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In Topic: Reasonable Fee For An Accountant?

Today, 07:31 AM

I will refrain from any jokes about "reasonable fee for an accountant" being an oxymoron.  (It's okay, I work with accountants every day, just don't want to be one.)

In Topic: Dream Tool

Today, 06:48 AM

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Ben, here they are (not really beauties, but functional).  Wood is1/4" birch slats from Home Depot.  Wire is jewelry making wire from Michael's.  Key is the cut outs.  Square for 45 degrees.  Rectangle -- two squares next to each other -- for 60 and 30 degrees; horizontal is 60 degrees, vertical is 30 degrees (I did not have a 30 degree handy for the photo).  Wires are easy to replace, just unloosen screws, remove old wire, add new wire, and lightly tighten.  Maybe your wood shop can cut the slats/pieces for you.

In Topic: Dream Tool

Yesterday, 08:36 PM

Babs, for curved handles, you can't beat (or easily replicate) Michael Sherrill's Mudtools . . . especially the bump tools  http://www.mudtools.com/product/bump/ .  Sherrill makes some of the most innovative tools I've seen for hand-building and sculpting.  I do carry a knitting needle . . . Akira Satake showed how to use it to wrap slab handles around to make nice round, hollow handles for mugs. 


The parts for these come from the craft store (wood beads in various sizes, already drilled) and Home Depot (wood dowels, wire).  Because the beads came in multiples, I ended up making a handful at a time and giving them away to my students when I was teaching.  I sanded down sides to make one for working inside corner seams.  Same for bevel cutters . . . I make my own 30, 45, and 60 degree bevel cutters using thin wood; the commercial ones are too bulky, in my opinion, for cutting angled edges in tight corners, etc.  Scrap wood, couple small screws and washers, piece of thin wire. 

In Topic: Dream Tool

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

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These aren't "dream" tools . . . but tools I made (like Paul) out of necessity.  I am mostly a hand-builder and needed tools to help seal seams of taller cylinders.  They also work great -- especially the ones with roller balls -- on bellying out wares.  Simple. Inexpensive. 



In Topic: Dealing With Allergies?

24 January 2015 - 08:39 PM


you could always be a real pain to everyone and put a copy of whatever government regulations apply on the desk of someone who would see to it that the studio is cleaned properly.


Anonymously, of course.  ;)



Just be mindful of the consequences of such acts . . . like the school closing the studio/program as it lacks the $$$ to bring it up to code and realizes their liabilities for operating at non-compliance until then.  Institutions are risk averse to the nth degree.