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#122507 New Kiln Wash Application

Posted by Marcia Selsor on Today, 11:17 AM

I agree. You should apply kiln wash using a very thing coat. The shelf will suck the moisture right out of the wash making it go on thickly if you don't thin it down. Then you'll get flakes inside your glaze ware.

#122448 Adding A Touch Of Gerstley Borate?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 17 February 2017 - 04:43 PM

I used 10% Gerstley Borate as a starting point for lowering ^10 glazes to ^6. The lower temperature kept the glazes original look for most of the time. some seeking may be needed .
So adding 10% to a stoneware glazes and firing at the same temperature will definitely make it shinier and possibly run.


#122393 How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Mug?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 16 February 2017 - 11:07 AM

It really depends. I have an amazing mug by Rosie Wynkoop that I would gladly pay over $50 for. She is a friend and fantastic artist.

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#122332 Celadon - Application?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 14 February 2017 - 10:21 PM

I don't use epsom salts in these. Here are ^6 Ox faux celadon and ^9 Reduction celadon from my gallery

Post a photo of your version and compare if it looks the same. It should be the same recipe.


Both are sprayed.
Marcia (Ms Selsor)

#122319 Unearthing Armenia’S Giant, Ancient Earthenware

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 14 February 2017 - 06:14 PM

They are coil built on turntables. I was at the museum in Yerevan, Armenia and saw a replica of the first potters wheels ever. Noah's Ark is on Mount Ararat, the symbol of Armenia , and it is visible in the morning before the smog develops. They still slaughter sheep at Christmas at the Armenian Churches. They are brown sheep and hung on the church front porch. I was there for Christmas one year in 2001. Armenia was Christianized by Thaddeus and Bartholomew.Before Peter got to Italy. Very interesting and ancient history there.The museum has a great ceramics collection including colored coils of clay used for making the walls in decorated with patterns.Fascinating place.


#122167 Ceramic Wall Panel Heaters

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 12 February 2017 - 12:05 PM

when I was a resident artist/caretaker in Upstate NY, I heated a studio with a wood stove and overnight with a kerosene heater.We had a German shepherd who would stay up all night with me when I fired my gas kiln. She would dose off sitting up. I split a lot of logs for that stove. -sledge hammer and a wedge on a stump.



#122133 Hummingbird Feeder Spout Placement

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 11 February 2017 - 08:29 PM

2 things
1. how will you clean the globe. The nectar molds easily.
2. most hummingbird feeders I have used have the tubes near the lower area. The reservoir is usually a flatter form than a globe. Also the color attracts the birds. What color is the globe?


#122105 Ceramic Wall Panel Heaters

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 11 February 2017 - 11:40 AM

I have to share these heaters.
Antoinette Badenhorst had these in her studio. I really liked them. I have 5 in my studio which is 10% more than was recommended for my space of 560 sq ft, insulated.
They are convection heaters, no blowers. 400W each. Fantastic. 8-18 inches is the recommended height from the floor. Due to a concrete footing on my walls, I mounted them to plywood with an insulated backing for the outside walls. They take a while to heat up. Antionette's husband , Koos, recommended leaving them on constantly. I'll see what my next bill looks like.Koos even mentioned mounting on cabinets. They seem really great. No plumbing or wiring necessary. They plug into the wall socket. They come with all the mollie bolts, bolts, caps, and a drill bit for installation. wires running cool.They cost $54 -45 each.
Very satisfied. I have my wheel sitting between 2 on the outer wall. I wanted a view out the window. They are about 6 feet on either side of my wheel. They should not be mounted under window, next to a door or close to an open stairway in order to run efficiently.

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#122101 Crater Slip

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 11 February 2017 - 10:45 AM

I have only used crater glazes. But you could try adding things like perlite or sawdust or other organic material that will burn out to your clay body.
You could apply a touch to blow up pockets in a wet surface. That is on you tube.


#122056 Ok To Wash Clay Clothes In Washing Machine?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 10 February 2017 - 03:26 PM

In Texas where it was always warm, I just laid the aprons on the grass and hosed them down. In Montana, I soaked them in a bucket.
Then washed in my machine.


#122033 Tiles Issues

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 10 February 2017 - 10:18 AM

In what position are you firing them. Most hand made tile production I have seen, dries and fires on edge. They stand them up in almost an overlapping herringbone pattern.

#122027 Why Is This Happening?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 10 February 2017 - 09:52 AM

before you set your clay on the wheel, smack it dow and roll it so it rocks. the lowest point should be the center. Check your wedging and make sure you get rid of the cavity.

#121937 Qotw: Do You Feel You Have To Buy Work From Potters You Visit?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 08 February 2017 - 05:47 PM

Never under pressure-as a matter of fact I will be visiting some potters in Cambodia in a few days and due to trip logistics I plan on not picking up any pottery.

I visited 48 pottery villages in the 80s and visited many potters there. I shipped home 87 pieces including some that had 12 cups. It was hard to resist.


#121922 Qotw: What Inspires You In Your Work, And How Do You Incorporate It?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 08 February 2017 - 01:50 PM

We have heron in Montana as well as the Gulf Coast of Texas. They are all over. I like the natural surroundings. Love wild horses, cattle, and birds. I really want to study Magpies more. they are very beautiful in the snow. I have been an avid Bird watcher for 45 years.
here ia a Black Bellied Whistling Duck with 29 ducklings. I published this in the local newspaper. The others are from my back yard in Texas.Altamira Oriel, Painted Bunting, Green Jay

This one popped up today on Facebook memories Rosietta spoonbill- my backyard in Texas. Currently I have huge wild turkeys, magpies and chickadees around.

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#121899 Qotw: What Inspires You In Your Work, And How Do You Incorporate It?

Posted by Marcia Selsor on 07 February 2017 - 08:34 PM

It sold. But my gallery wants more. So I need some ^6 porcelain which is in Helena. The roads were to bad to make a long detour last weekend. I did get to mix raku clay before the cold returned.
Thanks for the compliments.

The herons are some of my favorites inspired from Texas.

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