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In Topic: Who Is Your Favorite Potter Or What Inspires You Most In Your Pottery?

Today, 09:11 PM

Oh dear, I wish I knew their names! The ones that inspire me the most are whoever made these pots:  










I love ancient pots with animal attachments, faces, and unusual handles.  It feels like it's giving soul and a face to something from a time that is hard to conceive.  I love how the shapes of pots are not the same that we find in modern pottery. 


My favorite "modern" potter has got to be lucy rei. probably for the same reason, she made shapes that she likes, not what she thought  she was supposed to make. 

In Topic: Hot Wax For Bottoms Of Pots?

Today, 08:16 PM

Hot wax, but not for pottery. I use wax resist... 

In Topic: Sponge Holders

Today, 07:49 PM

thanks- yours are nicer than the ones I have seen.  

In Topic: My First Show!

Today, 01:57 PM

Milwaukee is a pretty artsy city, along with madison. But the rest of it is a bit difficult for artistic expression. If I say I don't watch football (even the packers), & don't go to church (other than meditation) I will get a few crazy stares. Can you imagine the flack  I got drawing nudes when I was 9 years old? ;)  I was "told on" to teachers for drawing naked people (on several occasions) ... and I was, but I usually drew them naked first before designing fashions on them.   I wore my "i have a culinary boner" t shirt to the farmers market and had a few women glare at me. F them! ;) I have to answer to myself when I die regarding how fully I live my life. 

In Topic: My First Show!

Today, 01:26 PM

Since I was in sales for 10 years prior to this, I have learned a lot about handling rejection and public insults. When I first started in sales, I took it personally and cried a lot over it.  

For work with pottery, you have to consider the source of the information to determine if it's valuable enough to take to heart.  If I was going to get opinions on vessels, I would want those opinions from people who appreciate good ones and from other makers of vessels. I wouldn't ask a hairdresser.

 I also learned that sometimes people say no for many reasons.  I used to teach my sales representatives that they should consider getting "no" as part of the process to get the "yes".  If you start tracking your rejections and figure out how many rejections you need to get a "yes" you can make it more of a goal to get all the "no" answers quicker to get to the yes.  You could take that concept further by calculating how much your average "yes" sale is. Divide that by your rejections and yes's. Lets say you get about 20 rejections before you get a yes... the average yes sale is $30... (just for instance, not actually)  You u can then divide $30 by 21 (20 yes answers and 1 no) You get $1.47 for each attempt regardless of the yes or no. ;)