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In Topic: Why It Goes Off Center?

15 June 2014 - 02:27 PM

Thanks everyone again! And special thanks to Pres for the detailed critique. I don't know why I paid no attetion that I'm opening too wide and then try to narrow the form while pulling up. That's weired...


I know about even pressure etc., but I noticed that the top starts to wobble when I begin to pull at an angle to make a round form and it starts from the very base of a pot (like JLowes said)


And if I can make a full pull to the very top it will recenter the form, but with this particular form I couldn't do it because I wanted a narrow neck and obviously the full pull would ruin that neck.

In Topic: Why It Goes Off Center?

13 June 2014 - 06:13 AM

Wow! Thank you guys for all the advises. I will keep practicing and update this topic later, hopefully with better results  :)


My wheel is DIY wheel made by someone who has no clue about pottery. It used to have very very little torque. So I made new pulleys to increase the ratio and as a result it increased the torque, but still not enough. I just make the wheel to spin faster so when I center the clay it spins with adequate speed.

The bat is off center but it sits on pins and doen's move, so it's not a problem. I use bats so I don't have to squeze a bigger piece while removing it from wheel head.


Just to make it clear can someone explain what is collaring? (I'm not a native english-speaking)