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In Topic: Making Small Handles

Today, 11:19 AM

Here are some pulled handles I made on espresso cups. I think they are smaller than 2.5". They just hold a double shot of espresso.

I pulled them just like I would mugs handles but made them smaller. It seemed just the same to me. I start with a long evenly pulled handle. Lay it down and cut into small sections. Score and attach the handle to the top position on the side of the mug. Give it a couple of pulls and attach to the bottom. They all match that way.

In Topic: Inside Mug Color Change

Today, 10:02 AM

Good work John. I remember when that article came out. I felt that some of the glazes had high oxide content as the Iron red has 15% red iron oxide.
Thanks for checking those. Maybe someone should be doing this for CAD before posting.


In Topic: Food For Thought - E - Course!

Today, 09:17 AM

I communicated with Antionette about her teaching. She does do one-one communications during her classes. She said that the courses are very demanding for her and she is unable to do anything else while a course is in progress. Sign of a good teacher.
You can understand the structure better at her website. Google her Porcelain by Antoinette Badenhorst.


In Topic: Last Glaze Fire Of The Year Today

Today, 09:09 AM

I hope you relax after all that work. Well deserved.

In Topic: Xmas Wish

Today, 09:06 AM

I have to say that personal needs are met and my husband had good news from the rheumatologist yesterday. His scleraderma has not returned after 5 years and chances of it returning are 10,000/1. SO I am very thankful for that. It can cause a most painful death if it advances internally to the organs.He still has other issues but nothing as scary as that.
On a greater scope, I hope we can solve our wars, ecological balance for the future, provide healthy food for the masses, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.
May all your various holidays be good.