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In Topic: Qotw: How Was Your Clay Journey Until Now?

Yesterday, 06:11 AM


I volunteered teaching at an adult drop-in facility for mentally challenged when I was in Montana. I served on the board of the Mental Health Center Foundation and helped with the annual May Clay Day Fundraisers for many years. We took every wheel we could get to the park and charged a small fee for people to throw a pot with our help. Little kids were the most fun. Clay does have ways to bringing people to focus, maybe escape from their own confines. I found it tremendously rewarding to sit with someone and have a discussion and then be told later by counselors that he doesn't talk.

Amazing experiences with clay.


I have some personal bio about my clay journey http://www.marciasel...out-marcia.html



In Topic: Technical And Spiritual

Yesterday, 06:04 AM

(Would you say spirituality is necessary to create pottery?)

I'm not a spiritual person at all and I have made a ton of pottery so my answer is No you do not have to be that at all.

​You do need a sense of form and a sense of humor and some common sense helps as well.


Sometimes I wonder how well you know yourself. I see you as a very dedicated potter but you also do underwater photography, isn't that true. I can't imagine not having some elating spiritual mind set when you are swimming around with all those beautiful fish. I know you bring some of that imagery back to your work.

In Topic: Technical And Spiritual

Yesterday, 06:01 AM


I think it is. Jazz can take you places.


In Topic: Elmer's Glue In The Kiln

26 May 2016 - 08:22 PM

I would say corn syrup. Molasses is from sugar cane. and yes this topic has appeared many times. So search the archives for more in depth information.


In Topic: Elmer's Glue In The Kiln

26 May 2016 - 02:14 PM

I use the snooze recipe slightly different but works well. Soak overnight about 6 ft. toilet paper over night starting with hot water....about a cup.

take some slip from your clay body put it in a blender. Squeeze the tp to extract water. add to blender, 

add a few drops of sodium silicate, couple of tablespoons of vinegar an a little kart syrup for taste. If it is too runny, add more clay but use dry powder of your clay body and grind it up. 

To use: 

dampen both sides of the bisque really well so it is not overly absorbent. apply the snooze to both sides. and stick together quickly, hold tight til it stays. RE-BISQUE

. re-fire in the bisque, then glaze fire normally.