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In Topic: Airbrush Recommendation For Underglazing

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

I use a Badger 250-2 I bought from Amazon, with which I also purchased a half dozen extra jars.  Today their price for both items is $27.85, plus shipping It is external mix and a simple as can be, but it does its job, is easy to clean, and a quick finger to direct air down the pick up tube clears clogs well.  It has a pretty good spread and you can vary the width by how close you are to the work.


I picked this particular one on a recommendation from potter Martha Grover.


I also bought a set with with a sprayer and several quick change bottles from Harbor Freight.  It is pretty cool to just unclip a bottle and change to the next to continue spraying and not lose the creative momentum removing, cleaning and installing a new bottle.  It was $9.99 if I recall correctly.


I don't see spending a lot on an air brush that I am going to spray glazes through.  TCP Global has a page with the Iwata Eclipse models here:





In Topic: Pottery Wheel Suppliers

22 October 2014 - 08:35 AM



If I may suggest; if you have access to a pick-up truck or van, and there is a freight terminal near you, you can pick up a shipment at the freight terminal, thus taking timing of a home delivery out of the equation.


If you already know which wheel you want, and are familiar with how it works with your style, it makes ordering a little less worrisome.  When I bought my wheel I wanted something a bit upgraded from the art center wheels I was familiar with, so demoing the potential wheels was important to me.  Once you narrow the choice to one, purchasing and getting delivery set up are less scary.



In Topic: Exhaust Fan Quit

17 October 2014 - 11:00 AM

For kicks, I Googled Fasco Model A073 and got a bunch of hits.




It looks like you can add appliance and HVAC suppliers to the search list, or chance EBay.


Look at this Ebay ad and see if your motor data matches up:





In Topic: Exhaust Fan Quit

17 October 2014 - 10:56 AM

If worse comes to worst:




Currently $175.75 at kilnparts.com


I did notice in the picture at the link that the cord has a switch.  It could be the problem and checking it   Of course you may not have the Skutt Envirovent.




In Topic: Getting A Bit Of Sheen On A Raw Fired Surface?

17 October 2014 - 10:49 AM

I have used a soda ash wash and it gave a nice, low luster, finish, while maintaining the red clay color at Cone 6.  I made mine by dissolving the soda ash into the hottest water coming out of my faucet, stirring constantly while dropping the powder into the container until a few crystals wouldn't dissolve.  I decanted and stored the rest in a non-reactive container.  I have not noticed it precipitating out (which is why I assume Chris recommended making only what you use for one time.)  The result is caustic, so please be careful with the liquid, and particularly don't get it in your eyes.


You can search at Ceramic Arts Daily and get more information.  It turns up several discussions in the forum of this subject.