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In Topic: Favorite Handbuilding Book?

Yesterday, 10:18 PM


Go to the library and check out every book that even remotely sounds like it might cover your subject. It's a FREE way of figuring out which book or books will give you the most benefit. If you find a book you covet, check out repeatedly, dream of maybe never returning it at all then THAT is the book you go out and buy yourself a copy of.

I did this when I first started. The librarians and I got to be friends they even asked me to display my work in a case at the library with a few of my favorite books. They said they were pretty sure I cehecked out every book on the subject offered and I am talking dozens and dozens, one week alone I got 3 dozen special request books all at once. Lol that was funny and not so fun to carry all the way home. What I would do is page through each book quickly and any that caught my eye I would set aside to go through again. Then I would and read the parts that caught my eye and if it ended up being a majority of the book I would read it from cover to cover. If I found myself checking the book out again and again I woul start searching to purchase myself a copy of it.

Who knows doing this might open up all kinds of new creative doors for you.


In Topic: As a potter/ceramic artist, which IRS business code do you use for taxes?

29 March 2015 - 10:27 PM

I have always used the independent artist category because I do a variety of things, painting, photography, pottery, written several books, graphic art services, etc... But I do NOT sing or perform, my dogs howl even when I hum and a dozen broken bones is proof enough I am a clutz and should keep both feet seperate and on the ground at all times. Lol I guess I might actually be the poster child for this government category.


In Topic: How Do You Handle Online Shipping Costs?

27 March 2015 - 09:12 PM

PayPal also offers a shopping cart which is what I use on my site. You just have to figure out the shipping and enter it into the formula, which I think is pretty much the same for any cart.

If you sell on etsy or ebay you can also get discounted shipping if you buy through their websites, I usually do this since it makes it really easy and the customer automatically gets sent the tracking numbers without my having to do anything extra to give it to them. For sales through my website I already have coded their shopping cart in use so I use PayPal shipping to get the discount there. If you have none of these sites you can buy your postage and print the shipping label through the usps website.

Shipping can be a hassle until you get enough boxes under your belt. Shipping overseas is always a hassle no matter what but I always charge a premium for that witha surcharge just for the hassles of doing it but I still get repeat customers even with those prices.


In Topic: How Do You Handle Online Shipping Costs?

26 March 2015 - 10:21 PM

I ship stuff all the time. I use priority mail and have always had good results with them. Buy a scale do a practice pack and go to their site and see if it's cheaper to use their flat rate or the variable rate boxes for that item. The difference can be astonishing depending on the item. I will admit I ship mostly small stuff I keep about 50 of the 7x7x7 cube shaped boxes on hand at all times. This size will also fit inside their bigger boxes for double boxing if needed. Even with the small cube size my stuff goes into a gift box, gets wrapped with a ribbon and has a card attached before being boxed for shipping. I allow for all of that in my shipping charge to the customer. People really like that extra touch and I want them to know that I value the fact that they bought a hand made item of mine. I get lots of repeat customers and even have them buy gifts and have me wrap and ship it straight the the giftee since they know it will arrive in gift worthy fashion.

One thing I do tend to do is include the shipping in the price of the item online. I offer Free shipping on as many items as I can. I sell spoon rests for $16 including shipping and nobody has complained yet, but when I sell a spoon rest for $8 plus $8 shipping and handling I will get emails asking if I can do any better on the shipping weird but true.

Go to the post office website and order an assortment of their boxes and see which sizes suit most of of your stuff then order a bunch and keep on hand. The boxes are free to get since the cost of the box is figured into the shipping rate when you ship them. I have a permanent shipping area set up in my garage which makes packing sales so much easier and more efficient. I keep and recycle ALL my packing materials like popcorn, bubble wrap, and plain paper. I have already paid for that stuff once when I bought whatever I bought so I'm not about to throw it away and go spend more money to buy more. My husband does claim I am a packing peanut hoarder and have enough in giant plastic bags stacked along the garage wall to last a lifetime but I just tell him you can never have enough packing peanuts saved up they are like gold...Mohave you seen what they want to charge for those things if you buy them?

Since I do sell online so much I will admit to mostly only making items that will fit in the priority Mail boxes. The large stuff I sell at shows and galleries mostly or if I have online I have done a practice pack and used a Zipcode in Alaska to find out the maximum shipping cost.


In Topic: What's A Good Extruder?

22 March 2015 - 10:05 PM

I have a stack of each shapes support and have found I can pull a whole 25lb bag of clay before I run out. I usually pull a bag of each shape when I set up the Extruder and do all of them at once to make things go quicker. Oh, except for the triangles those I don't have a proper shaped support for yet. For now I am just feeding a flat board in on one side and hanging the extrusion between 2 tables to firm up (if that makes any sense lol) I have a table saw but I need to figure out how to use it and once I do I will be cutting myself some triangle supports! For the round shapes those pool noodles work perfectly. I cut each noodle in half so it was a length I could handle.

I sell loads of boxes so have had to figure out how to make the building stages go faster so I can spend more time on the decorating and still keep them reasonably priced.

Still working on getting the expansion box.