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In Topic: Do You Have Any Big Goals For This Fall's Production?

31 August 2014 - 08:47 AM

My goals for the fall and remainder of the year are: SELL SELL SELL

Crank up my eBay auctions... Having a good week EVERY auction sold this week! Only doing about 5 auctions a week right now need to get it up to 10.

Fill my etsy shop... Have FOUR whole items out there right now and still managed to sell one! So with more hoping will sell more.

Get my website filled up so can start selling more there. Redesigned it over the summer so now I need to add in items to all the new galleries.

Work on another online venue that I just set up a seller account with. Plan to offer a line that is only available through them. Have done the tests now need to decide which I like best then gear up production and get stuff listed for sale. This is the first time I will be doing something like this so it is a BIG test so will have to keep you posted on this one.

Get my blogging on a regular schedule to get more interest going. I designed a blog, The Artful Pug, that lives inside my website Pugaboo.com over the summer and have it set up that when I post one thing on my blog it appears in 6 different locations around the web. Getting some interest already but think with a better set schedule will get more. Trying to remember to post creation pictures as I make stuff but get to working and keep forgetting to stop and take pictures at the different steps! Need to do better. I am thinking I need to replace my cell phone with a better one, one that has a better camera so I can take pictures on the fly that have better quality. But need to sell to afford this so it will have to wait.

I have a new local gift shop that specializes in pet related items only that I need to get a larger variety of items made for so I can sell more. Another higher end gallery that I need to create some smaller specialized boxes for, the ones there right now are all over $200 so am thinking some under $100 and some more under $50 would garner me more sales. I'm up to 5 different locations in the area (within about an hour of me) and would like to get it up a few more. Not sure I will have the time before the end of the year to do this. Have been doing okay at the places I am at but will need to review at the end of the year to see if they are all keepers or not.

I have 3 craft fairs scheduled, 1 in September, 1 in October, 1 in November that is 2 weeks so also takes place 1st weekend in December. At that point I will pretty much be insane packaging orders up until a few days before Christmas if history has any bearing.

Need to gear up ornament creation with the holidays approaching! Need to work work work so I can sell sell sell!


In Topic: How Do You Select The Equipment You Want To Purchase?

30 August 2014 - 06:32 PM

For me setting up a studio and deciding which major pieces of equipment were needed was helped by my husband and my other art revenues. Before I bought any of what I have though I weighed the cost versus the gains. I researched each piece of equipment to the best of my ability if you search you can read a lot on that here on the forum.

If I got a kiln would it help make me a better potter? I could have let the studio I belong to continue to fire my work and never learn what I need to about firing work, never have control over the schedule, etc. I had power limitations, a 50 amp max so that's where I started, I have serious back issues so ended something I could reach into with shelves and ware that wasn't too big or deep. I looked at all the brands, really wanted an L&L but Olympic kilns are made a couple hours from me, the owner is friends with people in the studio, and I got to tour the plan and try out all the different sizes and styles. I have not yet had to replace anything so can't say whether I regret not getting the L&L or not but my kiln has been great for the 1 1/2 years I've own it. It's the perfect size for me I can fill fairly quickly learn, adjust and fire some more.
Next purchase was a slab roller, I looked at how much hand building I do and whether it would speed up production and give me better quality slabs. Looked at several online, used the one at the studio and ended up getting the Clay King version. I have no regrets and am really pleased with it. My husband still covets my big control wheel in it says none of his stuff has a wheel like that.
I build boxes lots of boxes in all shapes and sizes. I have also find people really like little collector boxes so looked at an extruder, would it make me better faster more efficient. The answer was yes. I bought a Scott Creek Aluminum extruder without ever having used an extruder. It's a great buy I think I chose wisely. I am looking at getting the expansion box with future revenues since I really want the hexagon box plate.
At this point I was happy with my setup then my husband announces I can't be a real potter without a wheel and he is going to get me one for Christmas last year. Told me to research it and pick the one I wanted or he would just pick one. So researched and ended up with a Bailey. I love it. I did try out several different brands at the studio and decided on the one I preferred then in research discovered I couldn't afford it but found the Baileys and they are REALLY similar and had all the features I liked plus a couple more like the claning slot that I have come to really like that the other one didn't.
I haven't even considered a pugmill so that basically completes my major equipment. Medium level stuff I am waiting to earn the money to afford are as I said the expansion box for my Scott Creek, an Airpen Pro, and a silk screen set up. I like to do surface decoration so the last 2 would make me more efficient and expand my repetroi in clay. I have just started buying the stuff to experiment with mixing my own glazes, drill mixer, 5 gal 80 mesh screen, buckets, gram scale, an a small quantity of dry chemicals.
I approached each buy from a do I really need it, can I really afford it, and taking those 2 things into account which one can I get that will do what I need. Used really wasn't an option small town, limited mobility issues made getting new the best choice for me.


In Topic: Making Glaze Tongs

28 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

Using the stapler removers is a cool idea! Thanks Min I bet I have a couple old ones hanging out in a box somewhere....

Oh where oh where did they go.

The scavenger hunt is ON!


In Topic: Advice On Purchasing An Extruder

26 August 2014 - 08:23 AM

I guess it's good to know they are stronger than they feel. Leave it to kids.... Lol


In Topic: Advice On Purchasing An Extruder

25 August 2014 - 10:04 PM

Benzine - yep the clay has to be super soft. I usually spritz a small ball of clay and wedge it in then store it in a baggy shaped into cigar shapes and only pull out what I need as I need it. I haven't used all those tiny plates in the pen sized extruder just the round ones in the biggest size and then down a couple. Mine is actually all metal but still feels flimsy to me so I am careful to only use really soft Clay in it. It's really only good for small add ons if I need anything more than a single vine or hair for one angel I load the Scott creek and use that.