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In Topic: Skutt 818 With Extension Ring

10 March 2017 - 11:02 AM

Hi Niel, would a 6-50 installed last year likely be able to handle that? Its a dedicated receptacle right by breaker box on a 50 amp breaker and I have been running a skutt 1027 on it.

In Topic: Brick Repair

10 March 2017 - 10:09 AM

well decided against that kiln but thanks for the input. Good deal but too much uncertainty on rest of kiln as I can only inspect pictures and suspect it was dropped.

In Topic: Are Farmers Markets A Good Place To Sell?

22 February 2017 - 06:13 PM

Last summer in an attempt to get some exposure and cash moving we did a couple of dozen farmers markets in the northwest.


These were large markets like you mentioned with large populations in the surrounding area. depends on what you think is worth it. We started out in June when most markets open in this part of the country doing 3 markets a week, Thursday, sat and sun around our regular show schedule. all ran for 5 hours and it took about an hour and a half on each end to setup and breakdown. So that 2 people for 8 hours. After a month we dropped the Thursday market as it rarely topped $200 and the other two settled in between $250-$350. We brought about $3000 in inventory to each and had full booth setup with three display racks and a table.


Berry bowls were hard to keep stocked and mugs and spoon rest were easily half the sales, the bigger the better. I do believe if we did them this year we could work them up to $400-500 through continued building of repeat customers and getting better and better at know what sells. Not sure if those numbers are worth it to you or not.obviously if you count the labor for us to go do it they are a bust but its cash between shows, exposure and they are fun. The customers you do have, at least where we were, are super nice, Make sure you have something like square set up as that's important so that folks with just a few bucks for vegies and flowers can pop a few mugs on their card. We gained some regular customers in the process and also got some orders here and there.


Definitely bring a lot of low priced under $30 stuff but we did sell some more expensive pots here and there.


Oh and yeah $22 mugs were a hard sell. We dropped price to $18 at one point and they started moving. Hand Painted mugs however sold just fine for $28. Not sure much higher would have worked but we don't look for volume on those anyway.

In Topic: Newbie Needing Advice For Handbuilding

19 February 2017 - 11:23 AM

Hi LeeU why the alarm over food safe to the point of not making it? I haven't seen the cautions you mention. I think if pottery has a proper glaze fit and fired med/high cone temps it is perfectly safe to eat off of.

In Topic: How Much Do You Charge For A Mug?

19 February 2017 - 10:04 AM

Ya know I think mugs and corresponding prices have to be separated into two very distinct pots. A labor intensive mug with hand carving and/or hand painted can absolutely fetch $30-$50 even at the small shows I do. Its a beautiful pot that folks that enjoy pottery and coffee can use, appreciate and admire every day.


BUT a nice dipped large mug I just don't see it in any numbers. I need to move dozens, as mugs are my main thing and any time I put a price out of the teens sells plummet, People admire and compliment and you can often see them trying to justify as they pick up and hold and admire. $20+ is just a lot for the average person to justify for a coffee mug. At $15 my tri-dipped are just fine labor wise as I have about 20-25 minutes in a mug these days. 


I should clarify I do pedestrian shows with booth fees mostly under $200 and are not high end art shows. I am aslo in the south not on the east coast.


I have settled in at $15 for large mugs and they sell in much better numbers and I average 2.5 mugs production an hour which is prob $25 an hour after show and other expenses deducted. I have just made this determination starting this weekend and I think I will stay there. I have tried $24 down to $18 and mixed in discounts for multiples and the flat $15 seems to work.