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In Topic: What Discourages You And How Do You Get Over It?

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

I am well over my disaster on Sat. It was short lived. Threw out the broken piece and will make some new slabs . Not a big deal. Got some very good colors on my tests this morning and I am ready to roll...slabs!


In Topic: What Discourages You And How Do You Get Over It?

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

I am not making pieces for a show, but thanks. I am just keeping on making them. My kiln is fine since I turned the kiln off before anything melted. I got some great new glaze colors out of my little kiln this morning. I will put a little more glaze on top of what is already there as it appears too thin. So I feel I made progress. 

Sorry about your pain. It sound so serious for someone of your age.

I had serious pain issues before I retired and it was the reason I retired when I did. My pain was interrupting my sleep 23 xs per minute according to a sleep analysis. Plus fibromyalsia.  When I retired, all the stress left and so did the fibromyalsia.

So I am much better. I hope you are able to find a remedy to help with your pain.



In Topic: Ceramic Fish Fresh Caught Today

Yesterday, 07:02 AM

I think I saw that choppy one at the aquarium in Maui. It makes me want to try diving! Nice fish!

and I agree , the outer space plate is cool. My Astrophysicist husband would love it.



In Topic: What Discourages You And How Do You Get Over It?

Yesterday, 06:52 AM

Funny you should ask this. I had a disastrous Saturday trying to fire the rest of my raku pieces. In my large kiln I fired a slab that had been buried away in some shelves. I put it in with my large slabs all firing on edge. The older slab cracked knocking over all the pieces and pushing the pyrometer out of the kiln where it broke part of the sleeve. I didn't notice that. So I shut off the kiln and moved a burner to my other kiln and fired that up with smaller pieces. Approaching 1800 F the pyrometer stopped working. I shut that off. 

I have 7 underfired slabs now. And some warped. So it goes. I am firing up some freshly mixed glazes today. The kiln is already loaded.I threw out the ones not worth refiring.

At the Seattle NCECA Marge Levy presented a video to the whole audience "Keep on Keeping on" . If I can find it, I'll post it.

Marge is my friend from 60s in college. We're both still keepin' on. It is a funny but encouraging video.

Just remember you are not doing this for the people who walk away from your show. You are doing this for you...and as Paul says, enjoy the journey. 

Best to you.,


In Topic: Peep Hole Plugs

04 May 2015 - 07:06 AM

you can use bricks as mentioned above. You can mix a lot of sawdust into clay and make some plugs to fit. slow bisque them first or make them hollow with an open end.