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In Topic: Plaster Mold From Eps Foam

Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Something else to consider when you make the mold is the finished size of your final product. You must take into account clay shrinkage, which means your mold will have to be larger than the final product you plan to produce.

There is an excellent article in the current issue of Pottery Making Illustrated​, "Reverse Engineering for the Potter" ​by Roger & Pauline Graham in which they discuss how to determine the starting size of your piece from measurements made on your finished piece.  Check it out.

In Topic: Plaster Mold From Eps Foam

Yesterday, 01:12 PM

Since the shellac is a solvent based material, I would definitely test it on another piece of  the foam before using on the machined mold. The shellac may melt the foam. I would try a water-based material like Diamond Varathane. It goes on milky white and dries to a hard, clear finish, sealing the pores in the foam.

In Topic: Look At The Gallery Today. Imprints Of Plants Is Marvelous

23 November 2015 - 10:52 AM

What Mila does is interesting. Not to take away from her work...I have purchased bathroom basins and tile murals from Suzanne Crane, who does an outstanding job incorporatng oganics into her pieces. Go here to check out her stuff...



In Topic: Beginner Bought A Cheap Kiln, Need Help

12 November 2015 - 10:43 AM

Can you post a photo of the kiln front panel?

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12 November 2015 - 10:40 AM

I agree with Joel. Call the factory to find out why the substitution for something you originally ordered. In most cases, if the order as delivered is incorrect, the factory will pay for the return of the incorrect item.