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In Topic: Amaco Underglazes And Crawling Issue

Yesterday, 10:29 PM

Glazenerd... good eye. It's got me wondering are you by chance sketching out the design with something then painting the underglaze over it? If so is it possible there is a bit of wax in it? I know some pencils use a waxy type binder to hold them together and this could be making the underglaze pull away from the drawn lines.

Just another thing to consider.


In Topic: Another Milestone

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

Here is the link... hope it's okay to post since it's for a page here on CAD.



In Topic: Another Milestone

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

Lol. Yep my training pants were getting a little tight so I guess it's time for my big girl pants. Having a long term plan written out with goals posted along the way has been helpful in reaching them. I have A LOT more goals to reach before I feel I am actually "there" but am busy taking one step after the other.


In Topic: Amaco Underglazes And Crawling Issue

Yesterday, 05:21 PM

I use a lot of Amaco LUGs and Velvets. I almost always paint on green ware not bisque and have not had an issue with crawling.

A couple questions...

Do you rebisque to set the UGs before glazing?
What Clear are you using over the tops of the UGs?

If you are not rebisquing I would try that to set the colors. If you are rebisquing then I would try painting on greenware and bisque firing before glazing as usual.

I am using Amacos Zinc Free Clear. It wants to be THIN, one coat very thin and it's happy. If you are not using this, maybe buy a pint and give it a shot.

I would do those tests and see if that fixes the issue. If they don't then I would try thinning my first coat down, paint on greenware, and use Amaco Zinc Free Clear and see if that fixes the issue.

Your work is lovely I hope you can solve the issue quickly and DO LET US KNOW so others in the future can find the answer that worked for you and be helped as well.


In Topic: Qotw: What Is The Coolest And Most Helpful Thingy You Have In Your Studio?

05 December 2016 - 03:44 AM

A question for those using the LED tubes in their fluorescent fixtures.... do the LEDs flicker the way fluorescent tubes can? I removed all the long tube fluorescents because that flicker is an instant migraine trigger for me but am wondering if the long LED tube lights have fixed this issue?