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Using A Dust Mask, Breathing, And Seeing At The Same Time. Is It Possible?

28 March 2014 - 02:35 PM

We all know that we need to wear dust masks or respirators when working with any ceramic dust.  I have unlined bifocals.  Every time I put a dust mask on my face, my breath condenses on my glasses or the mask just pushes the glasses up enough so that I can't see through the part I need to look through.  I hate masks as much as I hate gloves, but I realize the necessity of the masks.  Does anyone have any advice about how I may see and breathe at the same time while leaving my hands free to work?  There must be something simple that I'm just missing because I get so annoyed. 

Seeking Advice For Making Small Stands/legs For Eggs

28 March 2014 - 02:28 PM

I'm looking for a few suggestions about making some feet/stands/legs/whatever-you-prefer-to-call-them for stands/bases for large eggs.


I have a friend who decorates eggs.  That doesn't sound impressive until one sees the eggs.  She uses ostrich, emu, and rhea eggs mostly, but also works with smaller ones.  The larger ones are cut and hinged and have wonderful scenery inside and even music elements sometimes.  She wants me to make some various stands to which she can attach her eggs.  I've been trying hand forming porcelain, but can't get them to come out close enough to the same shapes and size to do justice to her eggs.  So far I've tried a shallow curved bowl with tripod legs, and then three different shapes of three each that she can glue onto the shells.  None of them look good.  I've never worked with Potter's Plaster, although I keep a 50# bag in my studio all the time "with good intent."  I'm thinking about making bisqued porcelain impressions of each side of any of the legs that look good enough to try to reproduce and then press-molding them and sticking the sides together.


These things need be only about two inches tall when done.  I fire to cone 6.  They will not be glazed so she can paint them to complement the egg theme, so that part is simple.  I'm not mass producing anything, just wanting to do a good job for a friend. 

Seeking Advice For Making Cruet And Bottle Stoppers

19 January 2014 - 11:47 PM

I would like to make stoppers for stoneware cruets and bottles so that they'll match vs trying to find food quality corks or those plastic pour spout things.  I usually glaze fire lids on when I make covered bowls and such, but if I want the bottle necks to be glazed inside, I can't do that.  Just thinking about it, I can't decide how I would glaze fire the stoppers.  The lower portion of the stoppers will be bare and the part that shows will be glazed.  Since they will be tallish and thin and probably not balanced, they can't be stood up on the shelf all by themselves.  Do any of you wonderful, experienced pottery folks have any advice for me?  I use cone 6 clay and glazes in an electric kiln.