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#42478 Kiln comparisons

Posted by kdavitt on 13 September 2013 - 05:33 AM

I will never purchase an L&L product again. I bought an L&L E 28 t -3 for cone 6 work. Problems from the start with major pinholes I never got from my Skutt 1027 using the same glazes. Worked with their tech guy day after week after week. Tried program after program. They sent me their heavy duty elements and the problems subsided only if I didn't load the kiln to capacity. You cannot run the E 28 to capacity and reach cone 6. It will not reach cone six with 4 levels of shelves. You have to use only 3 so the 10+ cu.ft. is nonsense. I've downgraded the L&L to an 04 bisque kiln and am at this moment doing a test firing of a new Cone Art, BX 2336 D - oval kiln designed to do production firing to cone 10. I will bisque with the L&L - it should have no problem with that - and fill my Cone Art and Skutt to capacity. My Skutt never fails. I replaced the elements recently and it works like new though is it at least 5 years old and has been fired at least twice a week for that period. The president of L&L has acknowledged that the E28 is under powered. It is WAY underpowered.