to their decorations or even give as gifts. I wouldn't do too many unless you have somewhere to store or sell them at between seasons.

Oh and you mentioned liking to do Sculpture but thinking it might detract from your functional items. I like to do Pug sculptures and try to fit one or 2 in amidst the functional stuff. One way I found that seems to make sculptural items more acceptable is to make them also have a function, it seems to make people's brains say oh that's a neat way to make a useful item. So I make sculputres that have an opening to be used as a vase or a part that lifts off to be used as a box. If they are small things add a hole and have one or two shown as a hanging item. People like to hang stuff from chandeliers, windows, frames etc. Doing this means I can do sculptures and have them not stick out as odd among my functional items. Just an idea to maybe get you thinking outside the box when you are creating a new form.

Good luck and keep at it!


In Topic: My First Show!

29 September 2014 - 05:52 PM

Congrats on the show! Glad you made some money and learned a lot. You actually helped me by mentioning the portable cellphone charger. My brain went DING! Why did I not think of that I always sit there worrying if it will make it to the last 15 minutes of the show when I get a flurry of sales. I have one in my Amazon shopping cart for when next I place an order so thank you.

My brief experience with pottery shows ( many years fine art show new to pottery) spoon rests spoon rests spoon rests. I have 3 sizes the standard size for large cooking spoons, a small size big enough for serving spoons and a mini dish just big enough for teaspoons.

I actually make a "normal" 8 oz size mug that I offer a mini dish with. The little dish is just big enough to set your spoon in when you are done stirring your coffee or tea. Everybody uses mugs now so there are no saucers to keep the drips off the table. These are popular people even just buy the mini dishes I have in a basket to add to their own mug at home. The term handful comes to mind.

I also make bracelets and pendants. I sell my "country bracelets" by the dozens at $10 a piece. I roll scrap clay out a bit thinner that is left over from cutting out larger items add some texture, stack em high in bisque then use that set of 4 oz sample jars of coyote glaze I got to have fun. I dip them in whatever colors intrigue me that day. I am developing a few favorites though so eventually I can see myself focusing on just a few but until then it's a fun way to test out all the different colors and see what colors sell best. In glaze firing I tuck them around the bigger pieces so every inch of my kiln is used. If I have a lot I use bead racks. I use hemp or leather for the wrist band and use a bead to close it. I have been working on making my own beads to use as the closure and will eventually switch over the those instead of commercial beads. It takes no time to make these, very little material and are popular with everyone from teenagers to women wanting something to wear with their causal outfits. The pendants I string glass beads or use silk for the cord. These are more popular at galleries than at festivals.

I learn something new at every show I do and I read through your first show journey. You got a lot of great advice one I use a lot is the grouping of complimentary items. I have found people are drawn to a certain color and having it all grouped and displayed together gives their eye a place to go to. One thing I have found really useful are plate stands they get the plate up so people can see them from a distance. I place a dinner plate and salad plate together in the stand then set a cereal bowl, mug or tumbler in front of it. Extras like spoon rests and large bowls and platters go around the place setting set up.

For vases I take fresh flowers. People are attracted to flowers and when they ask I let them know if they buy the vase they also get the flowers. They LOVE this. Just warn them the flowers are real! Had one woman almost douse herself by tipping it over to look at the bottom. Let them know the flowers are real and are in water or keep towels on hand lol.

You already mentioned an apron with pockets for your sales stuff. I wear a vest or cargo style pants with lots of pockets. Get yourself a zippered pouch to hold your money AND KEEP IT ON YOUR BODY AT ALL TIMES. Especially during set up and take down. I usually carry $200 in change mostly 1s and 5s but as I metioned I sell mostly small items and everyone seems to carry 20s these days. The PayPal swiper on my phone takes care of credit card sales. For myself at the moment credi cards are about 25% of my sales. If you find yourself taking lots of credit cards make sure you have allowed for the additional fees coming out of your sales price when you price your items.

That's it! Good luck! When is your next show?


In Topic: How Many "hand Builders" Here?

20 September 2014 - 09:27 PM

The studio I ammunitio a member at does not have an extruder and when I got one they couldn't understand why. They could only think of handles and such so it's easy to see why it gets overlooked so much. I use it for all kinds of things. My little boxes are the main reason I got it. I can pull a lot of those in square, round, and triangle in no time flat then add tops and bottoms and have more time to spend on the decorating aspects. I also made my own plat for doing coils in the size I prefer and wow did it speed up coul pot building there was never an issue of out building my coil supply which is great and makes the whole process much quicker and I find fun since I experiment more not having to worry about wasting hand rolled coils if it fails. I just recently got a handle plate and am very pleased it has made handles so much easier for me and I think they are prettier too. I have used smaller tubes for napkin rings as well. In my opinion an extruder is a valuable piece of equipment for a studio to have.

PS. Still working on saving enough to get the expansion box so I can easily add bigger hexagon boxes to my repetroi.

In Topic: How Many "hand Builders" Here?

20 September 2014 - 09:19 AM

I use pinch, coil, slab, Extruder and wheel. I love them all and use whichever one will give me the form I need. That said I am newest at the wheel so if I really need something I tend to use one of the others but if I just want to play around and see what happens I use the wheel. This will change I know as I get better at the wheel but even then I think I will always consider myself a hand builder.


In Topic: Slip Trailing..which Tools Are Best?

19 September 2014 - 06:02 PM

Chris- For a standard not too thick not to thin line which one of those shown do you find the most comfortable to use for long periods of time? I have a few different ones I use but my hand always gets fatigued long before I am done.