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Amaco Velvet U.g.

07 February 2016 - 01:35 PM

Not sure if this question should be here or in glaze chemistry.  I usually use Amaco Velvets on my stoneware greenware, then bisque and glaze fire. When there are small touch ups needed after bisque, I can usually do the touch up and go ahead with glaze, however if the touch up is large, such as when a large space needs a whole new coat of u.g., then  I usually re bisque because the glaze absorbs different;y on the new application. 


Recently I had a whole kiln load to touch up so I did a hardening on after bisque but before glaze firing at cone 022.  However I forgot to take out the electric kiln's bungs. Many colors went VERY UGLY ! I am not sure  if the reason is oxygen starvation of just not reaching a mature temperature??




Is There A Name For This Glaze Technique

29 January 2016 - 11:13 PM

I've been noticing this glazing technique in some pottery on Pinterest ,( both modern and antique pieces ) and wondered what it was called. It seems that the lines must be done with a resist, so I tried some wax in a squeeze bottle but could not get a consistent line width. Anybody know about this technique? 

Finishes For Ceramic Sculpture

01 January 2016 - 11:39 AM

I am looking for rich color but not shine for my figurative sculptures. I saw exactly the finish I want done with matt China paints on porcelain where the high lights were achieved by rubbing off some of the color before it set up. I am a little reluctant to jump into a whole new inventory of expensive supplies, especially since my sculptures would use significant amount of expensive China paint........Wondering if I can achieve the look with oil paint ? In the piece in the photo I used Amaco Velvet underglaze and the bowl portion was glazed. Sometime I use oxides and underglaze......and my results are almost what I want. I'm also wondering about clear wax over underglaze to give just a bit more depth to the finish.....but which wax ? I know I just need to keep experimenting, but wondered if anyone else had already tried alternate finishes ? Back 20 years ago in school we used actual bronze powder mixed with who knows what medium? I'm not usually wanting that finish now, as I prefer multi colors, but It would be nice to re-learn how to do it for some pieces. Any of you more experienced artists out there have ideas ?



Hardening On Underglaze

08 July 2015 - 09:18 AM

I find that if I use underglaze on bisque and then clear glaze over the top, it does not always go so well.  If I have a bisque firing with room, I just pop the item back in to re-bisque and all is well. However , does anyone know what is the lowest temperature that will harden on the underglaze, for when I do not have a current bisque fire to pop the item back into ? I have had pretty good luck with 450 degrees F. in my regular home oven, but would love to hear other's experience with this



Firing Schedules

07 July 2015 - 07:54 AM

I am using a kiln right now that asks for every detail of the firing. I must give rate of heat increase per hour up to a given temperature, then the next rate of increase etc. until temperature is reached. Does anyone know where I can find a cone 06 glaze schedule ?  Have not had luck with a google search

Thanks all !