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In Topic: How To Achieve Cork-Like Appearance On Slabs

Yesterday, 07:23 PM


pics would be helpful


is this what you are after?



I don't know if this is what mudwoman is looking for, but that is an intriguing tree-bark texture.  It is a little like Sodium Silicate crackle technique but seemingly more responsive to the brushed on thickness of the porcelain slip.  I'll have to add that to my wish list of things to try.




In Topic: Rubber Stamps

Yesterday, 11:22 AM

If the clay surface is too wet,sprinkle some corn starch on it and then make your impression.  I've also rolled clean newsprint on a slab to pick up surface wetness before texturing.  Also, you can dust the rubber/wood/bisque/whatever stamp with cornstarch and you can get cleaner, crisper impressions.  If your stamp is sticking, slow down and give the clay some time to dry a bit. 

In Topic: Can I Use This ^10 Slip As A ^5 Slip?

Yesterday, 11:14 AM

I use the slip at cone 6 and cone 10 (just finished applying it to some Little Loafers slabs for cone 6). I had a couple pieces flake on two or three pieces done in Red Rock -- a stoneware that shrinks a bit more than Little Loafers. Those could have been the result of texturing the slabs, too, I apply just after rolling slabs when the clay is rather moist. Have not tried it a cone 5.

In Topic: Longterm Glaze Issues | Sometimes Runny, Sometimes Breaks The Pots

Yesterday, 06:29 AM

thank you so much for your kind support!
I wonder if there are any online courses on glaze chemistry
I have been reading some articles about how glazes work, but I feel I need help answering all the questions to understand it properly


Not sure when it is offered, but Matt Katz is among the experts.

In Topic: Can Dead Plaster Be Revived? (Call The Paramedics!)

29 May 2016 - 08:35 PM

(i can't apply for membership because they always do their jurying during the winter.  too bad. )
since you are now migrating with the birds how about leaving a box or whatever is needed with a fiend who stays north and can drop and pick up the jury stuff?

Torpedo Factory requires their artists to be in their work/show space a certain number of hours each week . . . would make a really rough commute for Old Lady from Florida (or West Virginia). Many of the old timers take on associates who sit in the shop in return for space to display wares, allowing them to do the winter migrations or work at home. I've been told the jury process is rather, er . . . political. The center and its business model is being evaluated by the city which leases the space to the artists and the media around here have done recent articles on management/operations problems.