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In Topic: Bad Experience With Rohde Kiln - But Is Nabertherm Any Better?

02 July 2015 - 04:33 PM

I've also had issues of varying temperatures in the kiln (at least that is how it looks because the same pieces from the same clay with the same glaze look slightly different depending where they sit during the glaze fire.


Depending on degree of difference u mean, I think this can easily be the case in any kiln's glaze firings as many additional variables including oxides on surrounding pieces, glaze thickness etc can make the look change slightly from one piece to another identical one close by with same glaze. 


It's actually something I like.

In Topic: Members With Etsy Stores?

02 July 2015 - 03:54 PM

Would love to pull a few sales online but 6am-4pm every day adjusting machines and shipping does not fit in with my way over romanticized view of full time potting. 

In Topic: Insuring Merchandise To And From Shows

02 July 2015 - 03:24 PM

I just went to progressives website and they have 'motor cargo' listed but that specifically excludes art.


Can your brother write a property rider tailored to pots? I think a lot of potters transport 10-12k worth of functional pottery. I think one simple way to do it would for the rider to declare what a 100% number of pots and value is and a loss would be in number of pots lost times average value. If I lose 40 pots its covered at my insured average.


Not sure its worth it though and a lot of fuss to cover what is most likely under 10k and probably way under and as Neil said, liability is the big concern not losing a few pots. If you lose them all in an accident while transporting they should be covered any way by the cause of that accident. I don't think anyone covers pots for cracking or breaking in transit when the artist is taking them back and forth from the studio to a show venue, at least I don't think they do for any reasonable price.  

In Topic: Shows And Contests

10 June 2015 - 10:53 AM

we pay $90 a year for the pro membership of http://festivalnet.com/ and it really seems worth it. You can maintain list of listings and they just added the ability to have multiple lists. Everything can be pushed to a calendar and you can export your list to spreadsheet files. Seems to very inclusive of all the shows within a few hours of us and has tons of criteria to filter the shows such as distance, juried or not, how many people, does it allow buy/sell or just artisans etc. Highly recommend it as an adjunct to the other methods mentioned here.

In Topic: Should I Start Pottery Or Not? Advice Please.....

09 June 2015 - 11:00 AM

and the expensive part is only if you have the means to make it so.  Clay and glaze are so cheap they are not even worth considering really.


A new kiln cost in the 1500-3 grand range and you get a shiny programmable kiln, used kiln, maybe a hundred or two and you learn to work with witness cones and a kiln sitter to turn off (that can be fun too but ya have to hang with the kiln instead of the bar with John, actually you are supposed to sit and watch the shiny new one do its thing as well).


New wheel 8,9 hundred bucks, used you can probably score for a couple of hundred or less. New slab roller, a grand or so but a rolling pin from goodwill might set you back a couple of bucks.


My point is that you can take a garage and deck it out with 10-15 grand worth of really nice new studio equipment or you can get the same functionality with a carefully assembled assortment of used stuff and work arounds such as a rolling pin and it really does not have to affect the quality of your pottery much or the fun you will have. Actually the cheap equipment might add a more romantic feel about the whole thing.   


by and large potters are a pretty cheap bunch so no one's going to make fun of your 25 year kiln you scored from a school auction for $50 B)