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In Topic: First Post, Seeking Feedback

Today, 07:32 PM

I think the word Marcia wanted was maquette. Spell check can't always spell!


That is funny. I corrected it once but didn't notice the second time. Machetes are better used down here in the jungle.I have corrected it.


In Topic: Raku Kiln Tweaking

Today, 01:59 PM


I have recently gotten several emails about firing raku kilns. As is true with just about all things in clay, there are many ways to do things. I start it that way to go slow and gentle, and turn it up around 1000.I also pull the burner farther away from the kiln relying on secondary air. Surprising what those little chimney parts do. I was firing a tumble stacked load of pots. I don't use much gas on my firings.I can tumble stack because there is no glaze.


Attached File  Obvaratumble stack copy.jpg   44.9KB   0 downloads My firings take about the same. with time in between to remove each pot one at a time.I had 13 in this batch.



In Topic: What Should I Be Using To Create A Flame Proof Figure To Place Inside A Candle?

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

I think you need to be careful of copyrighted work. Other than that, porcelain with a glaze should work for whatever figurative designs you develop.



In Topic: Competive Juried Shows

21 July 2016 - 09:05 PM

Thanks , John. That explains it better than I did. It is something we do in academia to make the cut annually. I think it helps exposure of your work.



In Topic: Corroded Saggars

21 July 2016 - 08:51 PM

I think it is much more than any firing temperature and Gulf salt. Why does this happen to raku buttons  I made years ago when they are sitting inside my studio, not the kiln room.  Why does this happen to rubber casters or heels of shoes in my closet? Golf bags in the garage? Try Matamoros dump. Also Yucatan smoke.  Something is very toxic down here beyond the Gulf sea corrosion. Thanks anyway. I can set a utility knife out overnight  and it is rusty in the morning.We are 25 miles from the coast. We are 2 miles from Matamoros and the dump is burning constantly.