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In Topic: Used Kiln Price

23 February 2013 - 04:55 PM

If the blower mounts under the kiln, I wouldn't try to replace it. If the blower mounts on the wall, it's a relatively simple replacement. Best to buy the new blower online- much cheaper.

It mounts on the wall...what exactly needs replacing?

Thanks for your help

In Topic: Used Kiln Price

23 February 2013 - 03:49 PM

Even worn elements will get hot. To truly test them, you'll need to put an ohm meter on the ends of the elements inside the control box and compare that number to the chart. The charts show the different resistance for the different voltages of kilns. If this is a kiln from a home, it should be 240 volt single phase. Visually, the element coils should still be standing upright, not laying over, and should not be discolored rusty or black. If the bricks aren't looking crumbly they should be fine. Any wiring in the box will be a cheap fix. Check the floor for cracks that go all the way through.

I'd turn on the vent and see how it sounds. If the motor is really rattly and loud it may be on it's way out. 10 years is old for a vent motor, if it's been used regularly. A new vent will cost about $350 on sale.

The shelf kit is worth $300 or more new. If the vent is in good shape, and the shelves are in good shape, then figure you're paying about $700-800 for the kiln itself, and if it's in good shape that's not a bad price for a computerized kiln. That said, see if you can get them down to $900! If the vent is rattly or the elements look bad or the shelves are warped, then you've definitely got room to bargain.

I went ahead and bought it. All the elements looked great--weren't corroded or lying down or rusted. Resistance was in range. Got 9 full shelves, a half shelf, bunch of posts. He was giving away tons of cork bats, tools, & a scale too.

I took the motor but not sure that it works. Makes a full buzzing sound when turned on. It's a skutt brand vent. Anyone know if these are fixable?

In Topic: Advice on buying a used kiln

10 February 2013 - 08:06 PM

It sounds like a good deal with all of the other equipment your getting with the kiln you could afford to have someone rewire it for you. A used kiln in that good of shape would cost about 600 dollars here and you still might need to rewire it after you spent 600 for it. There are no guarantees in life but I would buy that combo in a heart beat. Denice

Thanks, I'm leaning toward buy it. The equipment belonged to her deceased mother, so she doesn't have a 6-50 outlet to plug it into. I have to off looks alone.