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Glaze too dull

13 June 2013 - 09:52 AM

Opened my first glaze firing from my Skutt Automatic 1018. Used the Cone 6 program. 2232^ Medium speed, no hold^ vented. At completion, kiln read, 2237^. However when I removed my pieces, the reds were dull? As were some of the other colors( aquamarine, celedon) except not as bad. Used Standard #1194- bright red gloss, dipped one time. Hints to problem? I have attached some pictures of the reds. Can I refire them? If so, what is the best procedure?
Glaze not mixed well?
Too thin?
I used highwater's Little Loafer's clay( white stoneware) and Standard 112 ( brown with specks). Both are Mid range clays.