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Yesterday, 07:22 PM

My first reaction was "cute" (but I'd still take kitten videos any day). The more I thought about it, I have to agree with Chris. This is a sign for an insecure person. Buy my pottery because you want to; not because you'll feel guilty if you don't or think you'll hurt my feelings. If you can't see my passion for pottery in the pottery itself, you won't feel it because of some sign telling you. There are enough guilt trips around that we don't have to lay another one on someone.

In Topic: White Crystals On Fired Vase

20 October 2014 - 06:48 PM

I have heard that Highwater clays are inconsistent.

That has not been my experience with Highwater clays . . . I regularly use Little Loafers and Red Rock at cone 6 and Phoenix for salt firing. I also slake down Helios as a slip at cone 6 (with Mason stains for colors). I carve and also do leaf impressions in Little Loafers as is has no grog and is rather smooth.

FWIW, I also use Standard 266 (cone 6) and Laguna Dark Brown (cone 10) for certain items. And I've found Standard Jack Troy stoneware to be a dream to throw.

In Topic: I'm Looking For Old Talc-Do You Have Any?

17 October 2014 - 10:13 PM

Is nytal that special....?? Not that I know where a full bag is or anything like that. What's so good about its in demand?

Not special . . . it appears Nytal was a consistent source for years and potters like consistency in the source of their materials, especially for glazes that define your look or product line. There is variation in raw materials; switching to a new mine for that material opens the door for changes in the product that are often not mentioned in the chemical analysis -- and your glaze just doesn't look the same. Sort of like wood ash; we all know wood ash is wood ash, unless it oak ash, pine ash, apple ash, walnut ash, etc.

In Topic: White Crystals On Fired Vase

17 October 2014 - 10:05 PM

Highwater's Half and Half has a 5% absorption rate at Cone 6 -- not even close to being mature. http://www.highwater...55&ParentCat=34 Your studio is going to have a lot of weeping/seeping pots. If they want to fire to Cone 6, they should use a Cone 6 clay.

Refiring at Cone 10 will likely see your glazes run . . . they are not formulated for that high of a temperature. If you feel the need to try refiring one at Cone 10, make sure you have a large cookie with a rim underneath the item to catch any glaze.

As Min suggested, dry flowers are an option. And find another clay body if your are firing at Cone 6; Highwater has a cone 6 porcelain; maybe mix it 50/50 with Little Loafers. FWIW, I use Highwater clays. I sometimes put a porcelain slip over Little Loafers if I need a white color.

In Topic: Two Black Mason Stains

16 October 2014 - 09:10 PM

I've used the Bringle slip, with oxides -- not stains -- for salt firing. The potter I salt fire with does use Mason stains in some of her Bringle slips. I've used Best Black (6600) with a white porcelain slip and it fires black.

Both Best Black and Onyx have cobalt in them; Mason makes two blacks -- 6650 and 6666 that are cobalt-free.