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Electric Kiln Failed - Possible Causes?

19 April 2015 - 01:11 PM

My old Cress kiln has six dials in the front, each with a light.  The kiln is plugged into a wall-mount Skutt kiln controller.


I'm attempting a Cone 6 firing, manually programmed.  Somewhere around 2000F, the kiln stopped turning on.  The controller tries to send power to the kiln, and you can see the all lights flick on for a split second.  But they don't stay on.  The kiln is just rapidly cooling now.  (It's the kiln that's failed, not the controller.)


I have, in the past, had an issue with not enough power going to this breaker - but that was resolved by turning off various appliances in the house.  And it was a completely different symptom.  This is a new one for me!

Substitute For Epk In Soda Wadding

16 May 2014 - 11:17 AM

Accidentally used the all but a tiny bit of my EPK today, mixing up a bucket of glaze.  But I really need to mix wadding tomorrow!  I use 50% EPK and 50% Alumina Hydrate.


I have Glomax - can I substitute this for all of the EPK?  There's an article here at Ceramic Arts Daily saying I can substitute half of the EPK with Glomax.  Wondering if I could substitute all of it?