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In Topic: Bracing Kiln For Move

Yesterday, 03:19 PM

Did you consider using big balloons inside the kiln?


36" Balloons


60" Balloons

Only if you have an air compressor or inflator. 

In Topic: I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

Yesterday, 03:16 PM

Well, that email from the organizers left a lot to be desired.  So, a first email might be to find out why they decided to move the event . . . if there is no good reason (hey, at least consider the possibility this was not something they wanted to do but had to do for reasons beyond their control), follow up with a reply to the effect that your decision on whether to apply to their event next year will depend on whether or not you can fit their event into your schedule, your need to have reliable and dependable venues for your customers to shop, etc.   Maybe close with something along the line that their decision to cancel at the last minute is causing you -- and many other vendors you have spoken with -- to reconsider their event for next year or to find alternative events.  They have to think many will not return; a single vendor not coming back -- to them that is the cost of business and they deal with that every year.  Strength is in numbers. 


Unfortunately, there is often a greater demand for shows by artists/craftspersons than vice versa.  Many organizers think/know they can always find someone to replace you (and they usually can).  The organizers get their money up front, whether turnout is good or bad. Organizers will think nothing of dropping you or wait listing you to bring in someone else -- and then you get to explain to your repeat customers why you weren't at a venue when they showed up to buy from you. 

In Topic: I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

Yesterday, 11:45 AM

Anonymous letters will not make a difference with the organizers; signed ones, yes -- anonymous ones go straight to the circular file. 


If you think it is worth the effort, a letter signed by multiple vendors would likely be effective.  They expect anger, so don't give them what they expect. 


It would be nice to know the reasons for the cancellation . . . and whether they are legitimate or spurious. 

In Topic: Has Anyone Used Bringle Universal Slip

01 December 2016 - 09:53 PM

Attached File  bringleslip.pdf   47.03KB   9 downloads


You've listed the base slip recipe.  Then you get to add oxides and colorants for variations.



In Topic: Has Anyone Used Bringle Universal Slip

01 December 2016 - 07:27 PM

I use Bringle slips at cone 10 for salt and wood firing.  Can be applied at either greenware or bisque stages, although thinner at bisque.  Have not tried at cone 6.