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In Topic: What Has Been Your Worst Re Encounter Of A Piece Of Your Pottery?

09 April 2014 - 10:54 PM

When I started selling my paintings I would point out every little thing I felt was wrong with a painting if someone was looking at it to buy. Then one day my husband told me to stop, he said they like the painting just the way it is so if they don't see what you think is wrong with it let them just enjoy it. Once he said that it made me think you know he's right if they love a painting enough to want to buy it who am I to tell them I think the angle on that wall or the shadow under that tree is not quite perfect. After that I learned to create the art and release it into the world to live its own life with the person that loved it enough to adopt it. I mean even ugly puppies get adopted and loved so why not art?

PS. This does not mean I don't judge and edit myself and my work I do I just don't do it after I have decided to sell or have sold it. The woulda shoulda couldas will drive you crazy.

In Topic: Why Decorate Pots?

09 April 2014 - 10:40 PM

I make pots, boxes, ceramic pieces because I want to decorate them. It's the entire reason I started doing pottery. I wanted to get my own designs and images on the surfaces of items other than paper, canvas or glass. Now I create a piece for the sole purpose of decorating it. I get an image in my head, sketch it out, do up a maquette of the piece, make it out of clay, then use one of many techniques to get the design onto it to realize my original vision. I LOVE decorating pottery it's the best combination I have discovered to combine all the art forms and imagery I love. Oh and yes I am obsessed with clay and hope I am always obsessed with it.


In Topic: Expectation And Appearance

09 April 2014 - 10:19 PM

I often work in pajamas and slippers, sometimes my bathrobe if I sneak down in the middle of the night to try something and don't want to wake the hubby by finding proper pjs or clothes. Foot wear is usually slippers or bare feet depending on the time of year. I have gotten used to hair with clay clumps holding portions together actually works really well when you forget to tie it back before starting wheel work and then don't want to stop get cleaned up just to tie it back.

On a stranger note I have actually gone down to the studio wrapped in just a towel. My hair dryer got repurposed for clay drying and I never remember I need it until after I have showered. Once down in the studio I always get distracted by things I need to do like cover/ uncover pots that are drying, attach a handle or sprig, etc. When I get back upstairs I then usually have to go back to the studio to retrieve the forgotten hair dryer a second time. It's probably a good thing my dogs already think I'm weird and don't really seem to mind the half naked me wandering around the studio as long as I toss them a treat or two.

On a final note.... My daughters friends have always thought I was cooler than she not that I ever felt cool mind you. Being the artsy Mom made me popular with the kids since it was always fun to hang out in the studio and watch me work. Why they thought it was cool to watch a paint splattered me talk to myself and search for yet another paint brush that I lost but was really stuck in my hair holding it out of the way I have no idea. Oh and yes I have tattoos and piercings, yet can still pull off yuppy if I want since that is all just camouflage by way of sweater sets and khakis. Personally I don't dress a certain way because someone else expects me to if I like it I'll wear it and if that means khakis, skirts, pajamas or shorts so be it.


In Topic: Clay Rolled On A Slab Roller

09 April 2014 - 09:42 PM

I second the Slab Master from Clay King. I use mine all the time, it's easy to adjust, rolls beautifully and best of all my husband is jealous of my nice big wheel since none of his tools a have cool wheel to turn when you use them. Lol


In Topic: Wheels: Shimpo Vl-Lite Or Bailey St

05 April 2014 - 10:19 PM

I considered pretty much all the brands but some were too expensive like the Thomas Stuart and Brent lines. So I then made a list of what criteria I liked from each brand I was looking at and edited it down to the few that looked to have the features I wanted. I went with the Bailey because of the built in splash pan with the trimming slot and drain hole. I also really like the workstation I got for my Bailey and the leg extensions. I should state I tried out a Thomas Stuart, a Brent and a Speedball at the center and liked the Thomas Stuart the best there. It didn't have the drain hole or trimming slot which my Bailey does have though. I keep my studio really clean and the ease of clean up with the Bailey is lovely. I should state I am left handed so wanted a wheel that would spin to the left or to the right, I also have a really messed up back so the leg extensions, and even the large tray allow me to adjust my position to give me support for throwing but also not stress my back. The Bailey is built really well and I don't think I will ever have to replace anything on it in my lifetime anyhow. I also have to admit I really don't like the color of the Brent wheels, stupid I know but I just don't. My Bailey is pale gray and black. I also bought the ST-1 potters stool as well and like it.

To get a wheel that works for you make a list up of what type things are important to you. do you like a splash pan, do you hate splash pans, do you throw Eastern or Western rotation, how big do you plan to through (ever), is super quiet the most important thing to you, etc. Once you get your criteria set it becomes easier, I got my list down to the Thomas Stuart and the Bailey and went with the Bailey because it was enough less in price compared to the the Stuart to get the workstation and leg extensions for it.

I hope this helps you decide.