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In Topic: Wheel Head Bearings Are Finally Worn Out On My Cxc

25 August 2016 - 09:05 AM

I replaced the pillowblock bearings on my old kickwheel a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly, I bought them from Grainger at a really good price. You might give them a try for the bearings and go to Brent for the wheel head.


In Topic: New Business Name

25 August 2016 - 08:58 AM

How about Zach's Salty Stoneware?

In Topic: Question About Online Applications

23 August 2016 - 09:31 AM

A 1.5 mb picture taken from a camera will be very close to a 5mb picture. If you have good looking pictures on a full screen nice resolution monitor the difference isn't gonna be anything you notice going from 1.5 to 5... The real differences is when your taking RAW pictures which are like 50-100MB each and need to be processed in something like photoshop before they even look correct. My friend is a photographer and shows me some of his work. He spends a good hour or more on each picture he takes from RAW state to finished jpeg.


Hi Joseph,

Regarding RAW files, the size is limited by the original capacity of the camera you are using to shoot the image. My Sony DSLR shoots 24Megapixel images in the RAW mode. The primary difference between the RAW and JPG images is that the RAW file is lossless and has ALL the information as shot, where a JPG is a compressed file and there are pixels lost with each level of reduction in the size of the image.

The majority of the current DSLRs shoot about that size RAW file. 50-100MP files are reserved for the really high end cameras which most of us can't afford.

A RAW file can be converted to a JPG with a few mouse clicks. What the photographer wants as a final image determines the amount of time they are willing to spend to accomplish that.

I've been a photographer for more than fifty years and when digital came along I jumped in with both feet, stopped shooting film and have never looked back.



In Topic: Question About Online Applications

23 August 2016 - 09:11 AM

For the purpose you are going to use them, the good 1.5MB pix will work just fine. The 5MB size is the upper limit of what they would like to get possibly due to the limitations of their system or simply that they don't need the big files to make a judgement.

Good luck with your application...Let us know how you do!


In Topic: Qotw: Are Our Expectations Too High?

28 July 2016 - 08:22 AM

When I was going through professional freelance photography school back in 1980, my life was dramatically changed by a class in Positive Thinking. The course was 9 months long and at the beginning of the course we were told that a professional photographer could complete the final portfolio in 2 weeks. The positive thinking class happened early in the course and as a result of what I learned, I decided that I would wait until the final 2 weeks of the course to start assembling my portfolio. It was a make or break situation. If I completed the folio, I'd get my certificate. If I didn't complete the folio...no certificate. The work was hard but rewarding, and on the final due date I submitted my completed portfolio and received my certificate of completion and graduated. I was now a "Professional Freelance Photographer"...NOT!

Here I am 36 years later and I'm still learning different aspects of photography.

My take-away from the positive thinking class was PMA or Positive Mental Attitude and I apply it everything that I do. The main objective is to set a goal...and pursue it. The are no failures, just steps in the learning process.

My foray into ceramics happened at the prompting of an 87 year old ceramist whose bathroom I remodeled. She gave me a kiln and suggested taking a course through a local Learning Exchange, which I did. The instructor said that, over the span of the 6 week course we were expected to produce just four Items, primarily wheel thrown. He was astounded when I had completed 21 pieces. That was around 10 years ago. Since then I've aced Ceramics 1 & 2 at a local community college and have accumulated everything I need to make ceramics a paying hobby, including converting a small studio apartment into a pottery.


As for expectations...you can never shoot too high. With the right attitude, you will accomplish what is necessary to achieve your goal. It's just that some goals take longer than others to reach. Just saying...