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Woot! Trying It Out Finally!

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Ok so today I mixed up a few batches of glaze to test! I did the Glossy Base 1 with G200hp and the wollastonite was substituted for the silica/whiting combo.

 I also did a mix of that with Tin to test out some white while I was at it. 

I tried cranberry red (in brit's book) and one with the base only with a red mason stain. (I read somewhere that it was possible to look great)

I am trying a basic shiny clear glaze (gersley borate. silica, epk) 

And finally The dark blue N501. 


So excited this week I will fire my first test tiles ever! <3 I will post my results 

I have a crappy kitchen digital scale and doing only 100 gram batches It is tricky because it doesn't do half grams so I have to play with it a bit. Time to invest in a decent scale. 


Firing Work For Somebody At Higher Cone

22 April 2015 - 10:09 AM

I have recently been asked if I could fire a piece of work for a fellow potter who has helped me out in the past.  I fire cone 5-6. The piece I am being asked to fire is cone 10.  I have a skutt 1027 and it shows cone 10 at the max temp.  Would you attempt to fire something at max temp? I was offered a shelf to fire it on just in case ... 

Rose Cabat

20 April 2015 - 01:38 PM

Are there any articles or books with any of the glaze information or recipes for the work of Rose Cabat? 

Here Is What I Ordered - Never Mixed My Own Glaze Yet

18 February 2015 - 10:24 AM

Ok after reading these forums forever I finally placed my order with us pigment. ( will drive to pick it up) 

(I couldn't find talc on the website?)


This is the list I gathered from all of the discussions about starting to mix glaze 


50# G200 Feldspar

50#Ferro frit 3134

50# Epk

50# silica (325 Mesh)

50# Whiting

10# Kona F4

10# Dolomite

5# Spodumene

5# Bentonite

5# Superpax

3# Ferro frit 3124

3# ferro frit 3110


Colorants include

5# Rutile (light)

1# cobalt carbonate

5# Red iron oxide (high purity i believe is the common one?)

2# crome Oxide

2# copper carbonate


These stains looked yummy to me so I added them on my own to the list:

1 # encapsulated red stain 50779

1# pink stain 6020

1# Green stain 6263

I fire ^6 oxidation so hopefully I didn't order something that I cannot use.  Do my amounts look right to you? I am not sure if I am ordering enough cobalt carbonate because i use a lot of blue oxide wash already and hope to make my own blue wash/underglaze. 


opps I forgot to add- I already have 50# of Gersley Borate and 35# Nepheline sy 

Iron Oxides

12 February 2015 - 03:28 PM

So as you know I am still slowly building my supplies of glaze mixing materials (and gathering colorants).  I have no clue which iron oxides I should be looking for.  Is there an article or information I can read on these? I plan to mostly do mid fire, It seems these Oxides vary based on what ^ I am firing?? I feel totally clueless about this. thanks for the insight.