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In Topic: How Have You Used And Applied Strontium Crystal Magic?

17 June 2015 - 08:36 AM

I have played around with strontium cm Warm a little bit. I have not had trouble with running yet. I have brushed it on pots, dipped it, and blown it on with an atomizer.  I like the blown on look the best.  usually I have the heavier saturation of it near the bottom. If ever in doubt put it on a cookie imo. You never know unless you fire it. ;)  I have used it mostly under commercial glazes to test out how it changes things.







The mug and bowl is with it blown under amaco's new celadons in "ice".   You can see the scm makes it white in those areas.  (it is a brown stoneware clay body) 

In Topic: Feel Like I Am Hitting A Brick Wall - Perhaps You Have Experienced This?

16 June 2015 - 04:32 PM

Oh, Rebekah. I would really love to be able to give you a big hug. 


I have a five-year-old ... ONE KID ... and I am in such a crisis. Pottery is time-consuming and right now not profitable for me at all. So I'm spending all this time and money and basically in the past year the best I can say is that I've made what I've spent on clay, glazes, and equipment. Maybe a $2 profit. I've worked hundreds of hours for $2. 


If I looked at it that way too long, I would just curl up like a salted snail, give up on the pottery, and start applying at the businesses in the area looking for an evening job. 


I know I'm in a different situation than you because at this time it's okay for my pottery to only pay for itself. My husband has a good job and I am so grateful that I have this freedom right now. Still, it's torture not to be making money on this right now. It feels so self-indulgent. I feel constantly torn and conflicted between taking care of my family and the work that I LOVE: Do the dishes or decorate that pie plate? Play with my son or clean the studio? Fold the laundry or attach handles? Cook a good meal for my family or order takeout so I can relax? Whatever choice I make it never seems like the right one. 


I had an idea for you (I think of it every time I see your work) but I sent it private message in case you laugh hysterically and call me insane. ;)

Yes- that is how it has been for me the past 17 years. But now my time as a stay at home mother is coming to a close.   It's go time now! 

In Topic: Feel Like I Am Hitting A Brick Wall - Perhaps You Have Experienced This?

16 June 2015 - 11:02 AM

Mea- I think your comment gives me headway into a bit of a secret confession.  I don't tell people this very often but I think it pertains.  Before I found clay I was the local sales director/trainer with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Although I was one of the youngest to achieve the level of success in the area, and mary kay itself is a constant hamster wheel to maintain success, It took me 5 years to get the free car and the next 5 to maintain my unit of over 100 consultants that I was responsible for training, encouraging, individually coaching for their goals,  my own sales appointments (which was mostly bridal parties and wedding makeup) , and of course constantly recruiting new unit members so we could maintain our status in the company.  I learned a lot from that jouney about my own bounce back ability my ability to keep working when everything around you is sinking, and how I was able to juggle so many tasks at once. Although I don't recommend anybody sell mary kay ever (10 years of my own experience should hopefully be enough for others to believe me and not do it) I honor it as part of my journey. Realizing that running a business can be hard usually happened when consultants ran ouf of bookings from their warm circle and needed to branch out and look for clients who were not family and friends. That is when a good percentage would quit.  


With pottery I can't even fathom quitting... but I do need to embrace it as a natural part of my jounrey to get frustrated and the self doubt.  Thank you for the reminder, I know this all too well and somehow my emotions clouded my good judgement.  

In Topic: Feel Like I Am Hitting A Brick Wall - Perhaps You Have Experienced This?

16 June 2015 - 10:43 AM

I am overwhelmed by all of the wonderful advice. Literally each reply offers great advice and kind words. Thank you for all of the support.  My kids are 16, 14 (she will be 15 in a few weeks)  11, and 5.  I think the combination of seeing so many well estabilshed potters (it was a festival filled with all very talented potters, naturally I was the newest one) and my feelings of not being as established as them was overwhelming. (except for one potter who made work that I just thought seemed cheesy)  I appreciate that rome wasn't built in a day, and I need to remind myself of that. I'm a capricorn, patience is not one of my strong points, everything i do is with full intensity.

 I don't make enough sales yet to contribute financially but I feel a lot of pressure to do so. My youngest goes to full day school this fall. (he was to start last fall but we decided last minute to pull him out of 5k and stick him back into 4k due to his august birthday)  If I don't start making enough to contribute I will have to work somewhere for somebody else and that is the last thing I want to do right now. It would slow down the building of rome 10x!!!  My husband runs a small company and his real passion is writing fiction. He writes on weekends but I know how frustrating it is for him to see his friends and collegues publish stories so quickly and he has agents waiting years for his book to finish.  I see how hard he works and the sacrifice of working on his passion part time. Yesterday I was using a cup from a very talented potter who has been at it for decades, and unpacking my crates of "newbie pots" ... it was a very humbling experience.  The combination of all of that hit me in the face. And yes, I cried like a 13 yr old girl haha! 


Every single bit of advice here and kind works is helping - I can tell that each reply has a lot of care put into it. Thank you!   :wub:

In Topic: Pottery Festival In Cambridge Wi

09 June 2015 - 01:24 PM

What fun- How cool that we will be at the same show! (just hope you are not right next to me because your pots are amazing and mine will look rediculous by yours)