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In Topic: Trying To Find A Square Plate Mould

18 December 2014 - 05:49 AM

I use Chinet paper paper plates. They have dinner as well as salad size. Also pretty cheap as far as a mold goes and if it's just for a gift you can toss it when you are done. I have found though with some care you can use them repeatedly before they lose their integrity.

In Topic: What Are Your Favorite Animals?

11 December 2014 - 10:19 PM

Ummm this might not be a surprise but I LOVE PUGS. I seriously could paint and create Pugs all day everyday... Hmmm guess that's why I do so HUH. But seriously go look up Pug puppies and you will have to agree Pugs are the cutest funniest most amazing dogs... Ehem... furry people as we call them around here.... Ever!

Oh and I also like turtles and have a ground hog that lives in my tiny valley that I want to sculpt. Oh and the deer, though there hasn't been as many this year, hopefully they are just trying to eat someone else's yard for awhile and will come back and visit soon.

But then again PUGS RULE!
Did I mention I like Pugs?


In Topic: Bought The Square

04 December 2014 - 10:03 AM

I take credit cards too but use the PayPal Swiper on my cell phone since I have a merchant account through them and use PayPal on my website and other online sales venues. Sticking with PayPal was an easy choice since it meant sticking with a system I was already familiar with.

Credit cards are about 1/2 my sales and have had younger people use it for as little as $5. What I have done is set my prices then added 10% to them to cover the credit card fees and sales tax. If someone wants a discount on an item I ask if they are paying in cash and if so know I can safely reduce some and not really lose money. It makes those bargain seekers feel like they are getting a deal and I don't feel bad about being asked to discount my work so everyone is happy. Most of the time they are only asking for a dollar or 2 discount and that's within the margin of profit. Getting rid of my knuckle buster was a no brainer the yearly fees, monthly fees whether I sold or not and the percentage on top of all that was just bad business.

I have received a few bad checks over the years so would really rather just take a credit card and with the new cell phone systems know that the money is mine. I have found recently that people paying with $100 bills has increased so have had to learn how to check those onsite. This last weekend I got 3 of them which is a record for me as I usually only average 1 per show.


In Topic: Pottery Supply Websites

21 November 2014 - 09:41 AM

Ditto on clay lovers preferences.

I also like Baileys for a few things.


In Topic: Overcoming Insecurity

19 November 2014 - 11:09 PM

I make my own transfers as well. I have 30+ years of artwork that I have converted to digital files so I can print my own stuff and put on pots. With the pen and inks I am even doing some color wash affects on some pieces since I only have the capability of doing black and white transfers.

I also second the small stuff. I LOVE doing sculptures and really fancy boxes BUT I need to price them starting at $100 and most people have this thing about spending more than a $20 bill on stuff around here. So I do loads of spoon rests, pendants, small pencil boxes, etc. The little stuff can add up quick when it sells AND it's cheaper to make since it takes less materials AND it's easier on the body.

I also have a severely messed up back, 2 surgeries, permanent damage, can't ride in a car for more than 5 minutes and if I do I can't feel my left foot and the sciatic nerve kicks in, bla bla bla. Lol grocery shopping can be a rather interesting prospect around here since the nearest store is 20 minutes away. With a messed up back I have just learned to do things the way I can and not worry that I do them in a strange way. I have to stand to do just about everything can't sit for more than a few minutes. When I throw it has to be a VERY GOOD DAY and I can't need to do anything the next day since I know I will be paying the price. It's why I do a variety of things pinch, slab, coil, extruder and wheel and I let my body tell me what it can handle that day. Heck I just realized my life can at times sound like a really bad country song.. Waa waa waa. My art is my sanctuary AND my business. I work through my issues with my art then sell them off to other people now THAT sounds like cheating. I also live in terror of not selling and have reacuring nightmares involving the words... Do you want fries with that? I work all the time in the studio and when something hurts too much to do that day I work on another project.

Don't let your limitations... Well.... Limit you, make them work FOR You.

I would also try the weebly free website it's very easy to learn and have helped friends get a website set up using it. You might also consider Wordpress which is a blog format and also free, you can put your stuff out there talk about your journey and get feedback. It sounds like you are feeling very isolated but you are not, there is a whole world of people out there and the Internet makes it so much easier to connect. My best friend lives on the other side of the country from me but it doesn't matter she is just one email or text away.

Keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing don't give up on your work or yourself.