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In Topic: Other Uses For Terra Sig

Today, 09:48 AM

here is a good example of Barbotine



In Topic: Other Uses For Terra Sig

Today, 09:44 AM

I use it on my sagger pots both ceramic and foil. It really picks up the fuming from the chemicals at the low temperatures and doesn't lose the sheen. I have also used it for smooth obvara pieces. Maybe its just me, but I think the obvara does some cool patterns of the smooth finish.


The greeks used it for the red and black ware by using 2 different T.S. and firing one to the sintering temperature and then reducing. T he Romans used it in their Barbotine ware to seal the surface as Matthew said.


Some ceramic sculptors use it for a nice finish for the surface even overfilling it to high temps. 




In Topic: Adding Colorants To Prepared Slips

Today, 09:36 AM

Here's my mixer. I have used it for preparing slurry from locally dug clay, making paper pulp, and smoothing porcelain recycled slip.



It was made in Montana by a friend and given to me. It's back in Montana. It is over 40 years old. Still works.




In Topic: New Studio Set Up In Montana

Today, 12:42 AM

I just hope you know I am planning a visit to see you this summer!  I have a friend who spends time with her dogs at the Yellowstone Dog Camp in Red Lodge.  Perhaps a road trip up your way!




That would be fun!


In Topic: Dealing With Overkill Packaging

Yesterday, 09:22 PM

I got directions for shipping to an exhibition that said No Styrofoam Peanuts. I usually bag them and put the bags in the sides. I like Neil's inner crate. Well done.

Thanks for posting that.