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Food For Thought - E - Course!

11 December 2014 - 01:44 PM

Why cannot we have online e courses from this forum.Though just browsing through this ceramics forum provides all the information and  learning.

Even  various forms like DVD,books, videos availability is immense,still it will be more useful if anyone can start off with e-courses on chargeable basis comprising from handbuilding to wheel throwing,which could run for a month or extended period,as per suitability.


I have attended e courses online from famous artist "Diana Fayt" and "Antoinette".It was pleasure to learn from them the various techniques.


It's helpful to people like us, who live in different corners of world and difficult to travel to attend workshops.These online courses will provide more opportunities to learn more and communicate .



Just a food for thought...any inputs most welcome.Me will be the first one to enroll for e courses.



Best Wishes!


Choice - Which Kiln To Choose?

14 February 2014 - 12:14 PM

I want to set up my own studio and I'm hoping someone can give me advice on the subject of kilns.Till now was using the shared kiln,wanna have my own,now. 


Various suggestions i keep getting posted is : following things to be consisdered while  purchase kilns:


electronic controller,front loader,size or power supply.


Plus I'm on a budget. I like the ones with the flip-up doors. If anyone knows of a brand that is reliable and inexpensive or has any other advice to offer on the subject, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!