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In Topic: Looking For A Bisque Schedule

Today, 09:37 AM

Everything Neil says is spot on. I adjusted my Bisque schedule with his and others help here on the forum. I can't say much to help with your bisque schedule as I do tumble stack my Bisque and really pack it in there...aka Mark C style.

I can maybe suggest something else to try during your glaze firing. Again the forum was super helpful in figuring out what to adjust. I was having issues with pinholing, especially with the Amaco Potters Choice glazes. I did a cone offset on my cone 6 slow glaze schedule and then added a hold at the end. Doing this dropped the overall set temperature of every cone 6 firing and then I get the heatwork I need by adding a hold at the end. I tried just adding a hold to the regular cone 6 firing but it made the cone 6 overfire and I had some other issues develop. The offset with a hold allows those Potters choice glazes to smooth out and flow just enough without running and all my pinhole issues went away. My ^6 cone bends perfectly every time.

If the bisque adjustments don't get you what you need you might want to try adjusting your glaze firing instead.


In Topic: Ceramic Transfers

15 March 2017 - 08:22 PM

Are you looking for color or monotone images? Images with lots of details and words or just simple patterns?

The type of imagery you are looking to use will often dictate the method of transfer needed to be used.

I use:
Mason Stain Transfer
Underglazes Transfers
Laser Transfers
Silkscreen Transfers
Color Ceramic Ink Transfers (purchased)

They all work depending on the look you are going for. More details on what you are trying to do might help so I can give you a better idea what method to use.


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13 March 2017 - 10:07 PM

Thanks Neil!

In Topic: Website To Order Pottery Tools Cheap

13 March 2017 - 10:05 PM

Celia - yes I have my name written on all my traveling tools and count them out when I set up and count them back in when I clean up.

Plan to write HAHC, which is the art centers intials in big bold letters on all the classroom tools. I do know that some will walk off but I am going to try and get as many students to purchase their own set as I can so they realize the value in having and taking care of their own and be less likely to abuse or steal the studios. Some of the students just don't have the means to purchase their own especially those participating in the free classes we offer. I'm all ears for any suggestions as to how to control tool loss!

Yes I already have the car sponges from Dollar Tree and my favorite local restaurant has given me a dozen 5 gallon buckets to use for all kinds of things, glaze, cleaning, instant damp boxes, etc. I am donating all new wareboards myself made from drywall I have had stored in my garage and one of my students is helping me tape the edges.

I am a SUPER big fan of the Mud Tools! Ribs, rubber (all colors) and metal (love the paisley metal ribs!) as well as the cut off wires and cut off harp, the shredders, etc. I use them all in my studio and would love to one day have one of each color, shape and firmness of the rubber ribs, I pick a new one up whenever I can. Unfortunately they are expensive for a classroom so am at this point planning to only buy a few and keep them in my teachers toolbox in a locked cabinet when I am not there and allow them to be used during class and have a few new ones on hand for sale if after using mine a student wants to buy one for their own tool box.

Again you guys are amazing keep the suggestions and ideas coming!


In Topic: That Time Is Approaching... How Hard Is It To Change Elements On An Olympic K...

13 March 2017 - 09:12 PM


When I pull the pins do I replace them in exactly the same place or do I have to move them a bit to have fresh brick to support them? (Thinking along the lines of pulling a nail from drywall it tends to leave a weak spot so it's better to move over a bit and re-nail.)

The only part I am a bit nervous about is replacing the wire crimps... what if I use too much pressure and crimp it so it causes heat to build up because it is too tight OR what if I don't crimp it hard enough and end up with a loose live wire in there?

I have a pair of smaller bolt cutters, not sure if they qualify as mini, I use them to cut the high temp wire I use to make bead rack wires.

I don't have any broken bricks at the moment... that may change once I start moving the rings around though lol. Nobody has ever told me I'm graceful.

OH! Should I be thinking about flipping my floor while I have it all apart?

Thank you so much Neil and everybody else you are all super amazing.