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In Topic: How Do You Handle Online Shipping Costs?

Today, 10:45 AM

Hi Elaine, I see your pretty tech savvy so one thing you could do is switch to a shopping cart script such as OpenCart. Many of them are open source and then you can set everything up with live online quotes (I do my own but I'm sure there's a plug-in for all the major storefronts) and a bonus would be a smooth ordering system that follows the order all the way through and makes the various logging and fulfillment needs easy.  


You might also be able to find a shipping/cart script that you could plug into your current site.


While the online quote may be a little off in either direction depending on the accuracy of your settings per product it's going to be close enough to not bug you too much.

In Topic: I Have The "what Next Blues"

Yesterday, 11:53 AM

yeah make mugs, lots of interesting mugs. You can't go wrong having a shelf full of mugs. Whether you sell of give away, mugs are half the demand and there are thousands of ways to make mugs.


Ya know is it the pot or the process? Me I love studio time and the process so there's that. I don't get bored but I do get frustrated that there are so many other grunt work type things to get done so getting on the wheel and making is the time I most enjoy no matter the form.

In Topic: Specific Gravity - Cones - Variables?

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

I think you may be missing the point a little as the SP is really the end game to getting a new glaze ready for production.


Once your test of the recipe has established (in your studio, with your clay, using your method of brushing, dipping or spraying) what the SG should be then you can note the specific gravity for the next time you make that specific glaze or need to recondition it. It is going to vary so widely that anything noted with the recipe is simply what the author established for themselves and may well be way off what you need.


I guess you could use a generic SG starting point and do your test from reading to reading but most potters I think use a visual method to get it almost where they want to be on a new glaze and then test to zero in. All of that said though I think you will be surprised just how consistent you can be just from visual methods. 

In Topic: 21 Century Customer... Perpetual Replacement Of Pottery

Yesterday, 11:12 AM

You guys all make good points but I guess I just see it as an opportunity to avoid a lost customer, even an unreasonable lost customer that hit a nerve. Hand made pottery sells at a premium and a customer that buys hand made pottery for other people is golden as they are the ones that would seem to constantly come back for more.


Now did the lady really think the pottery should have been in bubble wrap (it really is not an absurd thought) or was she just taking a shot? It seems to be a little beside the point now that she has made it an issue. Now it just goes one way or the other, If she gets a significant discount she likely will remain a future buyer and if not she likely will not be back.


I'd want her back, unreasonable attitude and all. You can always survive without a lousy customer or two, or three, but whatever they don't spend is money you don't get for a few bucks of clay, glaze and a LOT of labor (yours) and this is a small enough market as it is. At the end of the year a few hundred bucks more is one hell of a night out, or an electric bill, or... 


Unless I thought I was just being scammed I would cave without even thinking too much about it.

In Topic: Attachments For Wall Pieces

Yesterday, 10:38 AM

You can also use high temp wire that is made into a U and embedded into the clay and fired. My partner bought some packages for some of her slab artwork meant for hanging but not sure where from. I will ask and post back unless someone here knows where to get. I'm sure it was from one of the supply houses we deal with. Not sure if regular high temp wire for firing beads and such is OK or not.