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In Topic: I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

02 December 2016 - 10:20 PM

What do they mean by 'due to vendors not being available'? Didn't they jury the show and sign people up in advance? They should know exactly how many vendors they have weeks in advance. And how are they going to get out the advertising for the new date in such a short time? This is messed up. I'd call them and get a real answer. Make them talk to you so they're really uncomfortable. Letters and email are too easy.

Pretty sure they just canceled the art side of the event because almost no one was available the next weekend. They are still doing the rest of the Xmas event sans the art booths.


bciskepottery is sure seems that one of the emails would have spelled out the reason and said they were sorry if in fact it was a reasonable reason. Why withhold the information. This is the same director that a week before decided arbitrarily to move all the artist under a big tent and insisted I had to drive 2 hours to pick up a paper parking pass that could have been emailed. Was there a reason? I assume so but she decided not to even mention it. The email simply said:


    We are thinking of moving xxxx Fair to next weekend, will you be available to still participate at the xxxxx  xxxx Fair?


sounded pretty arbitrary to me.

In Topic: I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

02 December 2016 - 12:26 PM

Well the email on Thursday afternoon really gave no reason at all and certainly seemed more spurious than not:



Good afternoon!


We are thinking of moving xxxx Fair next weekend, will you be available to still participate at the xxxxx  xxxx Fair?


The new dates are:

Saturday, Dec. 10 from 10 am- 6 pm

Sunday, Dec. 11 from 1 pm- 6 pm


Please let me know quickly if you are able to move next weekend or not. A determination will be made by the end of today if the event is moved to next weekend.


Thank you!


Just sounds to me like they wanted to do a quick count to see how many vendors they would have if they moved it. If you read the two there is not a single explanation or apology at all. To me it seemed like they really didn't give a crap how it affected the artist. I didn't hold anything back, that is the totality of the two emails.


Keep in mind this was sent Thursday afternoon at 2:30 and 2 hours later the above move/cancellation. I am sure many artist got both at the same time and many were likely like me running around getting ready for the weekend. I can't imagine how angry the food vendors are as I'm sure many had already bought perishable supplies. 

In Topic: Drying Time

02 December 2016 - 08:25 AM


Oldlady, what small bats do you use that the pots pop off at the right time?  I use Wonderbats and they're great, but you have to wire off the pots.  


Just to chime in, Not sure what the system is called but my ex used the singular bat with square cutouts and bought 30 of the cutouts for all things small and she loves them. They pop off the bat when ready to trim, never seen here have to wire them off and when she throws 20-30 mugs or vases and the like they fit very tightly in the drying racks taking up very little space. I use the square plastic ones for the same forms for saving drying space but more often than not have to wire off so I'm thinking of switching.


I know many do not dry on bats and place on ware boards right after throwing but I simply got so tired of warping and other wise distorting several of my forms per batch by handling them right after throwing. I am working on throwing dryer and may give it a second shot at some point. It was really nice to just plop them on ware boards and then just turn as needed and grab and trim.

In Topic: I'm Trying Not To Be Angry But

02 December 2016 - 08:03 AM

What a great idea Chilly, I'm going to do that. They really should get some push back as their arbitrary decision cost many folks many thousands of dollars that I'm sure was needed this time of year and with 1 day notice I doubt few if any could line up a replacement show.


I almost didn't book next weekends show thinking I should concentrate on this one and the one on the 17th and 18th with enough time in between to push an extra couple of kiln loads through but in the end decided to go for it. So glad I did. That last weekend, with so many having already completed their Xmas shopping is likely not going to be stellar so next weekend may be my best opportunity to move some pots. 


Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and letting me vent.

In Topic: Used Wheel And Kiln

29 November 2016 - 05:42 PM

I know when I started looking around a couple of months ago I found so many deals like this but yeah once I factored in all the cost and potential cost, since I wanted digital and the likelihood of elements and such it just seemed like I could quickly get a grand or more into a 20-40 year old kiln. Just didn't make sense, for me. For $2700 I just started new. I have always done this with computers (wait as long as you can and buy as much as you can afford) and it has always paid off and they only last 10-12 years at best. New kilns can literally last your lifetime if you buy one as an adult. But I also do this for a living now and had to have a reliable kiln that worked right out of the box and kept working week in and week out with no down time. I know when I bought the other two we had it was a no brainer because we had the dough and the day jobs but this last one the cost mattered a lot and I still ended up going new. 


on the other hand maybe he gets a $300 kiln and wires to a $60 timer and is good to go. I guess its just a upside/downside decision that one has to make given their circumstances. If I add a second one I might take a chance on a used one as it would be for bisque only and if I had down time I would'nt be dead in the water.