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How Often Do You Gear Up For A New Direction Or Experimentation In Your Work?

Yesterday, 07:06 AM

How often do you gear up for a new direction or experimentation in your work? Do you buy different clay? Try a new forming method? Decide to commit to sketches you've toyed with?

What do you do?

Marcia (for Evelyne while she is away in Germany)

Alternative Firing Techniques Using A Raku Kiln

19 July 2015 - 08:01 AM

Attached File  rakuhorserainbowsm.jpg   45.86KB   0 downloadsAttached File  redFeatherpotcopytiny.jpg   59.86KB   0 downloadsAttached File  lgfoilfe.jpg   48.47KB   0 downloadsAttached File  greenblushsmsaggar.jpg   41.99KB   0 downloadsMarcia Selsor will be teaching a workshop at Brackers in Lawrence, Kansas, Sept. 26-27 on Alternative Firing using a raku kilns including Obvara, Foil saggar, raku, ceramic saggar, feather and horsehair
Earlybird fee ends Aug. 15.

Alternative Firing Workshop At Brackers

28 May 2015 - 09:09 PM

 I'll be teaching an Alternative Firing workshop in Las Cruces, NM Sept 11-14



Attached File  Raku and Latex Resist Ceramic Saggar Firing Obvara Firing.pdf   2.4MB   8 downloads



at Brackers  Good Earth Clay Lawrence, Kansas





Source For Used Equipment

24 May 2015 - 07:35 PM

I just wanted to share this source. It may have been mentioned before. I was just brownsing the Potters Attic on Facebook and saw a Walker pugmill, Leach treadle wheel, all types of other wheels, slab rollers, electric and gas kilns. For those looking for used equipment, try that site. 

Lots of stuff.



Overseas Experiences With Pc

10 May 2015 - 08:37 PM

Could some of you express what you expect out of the programs offered overseas

like the ones in Italy and Ireland. What would you want to do in Spain? I am preparing a new tour and would like to know what potential participants want to experience. 

Do you want to see ceramics in an historical sense?

 ex. Barcelona: Gaudi, Montaner, and other Modernistas

Do you want to get dirty? Work in a studio?

Do you want to visit other ceramic artist, potters?

Do you want to see traditional pottery techniques?

I would like to introduce people to Gaudi's amazing works: Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, The Art Nouveau gem Palau de la Musica de Catalunya by Montaner including enjoying a performance there?

Visit artists working in this vibrant environment?

Would you be interested in a traditional majolica experience?

? Would you be interested in more contemporary experimental workshops?

Would you be interested in working with contemporary artists?

Those who would seriously consider signing up for a Ballpark figure of $3600 in 2017 please consider answering some of these questions.

Thank you.