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In Topic: Introduction And Garage Studio

22 July 2017 - 08:20 PM

Nice start! You should have lots of fun in your set up.

My husband has cut me off at half of a 2 car garage... he says I'm not allowed to have any more of it and he is NOT parking his truck outside. Oh and the garage is just for the kilns, shipping and stock storage it doesn't count the studio or extra storage in other rooms. He's just lucky it's a multi story house or he might be sitting on clay boxes to watch tv.

Soooo Being a kind and generous wife I agreed to not take over the entire garage, offered to build shelves to help organize it better, and in the process score a few more feet without him realizing it. GRIN


In Topic: Searching For" Making Bisque Hump Moulds"

21 July 2017 - 04:34 PM

Try searchig on "bisque MOLD"

Here is a recent one:
http://community.cer...l= bisque mold


In Topic: Is Anyone A Toolmaker Or Machinist?

15 July 2017 - 08:33 AM

I'm not sure if something like this would do what you need. A picture of the tool from another angle to see its exact shape all around would help.

The shape I can see from your photo reminds me of the scratch tools used for scratchboard drawing.


There are various sets and you can even just buy the heads.... do any of them kind of look like what you need?


In Topic: Super Low Fire Lead Frits - Does It Leach?

11 July 2017 - 04:59 PM

Listen to Neil and the others....


Not worth the stress and possible negative outcomes.

When I took over the pottery dept at the art center I called around trying to find out if anyone fired other people's work in their kilns and what rules they used. NOBODY NO BUSINESS NO ART CENTER around here will fire work not made with their clay in their classes or facilities. The risk is just too great, lose your Kiln and you could be out of business.


In Topic: What's Considered A Good Amount In Dollars To Sell At A Day Art Show?

10 July 2017 - 09:23 PM

I currently only do 1 day local shows, it's not in the books for me to be able to travel any distance or be away from home overnight.
My situation is...
I've only been doing shows with pottery for about 4 years.
My most expensive show is $75 and most are around $50. 1 show cost me $0 to do as I was invited which was nice.
The rules are pretty good and I haven't encountered any "terror promoters".
The furthest show away is 30 miles one way and most are less than 20 miles with 4 of them being within walking distance of my home.
I never have to pay for parking, it's always provided.
Super easy setups and tear downs.
I use a pop up canopy or no canopy at all if the weather is good.
My set up breaks down into small pieces so I don't stress my body too much.
Most of the shows are in the 1000 spectator range.
Festivals usually run from 10 until 5, a couple start at 11 or end at 2, I only have one that runs past 6.
Amounts below are all approximate:
I average $500 a show, the most in 1 day was a little over $1100.
If I make less than $300, unless it's raining or something, I won't do it again.
Between $300 and $450 it's a let's give it another chance and see if I can build on it.
$500 and up it's a definite do again.

I am getting a nice schedule set and am hoping within a year or so I don't have to keep adding new venues. I'm looking to get up to 12 shows a year and this year I'm doing 10. I have my eye on 4 more shows to pick between for next year if the dates and such align in my empty spots. I also have back up shows marked on my calendar in case a show I am doing now disappears so I can simply slip another into that weekend. The shows I am looking at for next year I have gone to as a spectator or will go to this fall to check out the lay of the land. I am always talking to other artists, local, etc gathering information on festivals and such which I then research and if it looks like a possible I write it into my calendar to keep track of it.

As others have said you have to decide for yourself what makes a show worth doing and worth repeating, nobody can answer that for you. All my shows are easy, cheap, with little to no additional expenses so I can make less and still profit.

Good luck!