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In Topic: Qotw: Is There No Qotw This Week?

14 January 2017 - 10:15 PM

I too have been thinking of Evelyn and wondering how she is doing. I do hope she is okay.

Thinking positive thoughts for you Evelyn!


In Topic: How many hours does an ^06 slow bisque and an ^6 slow glaze take on an electr...

09 January 2017 - 09:14 PM

I have a digital controller so yes those are the firing schedule times. It normally takes 1 1/2 times the firing schedule time for the kiln to cool off. So if a glaze firing takes 8 hours it takes about 16 hours to cool completely. This might be different depending on your kiln bricks, mine are 3 inch not 2.


In Topic: How many hours does an ^06 slow bisque and an ^6 slow glaze take on an electr...

09 January 2017 - 09:03 PM

I have an Olympic 1823. I slow bisque to 04 and tumble stack my load. My kiln is PACKED and I mean P A C K E D. It takes between 13 1/2 hours to 14 hours with a 15 minute hold to get the heatwork throughout the tightly packed kiln. I rarely do a preheat but when I do I add on a 2 hour preheat which makes it longer of course. I try and only use 2 shelves to fire the whole load.

I do a slow glaze to cone 6 with a TC offset of a few degrees but add back the heatwork by doing a 5 minute hold at the top. Doing this ended my pinhole issue and the glaze overfiring I ran into trying to fix the pinholes. Backed off the max temp with the TC offset then added the hold to get it back to perfect.

My cones almost always bend perfectly with these schedules. My elements are not new, going on around 165+ firings but I have seen no degradation in the schedule timing. I have replaced my TC. First time I fired a non tumble stacked load it took 13 hours 15 minutes. When I started tumble stacking time went a bit longer but has stayed the same since then. Same for glaze firing, it's within minutes of the same time even with the schedule adjustments I did to get the heatwork I needed. I do check my elements frequently and am watching and waiting for them to tell me they need to be replaced but so far they seem to be doing ok. Wait... now that I have said that out loud you know they will go south! LOL

All I can say and recommend is keep a logbook of all your firings. I do and it's been an immense learning tool for me as I learn to get more and more from my work, glazes and firing schedules.


In Topic: Is An Llc Worth The Money For A Small Hobby Business?

07 January 2017 - 09:19 PM

I've been thinking on the LLC issue as well. It's on my "when I get bigger" list. I did finally get liability insurance and feel so much better knowing it is there. I posted about that here on the forum when I got it in December. I got a policy through a link I found here under the Ceramic Arts Daily Pottery council or something like that. It's been a few days since I clicked on it and can't remember the exact path I took to get there. If you are interested search my postings over the past month and it should pop up. I am sure there are other policies out there this one works for me right now and as I grow I plan to up my coverage.

I've been wondering and pondering the LLC issue and browsing through past discussions of it. I have a path laid out that I hope to follow to get where I need to be in the timeframe I need to get there, and it's going okay so far, somdiscussions like this one, wholesaling, etc always interest me.


In Topic: Do You Stamp Your Website On Your Pots?

05 January 2017 - 10:26 PM

Funny you should say sign your whole name or stamp it, etc. I used to sign my full name on my art then an art teacher said.. why do you use your married name? What if you get remarried? Well that hasn't happened and it's been 30+ years so oh well. I'm not going to use my maiden name since is dislike it immensely. If I'm going to hand sign something I use my first name with a few symbols that mean nothing to nobody but myself... but to me they are an extension of me. So googling by my name written on the pot would be pointless. I use pugabo, just that no .coms or anything and the town I live in is on there as well since it can be googled.

I have pottery signed by the potters I have purchased over the years but can't read the signatures and the symbols on them mean nothing to me and can't help me find them since they are not world famous. I guess I would suggest sign your pots the way that makes you happy and means something to you and with any luck future owners of your pieces will still be able to find you with a bit of ingenuity on their part. The future archeologists can do what they like to do and guess. Maybe they will come up with a neat theory like Pugs were so honored they had their own cult and temples where the Turbo Pug was the most holy of symbols and they were called the Sect of Pugaboo. I've been to Egypt and knew more about its ancient history than our guide who was just making it up as he went along so that scenario is entirely possible.