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In Topic: Seeking Advice For Making Small Stands/legs For Eggs

28 March 2014 - 05:20 PM

Thanks, MREGECKO,  I really like that idea.  Much easier than trying to get three things alike by hand forming.  I can visualize all sorts of different shapes to the tube so that the "legs" are different on each stand. 

In Topic: Using A Dust Mask, Breathing, And Seeing At The Same Time. Is It Possible?

28 March 2014 - 03:03 PM

John, thanks for the links and the advice.  Noted.


I'm a hobby potter.  I don't mix clay or glazes from dry form.  I try to keep my small studio mopped after some trimmings dry on the floor.  I like to use Scotch Brite to smooth a few things and I usually take them outside on a day when I can tell which way the breeze is going so the dust can blow that direction and not up my nose.  When the weather is cold or rainy and I have something I want to smooth 'right now', that's when I don a paper dust mask with the little metal pincher thing over the nose.  If I can't wear my glasses and that thing, wonder how I could see with a full-sized respirator.  I've looked at them in the stores and decide not to pay so much for something I use once every month or two for maybe 15 minutes. 

In Topic: What Is The Most Incorrect "rule" You Ever Heard For Pottery?

28 March 2014 - 01:58 PM

When I first learned to throw about 1983, and ever since, instructors tell me that potters don't need strength, just leverage.  Bunk ... in my personal experience.  The people, women and one man, were bigger than I and younger (except for the first one) and naturally stronger.  I kept telling the man who taught the last class I took that I couldn't brace my elbow into my body because it just doesn't fit there!  My strength is waning in my "more mature" years, so I can't center more than about four pounds now, but I tell my few students to get their clay centered any way they can and that strength DOES help!  I show them the positions and then leave them to work out what works best for their individual bodies.  By not stressing over prescribed technique, they get it quickly after a few tries.  By working at it with the different methods I've shown them, they just naturally fall into the one that gets the job done.  It's the centering that matters, not the method, in my opinion.  (My occasional students are adults). 

In Topic: Cornerstone Course Brainstorming - Higher Ed

20 January 2014 - 02:05 PM

If you have the resources, that process would make a great documentary, or maybe a book dedicated to the entire process. 

In Topic: Seeking Advice For Making Cruet And Bottle Stoppers

20 January 2014 - 01:55 PM

I spent most of last night working out in my mind about tabs and galleries.  For my purposes, I don't need to do that method and I think the bottles I will make will be too small and the galleries would be too fragile.  Thanks, Pres, for the further explanation this morning.  I think I understand it.   I will follow Babs's lead, but make a holder with holes to place over some horizontal kiln posts.  Now that I've given some concentrated thought to the situation, there are a few ways I can go about getting the result I want.  I appreciate you both for jump starting my brain! 


Cathgill, I've sketched a rough idea of the gallery and tab that I think would work, but I don't want to post it.  I will scan it and send it to you directly just to help you "see" what I'm thinking if you'd like.  I've been trying to think what works like that that most people would be familiar with.  My husband suggested the way taillight and headlight bulbs fit into their socket, but only someone who is familiar with changing those bulbs would get it.  It's a little bit similar to bayonet clips, but not so much that you could translate the idea if you're not familiar with that, either. 


I won't be making soap dispensers or foamers or anything big, so just a plain ol' stopper will work just fine for vinegar and oil cruets and other small bottles.  I can't center more than about 3.5 pounds anymore, anyway, so everything I make on the wheel has to be within that limit and my cruets will be more for serving than for storing long-term.  I can hand build just about anything, so I might use the "tab and gap" (my term) for bigger lids some time.


Since my issue is resolved, I'll withdraw further postings at this point with gratitude and appreciation for your help.  I'll think up some other dilemma soon!