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Today, 08:29 AM

wine snobs don't like opaque goblets because you can't observe the color. 

In Topic: Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

I am cleaning out my library/office and found a scrap book for my class where we actually got a warning for smoke. Front page in the Billings, Gazette with a laughing fireman.I mentioned this in an earlier post but I found the picture.

In Topic: Stoneware Limit Study

Yesterday, 06:38 AM


your original post included these 

How important is color?  iron red, deep orange, tan to brown range...etc?


Is light speckling more attractive than heavy speckling?

these are responses to the firing and types of clays mixed into the batch.



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Yesterday, 06:33 AM

no. majollica uses overglaze as a rule. The brush work is what makes it so recognizable.By imbedding your colorants into a glaze you may lose the stiffness.

You'll need a clear/transparent glaze which may not be stiff just by it's characteristics.



In Topic: Clear Stiff ^6 Majolica Glaze Please

25 September 2016 - 05:52 PM

I have used this. It is fairly stiff.

It works best applying overglaze colors on top of the glaze. They stay brighter that way. Use start or hairspray to stiffen the glaze before applying overglaze. use Linda's recipe of stain and frit or gerstley borate for the overglaze.