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In Topic: Question About Walker Mixer/pugger

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

I had one at the college where I taught. they are real work horses. never went in reverse. I always premixed in a big Rubbermaid garbage can. I also had slop to add. I think is was two handfuls of slop to three of dry mix or the other way around. Don't overload the hopper or it slows down. just keep the mix at the feeding end of the hopper and keeping rhythmically feeding and the auger takes it away. It can run pretty fast that way.

In Topic: Stacking Ceramic Pieces For Totem Pole

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

If this is for a harsh climate, the clay should be freeze-proof.
have you done any freeze proof testing on this clay? That is what benzine is talking about.


In Topic: Feldspar Potash - Odd Colours

Yesterday, 04:55 PM


In Topic: Saggar

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

I just use raku clay.

In Topic: Building A Small Cantenary, Mortar Question

Yesterday, 04:49 PM

My first solo catenary is the one in the first two pictures above. My bricks had gotten wet. I fired the kiln with burners I made following Don Bendel's design. He was at NAU Flagstaff. I fired it really slowly and it looked like a cloud machine the way the steam came off that thing. It eventually dried out and gave good firings.
The oil kiln was a good one too. Nice reds, temmoku, stoneware matts that I prefer. We had modified those household furnace burners that have one nozzle at a rated BTU output. We put 3 nozzles in each one with .75, 1, and 3 gallons/hr output which was more than we needed. But we did "beat the clinker" (sounds like beat the reaper) by eliminately the cold secondary air. Clinkers are really an amazing phenomenon, hard carbonized soot.And they can clog up a burner port really well.