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In Topic: How do you handle the combination of parenting/daily life and pottery? | Dec....

19 December 2011 - 11:29 PM

Glad you mentioned film. It reviews this debate and guilt.

As artist and parent...
I work every available moment - but prioritize children first - and understand that my plan can change at any given moment. I schedule studio time next to basketball games and parent conferences. I require my annual art sabbaticals of intense arts immersions at workshops. I find that these getaways help me define my work and really focus on year ahead of me, review my themes, and work out forms and ideas.

The children are precious, but I don't give everything away. I hold onto the art side of me and honor the training and pensive work time it requires. Daily battle of balancing. Daily compromises. ...but also daily happiness and daily fulfillment. Latest compromise...creating art on a theme revolving around being a parent. HA!

In Topic: Mentors Needed... Can you help? | October 11

23 November 2011 - 01:22 PM

To all~~~

It does not take too much time to Mentor. We need people from all backgrounds and with many different specialties. Most relationships are completed through emails. The Mentoring Partnerships are a gift as these relationships provide a one-on-one contact point for a fellow artist.

Please consider helping....even if just for a month or 3 months. Your business skills, photographing techniques, portfolio critiques, firing questions, and technique reviews are worth sharing...and we have Mentees asking.

Here is a link for more details....

Thank you again!

In Topic: Which potters, past or present, would you like to invite to Thanksgiving dinn...

23 November 2011 - 01:11 PM

John Glick---to ask him a million questions. I am completely okay if he talks with his mouth full!

Aggie Zed - her intricate figure sculptures captivate me and I want to chat with her creative mind:

Linda Arbuckle - after watching her NCECA video and since I am completely in awe with her work, I would be honored to spend time with her~~

Cynthia Bringle - always one of my favorite people and potters. I think her quick wit and funny comments would make for a great conversation! Plus, I want to see Edwina, too! I will forever be in Cynthia's fan club!

Herman Muys - just want to peek inside of his mind and ask him if I can watch him work sometime

Hope everyone is good with a tofu turkey and a special Native American prayer~~

Happy Gathering Day to all! I am thankful for clay and the many gifts of people (famous and not-so-famous) and visual ecstasy it brings into my life.