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In Topic: wax on kiln shelves

14 February 2013 - 08:23 AM

Be sure to vent well.

In Topic: Discolouration of fired white clay products

08 February 2013 - 04:47 AM

I have an issue with white ceramic earrings that I am trying to solve. I make and sell white disc form earrings that have a glazed front but an unglazed back surface. I recently saw a couple of customers both who had found that over time their earrings had yellowed. Both customers are friends and have worn their earrings almost daily for a year or so. From what I could tell it seems that perhaps hair oil and products had seeped through the unglazed back of the clay and 'soaked' the whole earring so that the front has also become yellowed.

Has anyone got any ideas of how I could prevent this, save from glazing both sides which would really complicate the way I currently fire them....could you recommend a suitable sealant? Perhaps a metal lacquer that I could apply afterwards?

I would appreciate any of your ideas or experience!

I used to make ceramic earrings years ago. At first I didn't glaze the backs but I didn't like the look of one side being unglazed so, I started putting one very thin coating of glaze on the backs as well. The stilts that I used did not get embedded into the ceramic pieces and having glaze on two sides makes the earrings easier to clean.

In Topic: Fast bisque using controller

08 February 2013 - 04:27 AM

I got a new kiln two weeks ago with an electronic controller (yay) and am very pleased with it. But the pre programs for fast and slow bisque have pretty slow ramp ups -- an 04 bisique program runs between 10-13 hours. A fast glaze firing takes 4-5 hours at cone 6.

This is the opposite of my old prehistoric kiln (Duncan) -- which had a dial and three settings -- overglaze, ceramic and high fire. It was set to ceramic for an 04 bisque (or lowfire clay glaze) took about 6 hours. It was set at "high fire" for a cone 6 glaze - and took about 10-14 hours (depending on the age of my elements).

I never had any issues with the faster bisque firing schedule with the old kiln - which I couldn't control.

I understand that the slow ramp up on the new kiln is to release water smoke etc. safely -- but I wonder if this is really necessary. Could I be bisque firing more quickly - and if so - how do others program their controller for a faster bisque?

I'm using cone 6 stoneware, and also occasionally cone 04 earthenware. My controller is Bartlett model V6-CF

I have recently purchased a kiln with the same Bartlett model V6-CF controller. You can use the 'Vary Fire Mode' (on the left side of the panel) to write your own program for the bisque as well as the glaze firings. It is just one of the many features of the Bartlett V6-CF.

In Topic: Does your wheel face the wall?

06 February 2013 - 11:10 PM

No, my wheel faces a doorway and there is a doorway behind me and a table to my right and a window beyond that for northern light but it is facing west.

Shouldn't this post be in the weekly question for CAD?

Have your wheel where it feels most comfortable for you. There are no set equipment placements and the layout is for your comfort.

In Topic: Tell us a story about your studio. | Q.O.W. 2/5/2013

06 February 2013 - 10:32 PM

A woman was clutching one of my pots at a craft fair and told me how much she liked it. Then she added, "Is your studio at the Torpedo Factory?" (one of the upscale galleries/artist studio spaces/lofts in town). No, I replied, I work out of my garage studio at home. She looked at me, looked at the pot, placed the pot back on a shelf, and walked out. As they say, location is everything.

No, not location, but education. Next time say,"No I have my own studio." Then give a business card.