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Today, 10:25 PM

Such complimentary stuff, must feel great.

Actually, a bit daunting. Taking the wares after she puts her artwork on them . . . all I can think of is, "How many ways can I screw up a clear glaze firing?" And just when you think you've thought of all the ways . . . (fill in the blank). Her work is so lovely, you just don't want to screw it up.

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Today, 07:05 PM

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I've been working with Hsi-Mei Yates, a Chinese brush artist (and also my painting teacher). I make the pottery, she decorates, and I fire. These are mostly pieces we sell through galleries where she also has her other paintings. Having painted with her, I had a sense of how she painted and made pottery forms that would allow her to use the same expressions and techniques on clay as she does on paper. These are pieces she featured in her show at the Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Yesterday, 09:55 AM

A copper red in reduction will give you that look; the clear on the rim happens because the glaze thins on edges. You also get green/clear from a copper red if it oxidizes or is too thin. For Cone 10, I use Pete Pinnell's copper red.

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31 August 2014 - 09:13 PM

The bloat could be caused by gases in the clay body not escaping because the glaze is sealing over before they escape. don't think a refire will help any; you will likely learn more by breaking the platter on the bloats and seeing how the inside looks . . . just be careful and take normal safety precautions (safety glasses, gloves, etc). Did the bloating only happen with this one glaze, or did other pieces with different glazes also bloat? It could be an incompatibility with the one glaze, if localized to the only piece. Firing a new piece with same glaze will tell you if it is a problem.

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27 August 2014 - 04:23 PM


Check with Dale or Brian G. at Workhouse; they use Skutts there and may have a someone they use/recommend. Or be willing to do it for $$$. Also, Matt Frietas did the elements at CC and might be willing to do these for you -- he was doing some work on kilns for schools the last I heard.