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In Topic: Source For Wine Glass Tops

Today, 03:51 PM

this is the one I'm trying to find. These guys only have 5 if them, I need more like 10-12 cases.



In Topic: Source For Wine Glass Tops

Today, 03:47 PM

Thanks Mark,  been surfing non stop and have since found that Corning originally made the ones we bought from nationalartcraft and the subsequent company has discontinued. I don't think the stemless from Libby will really look right because they have flattened the bottom and SPS only has the red wine goblet. That one does seem to be the only one out there though so I think we will switch to buying some nice plain ones and cut the stem off. Its a pain but seeing no other sources for the 10.5 oz ones.

In Topic: Source For Wine Glass Tops

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

Thanks claygram, hadn't seen them. Unfortunately they only carry the more rounded goblet which is more of a red wine glass. The ones we use are 10oz and are more like a white wine in that they are more narrow and taller. We might try these though if we can't source the others.

In Topic: Qotw: Are We Copycats?

25 July 2015 - 10:01 AM

I agree and when it comes to a theme like having a picture of a tea bag on a tea cup or a bird on a rims and such I think these are so common as it not remotely coping unless its an exact match and even then it very likely is just a coincidence like you said. Pottery has been around for eons and very few of anyone's ideas are going to be original.


It seems to me Dennis's approach is the proper way to approach being inspired in general but I think a tutorial should be completely open game and folks should not do tutorials on protected processes or forms. Your just setting yourself up because the vast majority of people doing your tutorial would be shocked to find out that you expect them to then not use the output in any way they see fit.


I'm not talking about demonstrations, obviously no one should copy your demonstration but tutorials should be fair game and folks giving them should be encouraging and nurturing about people doing their tutorials and learning and helping them add something to their arsenal of forms should be your goal. If you are doing a tutorial then I think it should be for the right reasons and that's to help new artist develop.


For the record I haven't done any tutorials. I do watch videos but haven't done ones that takes a particular piece all the way through a process and I doubt I would do so and then add an exact whatever it was to items for sale but I can certainly see how a potter would feel its OK. A lot of forms in tutorials are so basic it would be pretty damned hard to make many changes.

In Topic: Qotw: Are We Copycats?

21 July 2015 - 02:37 PM

Well I think anyone actually coping work knows it and likely knows they shouldn't. Bugs me when a potter cops a type of pottery as theirs then gets upset if someone else does as well. Literally they think because they copied it first in their area it's now their exclusive domain.


One other thing that really bugs me is when a potter does a tutorial and then later complains that folks are using and selling the output from the tutorial. That is absurd beyond words. When doing a tutorial only use common forms and only teach techniques that you consider fair game.