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In Topic: Pizza Stone?

Today, 06:22 PM

yep. It's just a kiln shelf.


In Topic: Advice For Doing A Demo, Please.

Today, 04:55 PM

I did a demo at a TV station once. The hot lights dried out the clay. Be careful of that one. Can't really say what you should demonstrate except something you do well. Talk in a relaxed manner and comment on occasion about what you are doing. Maybe discuss why you got into clay. 

I wouldn't worry about bringing stuff home. Just wad in up and start again when you get home.

My wow factor is to throw a round orb with a narrow neck. Then I blow into it and puff up the shape like a balloon. Kids love that. They always tell me I have clay on my mouth. Never fails.



In Topic: Ian Currie Test Tiles Forums?

Today, 10:15 AM


Ian was kind enough to give me a copy when it was published. He was a very kind man and a friend.


In Topic: How Are You Surviving This Winter Season?

Today, 10:11 AM

I like that delivery man. I had a pallet clay delivered and the driver unloaded the pallet with a forklift and left. I moved it all with a dollie but 200# at a time. I guess I'm a woos (sp?). My husband , the theoretical astrophysicist says he went into theory to avoid mass. I am on my own.



In Topic: Nceca 2015 Providence, Ri?

Today, 10:06 AM


Pizza Hut let people sleep there overnight, but there was no more space. We parked under the Dairy Queen drive through and slept in the camper shell with sleeping bags and a demo wheel that I purchased from NCECA.I never saw snow pile up so fast coming through Kansas into Colorado. I haven't been back since the 80s either.