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In Topic: Kiln wash

13 February 2013 - 06:21 AM

@Diane Puckett That sound like a good idea, im finding that a big problem with academic work is the lack of of hands-on-work and the experience that goes with it. Next best thing from getting that experience is talking to someone already with it.

@justanassembler I managed to get my hands on a graphite crucible and im going to try it without the seperator. I saw the stuff you were talking about online and hopefully there is a college registered site i can buy it off. Biggest problem im having is the places im actually allowed to buy this stuff from.

In Topic: Kiln wash

11 February 2013 - 10:29 AM

kiln was will bond partially to your glass. What type of crucible are you using? It sounds like some kind of refractory ceramic material. If its a small crucible, you might think of using graphite instead. Also, if possible, could a moderator move this to technical?

Its a thermal gravimetric analysis type crucible so it's about 20ml in capacity and although I dont know for sure, I think it's an alumina crucible. I think I can get my hand on a graphite crucible, but my head would be wanted on a plate by the guy who owns them, if it stuck. Is there any chance this could happen?

Apologies for asking this in the wrong place, first post.