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In Topic: How to stop stamp sticking to clay

23 April 2013 - 05:10 PM

I need some help, got a ceramics stamp that has a lot of small detail. When pressed into clay it deforms the clay and pulls bits up. I was reading somewhere that cornstarch could help it not stick so just wanted your ideas on this area. Maybe talc powder? I did read the article in relation to polymer clay but thought it could work on normal clay.

The cornstarch would just burn off in the bisque firing?

Thank you in advance

I stamp a lot, and always have used any kind of cooking oil. Whatever is on hand, olive, canola, etc. dip the stamp in whenever needed. Burns off in firing. The clay should stiffen up a tiny bit. I would not stamp a bowl I had just thrown- put outside or 5-10 minutes depending on the weather.