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I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

01 December 2016 - 06:27 PM

A show I was signed up for this weekend was just canceled, 4:30 in the afternoon on Thursday before the two day Saturday & Sunday show. At 2:30 the director sent out a query to see who was available the next weekend if they moved it. I was actually driving to their offices (2 hour drive round trip, because I was told by the director that I had to pick it up because it had the parking pass. The parking pass was paper and obviously could have been emailed). I responded to the email query no because I'm booked the next two weekends. I was driving so couldn't say anything else.


At 4:30 when I got back from this wasted 2 hour drive I get an email:


A decision has been made to postpone the event and move it to the following weekend, December 10 and 11, same times.  I know many of you stated that you are unable to attend the event if it was postponed, it was also decided to cancel the xxxxx xxxxx Fair due to a lot of vendors being unavailable. We will make refunds to each of you.


They have been doing this park fair for 30 years so it's not a case of being new and working out the kinks. It was also supposedly juried. Is this as bazaar as I think it is. I started to respond and after writing a half a page stopped myself because I am new to this community and don't want to start making enemies right off the bat.


Because I just moved my studio and had to restart my inventory from scratch I was unable to do shows until starting this weekend so I booked 3 straight show which will constitute my entire Christmas income. To say its an inconvenience is a huge understatement.


I know life is short and since I very much doubt I can now book this weekend tomorrow I will just tuck my head down and try to make the next two shows even better. Besides they obviously didn't spend a dime on advertising.


Boy I so wish I could tell them what I really think. It would be a bad business move but would sure make me feel better B)  

Am I Screwed?

28 November 2016 - 04:46 PM

Ok, fired my first load in a new kiln and screwed it up. I have a Skutt 1027 and on my test load had it programmed for med speed cone 5 with a 20 minute hold. Cone 5 fully bent but 6 didn't even slightly bend. On a different kiln in my old studio we got a dead on 5 with 6 half bent with that program. It was like it didn't hold. Test tiles (in an empty kiln) did come out pretty much as I expected and looked fine. Still I figured I didn't get my hold and I want that for the heat work to even out the glazes. I reviewed the manual and erroneously concluded that I should have entered 20.00 instead of 0.20 so I made the adjustment and fired my first load. Well it hit temp while I was out of the studio and by the time I got back it had begun a 20 hour hold and had completed 47 minutes of that. The only way I could see to stop it was to stop the kiln.


So I now have what I assume with heat work a cone 7 firing with no controlled cooling. It dropped from 2170 to 1600 in about 2 hours and now has tapered off and cooling slower. Normally I think it ramps down in a controlled fashion to 1200.


Any input on what that extra heat work and faster cooling will do to my ware. Its porcelain and this was a Xmas load with almost everything in AMACO firebrick red with various accent glazes. My shop made glazes seemed to interact with the red in past loads so I try to run this glaze mostly by itself.

Test Tiles In Empty Kiln

26 November 2016 - 12:23 PM

I no longer have access to small test kiln and running round of test tiles in 7 cf Skutt 1027 digital controller. I put in shelves and put my tiles on middle shelf. cone 5 with 20 minute hold. I normally would plan to add test tile to next load but this is first test of all newly mixed glazes so need to run test before first load.


I'm wondering will my results be different than normal kiln load?

Handles Not Blended

19 November 2016 - 10:20 AM

I have experimented with not blending handles on mugs in the past and they seemed to have a nice fit. I can't locate an example right now but the surface was such that a blend didn't work well. I just made sure that the handles and mug were pretty close in dryness and scored with slip/vinegar. used one for months with no issues. I changed from a Northstar extruder to a Scott Creek and my handle die has a number of nice options and I'm thinking they would look better if I didn't blend in like I have mostly done.


An example of how I currently do it:

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Peggy Heer's Spooze For Mug Handles

18 November 2016 - 11:39 AM

I was going to switch from my slip and vinegar mix to spooze for scoring and joining mug handles. Anyone use it specifically for handles and have you had any issues? 


my current joining slip is clay, water and vinegar blended and haven't really had many problems but do occasionally misjudge the dryness of either the handle or mug and had a few crack off here and there. Since making new batch thought I would try this.