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In Topic: Is Low Fire Clay Easier To Hand Build With?

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

I chose the best throwing body I have, but I don't know about the grog.  It is Redstone, From Highwater. very happy to stand up tall and get thin.

Highwater's description of Redstone: "This is a rich, reddish brown body with a lot of character, warmth and excellent working properties. Use for hand & wheel work. 6% fine kyanite." So, it may not be the smoothest body. Kyanite has good thermal shock properties.

In Topic: Is Low Fire Clay Easier To Hand Build With?

Yesterday, 04:12 PM

The low fire clay was probably grogless; your stoneware clay likely has grog. So, you are comparing apples and oranges in terms of clay bodies. You can find stonewares with no grog which should make the folding process more comparable. Another factor is keeping the clay moist while being manipulated. The will be some differences due to firing temperatures. Low fire shrinks less and will likely hold the shape more; stoneware fires higher, shrinks more, and could result in some distortion/warping -- hard to tell without seeing the form in question.

In Topic: Can Anyone Help Me Fix This Glaze Problem?

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

Glaze thickness/glaze too stiff. The glaze is too thick to flow into the sharp corners; it looks like it is covering after being dipped and then drying, but it is not actually making contact underneath with the clay surface (pocket of air). When it fires, the glaze shrinks and exposes the claybody. I've had this happen with majolica base glaze.

In Topic: Newbie Help On Buying A Used Pottery Wheel

Yesterday, 03:55 PM

Take some time, invest in lessons (multiple sessions) and learn hands-on with an instructor. Can't say you could not learn entirely on your own by using videos, etc; but you will do yourself a great favor by learning in a classroom setting where you can ask questions, see from different angles as a demo is being done, etc. And, it will allow you to really find out if you want to invest a couple grand on setting up a pottery studio before you make that investment.

In Topic: Handmade Tile Show And Sale November 1St And 2Nd At The Uw Center For Urban H...

Yesterday, 06:38 AM

Hey, and I didn't know the UW had a center for urban horticulture in Madison... <_<

Isn't UW's urban horticulture center located down on Mifflin Street?