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In Topic: Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

Yesterday, 12:09 PM

This firing was relatively even in temp.  A range of Cone 5 starting to bend to Cone 6 almost done.  So, so, so much better than before.


But what I saw when I looked into the kiln while it was hot - the hard, fast flame going up from the bag wall, then further down the kiln the soft, licking flame only going in one spot - that's absolutely evident in the look of the pots.


Here's what I saw (not really to scale):




The bag wall is the same height as the second shelf - but the flame just snuck under it.  You might be able to see it from this photo:




All the shelves (B,C,D,F) but one (A) turned out white pots with hints of soda and light hints of flashing.  Like this:




I had some pots in there with Malcolm's shino, and every one of them came out stark white.


But the one shelf, A, that the flame touched, was dark, dark, and full of soda, colour.




The two larger mugs had nothing on them; the smaller, redder things had a slip.

The cones on this shelf were grey instead of white.  I can't find a reference but am guessing this has to do with amount of reduction?


I like dark.  I love the dark.  Am looking forward to learning, playing, tweaking more, in an effort to get all dark.

In Topic: Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

Yesterday, 10:29 AM

Ha! Neil, I live in New Brunswick, Canuckia, about three hours east of the Maine borner. There are numerous potters within a two-hour drive of me, some of whom have even been nice to me and might be convinced to visit. However, near as I can tell, 90% of them fire electric, the other 10% wood. I have a feeling a lot of my questions will be answered when the field trip arrives next week. The instructor leading the trip is very kind, with gobs and gobs of experience. He's already been key to this thing working at all.

You should (and will) see the results! Out to take photos.

In Topic: Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

15 April 2014 - 10:03 PM

It worked! Holy crap, it worked!

It was realllly slow at the end - I can't imagine it could have gotten any hotter than what it did (2190 or so - Cone 6 was tough to see, but pretty sure it fell). And there's no way it would have worked in colder conditions. And I couldn't figure out how to get it *not* to reduce from Cone 4 to finish. (I opened the primary air in increments, ended up all the way open; adjusting the damper either caused reduction or, a smidgen more open, caused temp to fall.)

But hey, it worked! No wood used! And for once I didn't jam the silly garden sprayer.


Have I mentioned I'm thankful for so much help? I am. I am, I am.

I'd still really like to know why I have to fire this thing with the damper almost completely closed - I think, Marcia, you once thought I should be firing it with it half open or so?

In Topic: Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

15 April 2014 - 07:37 PM

There's a short flame coming out when I spray soda. It is entirely possible I just couldn't see the flame before, when I was attempting reduction, as it was daylight.

In Topic: Real-Time Kiln Advice (Kiln Curently Firing)

15 April 2014 - 07:20 PM

Oh, my. Don't apologize. I can't believe how much help everyone has been able to give me, and how much of it has actually worked!

It reached Cone 4, slowly, and I began spraying soda. Almost done with that task, then I'll just keep playing with the damper and primary air, I guess, as the gauges are turned up as high as they will go. I know the kiln isn't meant for wood, but it looks like I might end up using some again, just to get to Cone 6.

That call from the ceramics instructor - it's about his class coming here (ha!) for a field trip next week. They're visiting a string of potters - I think mine is an example of, "Look what can happen to you if you don't graduate from this program." In any event, I'll do my best to convince him to come back to help with the next firing. Perhaps he can even find some answers when he takes a look at it, not firing. I can only dream.