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I Know This Has Been Asked Before, But Maybe More Specific Answers? - Shows

07 April 2014 - 08:30 AM

I have 2 juried craft shows in september (my first ones)  they are known to be HUGE but only 1 day events.  I fire about 1 load (7cf kiln) per month. How many loads would you bring to a show like that? I am nervous about running out and having nothing for the second show. The shows are 1 week apart so I will not have time to stock up in between.  





Temperature Most Likely To Explode?

06 April 2014 - 09:12 AM

I am bisque firing and I had some small sculptural pieces that I allowed to dry for a long time.  I thought I heard 3 snap sounds, my husband said he did not hear them.  Now I wonder if I had some pieces explode.  I went down to my kiln and it was already at 1740 degrees.  At one point I thought I remember reading that any bisque explosions would happen during the beginning of the bisque process as water tries to escape. 


Is there a temperature range that I should know about for the most common explosions? I read a book about the firing process etc from the library but I cannot for the life of me remember.  I will find out the truth either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Artist Statement

10 March 2014 - 03:32 PM

I am filling out applications for juried craft shows and am writing my first artists statement.  Could some of you share yours? I wrote mine and was hoping maybe one of two of you would privately give me feedback? Thanks 


(My husband is a writer, but not familiar with these statements. I do not write)


Nceca Best Things To Do In Milwaukee - From A Native ;)

25 February 2014 - 03:26 PM

(my apologies ahead of time, I am not a writer and I cannot find the spell check in this editor) 



If you want to take advantage of being in Milwaukee/ Wisconsin there are some things that I feel (as a local) you should see.  
1-  Milwaukee is known for its rich german heritage. The best place to get a beer (and a fish fry) in Milwaukee is the Old German Beer Hall 1009 N Old World 3rd St (Milwaukee)  - Don't forget to partake in the Shotski ;)  My personal favorite is the Hafbrau Amber, the beer radish, and the pretzel with home made cheese dip. (the dip is beyond amazing) To me, it's the best way to acknowledge you are in Milwaukee.  
2- There are more Polish people in Milwaukee/ Chicago area anywhere in the world other than poland.  The best place to get polish food is Polonez  [/size]4016 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235  This is not a place for fine dinning and atmosphere - it's a place to feel home. The food tastes like your polish grandma made it.  It is all family recipes - authentic polish food.  
 Since the event is close to fat tuesday, National Avenue bakery is known for the best Paczki's (a polish donut) 
3-  CHEESE- There are many small places for cheese, and big ones. But the best selection without the hype is: Cedar Calley Cheese store. It will be near the highway on your way to Sheboygan when you go to the Kohler Arts Center.    W3115 Jay Road  Belgium, WI 53004   (there is also a great place for bratwurst in Sheboygan if you have never had one) 
4-  Kohler Andre State park -  1020 Beach Park Ln, Sheboygan,  This park has a mix of woods, sand dunes, and Lake shore park trails. A great place to go hiking and experience a variety of the outdoors experience Wisconsin has to offer.  [/size]



5- Milwaukee Museum Of Art (it's on one of the tours) It's a must! (my favorite exhibit is the infinity room, which was removed temporarily and may be back now)[/size]
6-  The Mitchell Domes -[/size] [/size]524 S Layton Blvd, Milwaukee.    If you are inspired by botanicals and plants this is a great place to visit. It is a plant conservatory 3 domes with varying themes.  One is tropical plants, desert, and the third dome changes for seasons and events.  I love to walk through the domes with a sketch pad and sit.  It's my secret weapon to beating winter weather, the domes are climate controlled and feel like spring / summer!! 
There are a lot of other things to see, but these are things that I think would fit the location of the event and are more area specific compared to other cities.



7- If you golf and if the weather permits (the snow melted enough to see the ground)   Whistling straits golf course is #2 in Americas top 100 public courses.  N8501 County Road LS, Sheboygan

Nceca Roll Call

25 February 2014 - 01:46 PM

As you know It will be my first event.  I am a little worried about going with nobody and knowing nothing about the way this thing works, but excited nonetheless! It sounds like I will learn more than I can even absorb.  I just happen to be lucky that the first year I am taking my ceramics "seriously" there is an event in my own back yard.  


Who else is going?