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In Topic: Peeling Glaze

Today, 04:56 PM

You mentioned the robins on the bottom turned out okay; but the bluetits on the top had the glaze issue. Could it have been something that contaminated the colorants used for decorating the bluetits?

In Topic: Peeling Glaze

Today, 08:34 AM

You mention using a different kiln . . . is the firing schedule for the kiln the same as your old one? Or is it firing faster or slower? For your previous firing, did you use the borrowed kiln or your own?

Is any of the glaze spitting onto the kiln shelves?

Was the glaze dry when you loaded the kiln or still damp?

Typically, crawling occurs when the glaze is applied too thick. You can also get a result like this if the firing is too fast.

In Topic: Making Porcelain Food Safe

01 October 2015 - 09:55 PM

is porcelain hand painted in cobalt oxide and fired to stoneware temps safe for food and drinks? or do i need to seal with a clear glaze?

Cobalt can leech into food items. So, a clear glaze is needed for food ware.

I am also aware that items might stain easier if not glazed? My main concern is for a small collection of tea strainers that i am wanting to make.

Non-glaze clay is likely to stain if used for food serving. Tea would especially stain . . . tea even stains glazed wares.

Is it possible to use oxide and clear glaze and avoid bisque firing and go straight to stoneware?

Yes. Single firing is possible but you might want to use a different firing schedule than for a plain bisque or glaze load. If you are firing at a community studio, you will want to talk with the kiln operators to see if they would accept once-fired items. You can apply glaze with a spray gun, dip, or brush . . . but you will have to find out when is the best time to apply glaze (leatherhard, bone dry, etc). Some one-fire potters also adjust their glaze recipes to have more clay to prevent the glaze from shrinking and cracking when drying.

In Topic: Does Anyone Sagar Fire?

01 October 2015 - 09:47 PM

Russel Fouts saggar fires in an electric kiln.  http://users.skynet....outs/index.html

In Topic: Raw Fired Clay, Cleaning, And Food Safety

01 October 2015 - 06:35 PM

You can apply a soda ash wash (1/4 cup soda ash dissolved in 1 cup hot water) to the outside; that will give the raw clay a bit of a sheen and make it feel smoother to the touch.