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Here Is What I Ordered - Never Mixed My Own Glaze Yet

18 February 2015 - 10:24 AM

Ok after reading these forums forever I finally placed my order with us pigment. ( will drive to pick it up) 

(I couldn't find talc on the website?)


This is the list I gathered from all of the discussions about starting to mix glaze 


50# G200 Feldspar

50#Ferro frit 3134

50# Epk

50# silica (325 Mesh)

50# Whiting

10# Kona F4

10# Dolomite

5# Spodumene

5# Bentonite

5# Superpax

3# Ferro frit 3124

3# ferro frit 3110


Colorants include

5# Rutile (light)

1# cobalt carbonate

5# Red iron oxide (high purity i believe is the common one?)

2# crome Oxide

2# copper carbonate


These stains looked yummy to me so I added them on my own to the list:

1 # encapsulated red stain 50779

1# pink stain 6020

1# Green stain 6263

I fire ^6 oxidation so hopefully I didn't order something that I cannot use.  Do my amounts look right to you? I am not sure if I am ordering enough cobalt carbonate because i use a lot of blue oxide wash already and hope to make my own blue wash/underglaze. 


opps I forgot to add- I already have 50# of Gersley Borate and 35# Nepheline sy 

Iron Oxides

12 February 2015 - 03:28 PM

So as you know I am still slowly building my supplies of glaze mixing materials (and gathering colorants).  I have no clue which iron oxides I should be looking for.  Is there an article or information I can read on these? I plan to mostly do mid fire, It seems these Oxides vary based on what ^ I am firing?? I feel totally clueless about this. thanks for the insight.  

Quick Consignment Deal - Need Confirmation :)

14 December 2014 - 02:02 PM

I was approached at the craft sale yesterday by a man who is leasing (temporarily) a store location in the main mall in green bay.  The spot opened up last minute due to a major chain store going out of business leaving prime space open during the christmas season.  

He is leasing the space out to several higher end hand made businesses. (he has 8 in the store so far) 

The Deal he is offering is - 


$250 lease for space


20% commission for him since i am unable to staff my section (it's 2 hrs away)  


He will process credit card payments and provide money order and not deduct processing fees. (because i use square) 


I need to pick up my items by January 10th.  


He agreed not to take the 20% commission if the sales do not exceed $800


I would need to drive the items out as soon as possible this week, and set up the space. He has wall brackets and wall shelving that would hold the weight of the items (i asked this)



Are there any things i need to be aware of that are not covered in the agreement? 


Does this sound stupid or amazing?



Input Would Be Great!

17 November 2014 - 03:17 PM

I just uploaded a gallery with my current beer / Coffee cups (they hold 12-16 oz)  Polish and german designs.  I am working to make them have more of a "stein" look.  The old ones were 1# and the new ones are 1.5 # to make them bigger.  Planning to do more cobalt oxide wash on these than the previous batch.  Other than that it's just a clear glaze with clay body shining through. I would love to hear some more tips if anybody sees a way I can make them better. <3 Thanks!! 

Making "bosses" (Little Bumps On Old Pots)

15 November 2014 - 04:20 PM

I have the stamp a friend made- does anyone have experience or tips to doing this? I was told to slip and score each one which is fine but I want to be sure its the most efficient way