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Yesterday, 02:12 PM

are you looking to change the form, surface design, or both? The said "collection of favorite work" is Pinterest. ;)  

I have a pinterest board with pottery that i love.  I am starting to find themes but I think an outsider might be able to pick out more specifically what my theme seems to be. (if anyone wants a link to my pinterest board I would love an outside opinion)  I like to think my inspiration is from ancient pre columbian type pots, but as a modern day person, I struggle trying to make these things look right.  I decided to simplify it and force myself to try to imagine using cobalt oxide wash and clear glaze on most of My pieces... this way I allow room to evolve in form and surface design more clearly. 


Find 1 or two glazes that you want to start off with (your favorites) and just plan to use those for a while. That way your forms can change and evolve, then you will find what you truly want to do with surface much faster.  

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Yesterday, 01:42 PM

these are mugs I used a pre made cobalt oxide wash. It was applied to bisque and the amaco clear glaze (mid fire) was applied over it.  I did not have trouble with crawling but I did use commercial wash... maybe that makes a difference? I plan to make my own wash soon 

In Topic: Here Is What I Ordered - Never Mixed My Own Glaze Yet

25 February 2015 - 04:24 PM

I have the john Brit DVD- it was very helpful 

In Topic: What Is The Most Interesting Glaze Ingredient To You?

24 February 2015 - 09:35 AM

I haven't made any yet, but I love what strontium does to everyday glazes....