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Just Dreaming ...

13 December 2016 - 10:55 AM

So the large log cabin style home next door to me is for sale. It got me thinking/ pipe dreaming. It comes with 10.5 acres. And a professional chef kitchen.

I imagine opening up a studio to make my work, have workshops, maybe open studio time the way Neil does, a gallery room for art, daily fee drop in studio time for those not taking classes ( equipped with supplies to make paintings or slab work) , the land is there to build an anagama and also to have art fairs, the property is next door to a gun club so it could possibly be zoned commercial. It also have enough space to hold curated art shows. This area is in desperate need of something for people to do ... A safe place for teens to create art and not get into trouble, some coffee pots and used art book exchange.

The total cost to get the anagama, supplies, house, etc wheels, bisque kilns, the property, etc.... About 460k. I brought this idea up to my husband and he completely ignored me and shot down the idea like it was too far fetched. I wish there was a grant of some kind to start up a community art center.
Has anybody else had dreams like this that felt too big to be taken seriously?

Chalky Pink

09 December 2016 - 12:12 AM

Hello! I was wondering if someone can point me in a good direction regarding a chalky pink satin matte glaze? Firing oxidation mid range I am wondering if it is best to just add stain to an existing recipe or if there is a good place to start with colorant combos? If you are aware of any decent glaze that I may be describing I would love to hear about it. I found a lovely powder pink tile online but I don't see a recipe for it and it appears it may be too runny for what I need.

Good Wood Fired Clay Over The Counter?

14 January 2016 - 12:56 PM

Can anybody suggest a good clay body that would be great for wood firing made by laguna or standard? I would like to order some porcelain and some stoneware. I am participating in a wood firing this spring and was asked to use a non grolleg body.  I get to fill 20 square feet of my pots. :)