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Pit Fire Question

16 June 2014 - 05:21 PM

I am after some advise about a pottery class where pinch pots are made, then dried for a day or two and then pit fired in a reproduction earth lodge.


My questions are:


Do you think the clay will dry enough in two days to survive a pit fire with beginner made pots?


Are there any safety concerns with fumes from the clay in the somewhat confined area?


If the pots are not completely dry, is there any risk of injury from exploding pots and people standing around the fire?


Are there any other risks or safety ideas that should be considered or other advice?




Glazing Flutes

10 April 2014 - 03:49 PM

Anyone have any idea how I can glaze fire my ceramic flutes? I tried throwing a plate and putting 1/2" coils sticking upright thinking I could stand them on end, fail. They are too weak at the join. I only want to glaze the outside. They are about 18" x 1" with 3/4" inside diameter. I'd like to be able to glaze 12 or so at a time.




Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.