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Whats In A Name

24 March 2016 - 12:49 PM

I just finished reading a thread from a few months ago and it came up again why folks like me do not use their full names.


Just a word why I'm just Stephen. First off I am not doing this to not have accountability for what I say. I truly do try with every single of the few hundred post I've made to be respectful, kind and hopefully helpful in some way.


I also do my very best to not post about things I don't know about, or at least I think I know about. Since I'm just a struggling novice five year potter that means its usually about business (since I ran a smallish non-pottery business for a decade) and equipment which I have spent waaay to much $$ on and did research on and have some studio time with.


I am a 55 year old computer programmer and Stephen is my real name. I am married to the most wonderful and talented artist who has been making beautiful work for going on twenty years and five years ago now we embarked on making pottery not just her serious hobby but our livelihoods. Actually earning a living making and selling pottery. She quit a dozen year graphic design gig three years ago and I left my 10 year programming job last July. Its been a daunting task that we are committed too.


This is an industry forum where thousands and thousands of both amateurs AND world renown professional potters interact daily, either directly or by reading. The lurkers probably include many, many serious heavy hitters and many of the ones that do give their names are department heads at prestigious educational institutions, pros with 30, 40 year artist careers, teachers with decades of helping students realize their talent and everything in between.


I have struggled often with putting the rest of my info here. Once I do that that it is no longer is just Stephen tossing in his two cents on a subject or asking for help with freely given background.


...but Stephen Doe with ABC Pottery, married to artist Jane Doe.


I know it may seem like an easy thing to do but WOW. Now anytime someone surfs on our little pottery or one of us up come my post. Did I say it right? Did I come off as a moron, arrogant, obnoxious, smug etc?


I mean really, me even talking in the conversation with this group on the surface is silly and humbling. I seriously don't even know if I could really participate if I had to justify my right to with my identity because in reality If I was in a room with most of you I would simply be humbled, respectful and most of all quiet.

New Tent/canopy

18 March 2016 - 04:18 PM

I would appreciate some input on tents/canopy's.


We took good advice early on and started out with a good ez-up canopy and its been fine but have decided we want to upgrade to a sturdier one that can also be a pipe and drape system for indoor shows. We are in the NW and the wind kind of kicked us around at more than one show.


We have kind of zeroed in on the light dome because it's light weight. They seem to get great reviews, kind of taken back by the website as it really is so dated, has very little information, no store and I guess we have to call to order. Not sure what's worth it and what's not and hate to get on the phone and try and figure it out with a salesman.


We want to have a back 3 feet curtain to make a storage area for stock and one of us from time to time, at least 2 awnings, middle zippers on the sides and the curtain system for indoor shows.  


I've seen the inside curtain with logo imprinted, does anyone know where you can have this done?



Any advice or other considerations or canopies anyone might suggest?

Source For Wine Glass Tops

30 July 2015 - 03:27 PM

we carry hand thrown wine stems with clear glass tops added. Our supplier, National Artcraft, has discontinued and said their supplier dropped the item. I have looked everywhere and only see the small 5oz sniffer out there. 

Going Price Of Mugs

11 July 2015 - 10:06 PM

In another thread the price of mugs came up and I thought I would get a reading from anyone willing to share their pricing rational. I can remember 20 years ago before my partner got into pottery paying $12-$16 for a mug, The going price seemed to stall at about $20 for a really long time but seems to be on the rise for the last half dozen years.


We sell dipped mugs at $22 and mostly high twenties with badges and/or more elaborate decorative work such as carving, slip trailing etc. Hand painted in the low-mid 30s.