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In Topic: What Clay Are You Using,and Could You Quick Review Them Please

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

Highwater makes clay in Clearwater. http://www.highwater...category_ID=573

I use their Little Loafers and Red Rock as primary stoneware clays for Cone 6. I also use Standard's 266 for Cone 6. In the past, I've used Standard's 112 -- terrific for throwing and hand-building and 308 -- good for hand-building.

In Topic: Amoco Celadon Glazes

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

Highwater makes Little Loafers, a cone 5-6 clay body and Loafers Glory, a cone 6 - 10 clay body. They market Little Loafers as a cone 6 version of Loafers Glory. Maybe check to see you really had LL and not LG.

In Topic: Some Restrictions On Posting To Stop Spam?

26 April 2015 - 05:00 PM

A bazillion years from now, some future archeologist/geologist is going to stumble upon an encrusted, but intact, can of Spam in solid rock and wonder if he's found the missing link to the demise of paleo-diet man. Then he'll pop the top to the can and enjoy a hearty meal of Hormel's best.

In Topic: Smithsonian Craft Show

26 April 2015 - 02:52 PM

In one place . . . Judy Duff, Shadow May, Eric Serritella, Mea Rhee, Jennifer McCurdy . . . a feast for your eyes. Great line up for ceramics this year. My credit card took a pounding.

In Topic: Anyone Own The Penland Glaze Book? Searching For A Recipe

26 April 2015 - 08:34 AM

You might try emailing John Britt . . . he was at Penland when the book was issued.