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In Topic: Newbie Needing Advice For Handbuilding

19 February 2017 - 11:23 AM

Hi LeeU why the alarm over food safe to the point of not making it? I haven't seen the cautions you mention. I think if pottery has a proper glaze fit and fired med/high cone temps it is perfectly safe to eat off of.

In Topic: How Much Do You Charge For A Mug?

19 February 2017 - 10:04 AM

Ya know I think mugs and corresponding prices have to be separated into two very distinct pots. A labor intensive mug with hand carving and/or hand painted can absolutely fetch $30-$50 even at the small shows I do. Its a beautiful pot that folks that enjoy pottery and coffee can use, appreciate and admire every day.


BUT a nice dipped large mug I just don't see it in any numbers. I need to move dozens, as mugs are my main thing and any time I put a price out of the teens sells plummet, People admire and compliment and you can often see them trying to justify as they pick up and hold and admire. $20+ is just a lot for the average person to justify for a coffee mug. At $15 my tri-dipped are just fine labor wise as I have about 20-25 minutes in a mug these days. 


I should clarify I do pedestrian shows with booth fees mostly under $200 and are not high end art shows. I am aslo in the south not on the east coast.


I have settled in at $15 for large mugs and they sell in much better numbers and I average 2.5 mugs production an hour which is prob $25 an hour after show and other expenses deducted. I have just made this determination starting this weekend and I think I will stay there. I have tried $24 down to $18 and mixed in discounts for multiples and the flat $15 seems to work.

In Topic: Really Pushing It And Not Having Problems

18 February 2017 - 08:04 PM

I am working in porcelain so will throw a couple of test platters and such and give the fast fire a try and report back as soon as I have the open kiln time to try it, In the meantime I will take the advice of keeping it to mugs and small stuff for fast fire. I do a lot of mugs so the fast fire will help a lot with keeping things moving.


My real bottleneck is having one small 6.5 cf kiln but this helps.

In Topic: Really Pushing It And Not Having Problems

18 February 2017 - 10:05 AM

yeah I would have been bummed if the whole load had been ruined but knew going in that it might not work. I was actually just hoping half would make it through. Its a new style and really wanted to test at this market. Very surprised they all made it. Taking them was actually more important to me than the pots themselves.

In Topic: How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Mug?

17 February 2017 - 02:25 PM

I am just starting to load my shop mostly with the intention of it being a way for existing customers to add to what they have already bought in person. My mugs follow 4 distinct designs and small, med & large (24 oz range) and 5 glaze combos so if you have bought one you kind of know what you're getting.

That said while I have been stocking my set line, my one offs have pretty much so out. Will be interesting to see if one offs sell well online.

To answer original question I'm a $15-$20 mug guy but mostly use my own that have slight flaws.