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Source For Kiln Info / Manuals ?

22 February 2014 - 09:05 PM

Anyone familiar with J.W. Good kilns and/or know where I might be able to find a manual for one ?


I was just given a J.W. Good - model 18R, with a model LT-4 Kiln Sitter.  The person I got it from never used it, and knows nothing about it.


If there's no manuals available - how about a formula for estimating firing temp based on wattage ?


I can't find any markings that indicate max firing temp - only the electrical ratings that state it is 1700 watts at 240v.  This seems like a pretty low wattage for a kiln - considering my electric hair dryer is 1500 watts.


I guess I could get an assortment of cones and do an empty test fire - but don't want to damage anything by putting too high a cone on the sitter.