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In Topic: Where Does Clay Stand In Fine Art

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Bet the janitor that had to clean the perm marker off of the 'sculpture' wasn't amused.

In Topic: Air Release Mold Dies

Yesterday, 04:07 PM

My Ceramical mold is well past 200 pressings (maybe twice that) and so far is not showing any issues. Are yours losing detail or are the molds breaking down?

In Topic: Where Does Clay Stand In Fine Art

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

Wyndham said "Therefore I am a brain surgeon, what ever I wish to be, but does the outside world agree?"


Well I didn't say anything brain surgeons :-)  I do stand by the statement for an artist. The outside world does not need to agree that an artist is an artist, not really, but most will do so with very little fanfare.


For example, a person with absolutely no art background can wake up tomorrow morning, go to the local art supply store, purchase a dozen white canvases and some assorted paints, go home and smear the paint on those dozen canvases in any fashion they see fit, take those paintings to a local non-juried venue, pay the booth fee and display those 12 paintings for sale. I would argue that this person would be considered by everyone at this show, patrons and fellow 'artist' alike, to be an artist.


If I came on this board after viewing those paintings and tried to claim, in this thread, that these paintings were meaningless and this person was not an artist I am absolutely positive that many would push back and declare that in fact this person was an artist and that I simply didn't like his/her work. That might even hold true if I knew the back story that the person just 'started out' the day before with no training.

In Topic: Air Release Mold Dies

Yesterday, 12:27 PM

Hi John,


No actually I am using a hand press with air purged molds. Works well for doing a session of sprigs or small tiles without having dozens of drying molds all over an already to crowded studio.


Not sure we will ever add an hydraulic press, just seems a little to automated and this just feels a little more basic, physical and connected to the process. I like that. Being an equipment junkie is hard to resist the bad boy though :-)  

In Topic: Where Does Clay Stand In Fine Art

Yesterday, 11:46 AM

If you're an artist then your clay work is art.


If you're a artisan potter then your clay work is artisan pottery.


One can simply 'be' an artist by declaring themselves one and that persons work 'is' art. 



Great thread!