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Choice - Which Kiln To Choose?

14 February 2014 - 12:14 PM

I want to set up my own studio and I'm hoping someone can give me advice on the subject of kilns.Till now was using the shared kiln,wanna have my own,now. 


Various suggestions i keep getting posted is : following things to be consisdered while  purchase kilns:


electronic controller,front loader,size or power supply.


Plus I'm on a budget. I like the ones with the flip-up doors. If anyone knows of a brand that is reliable and inexpensive or has any other advice to offer on the subject, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


"Switch From Corporate World to The Art of Ceramics"

11 June 2013 - 07:12 AM

"Newbies who should not give second thought to commence to the world of Pottery "

Diving into the clay world,feeling the first touch of clay was somuch immersing
oneself in its own world.
From the corporate world with peer pressure,stressed to the world of ceramics was drifting to an dream world seemed to be the fairy world.
Lot of enthusiasm was required as everyone approached me with negative thougts,why leaving an well organised comfy high profile job,which i quit.

Nevertheless the only support was "Ceramic arts daily",It provide me the daily dose.Futher need to thank the world of Ceramics art gallery who provided me my Mentor too"Mr Mark Chatterly.
Thanks to Linda and Mark.

This is what the first step towards craetivity,will surely lead to enhance my capability to open my own studio one day.

Best Wishes!