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Maker / Manager - Division Of Tasks

06 April 2014 - 10:06 PM

Hi all


Just read this little article and it made me stop and think of my task management as a sole trader potter...... not good! 

Happy to spend hours in the studio...or... get lost in the business side hardly making a thing for days.....either way the procrastination can set in. 


How do you keep your focus clear when you are 'making' or 'managing'?   Be good to know.





Ceramic Tape Recipe? (Like Keraflex)

30 March 2014 - 08:25 PM

Hi all


Have just flipped through the last 20 forum pages (eyes hurt!) looking for a PDF paper some very clever soul once posted last year on making your own ceramic tape sheets of porcelain, a 'homemade' version of Keraflex sheets......of course cannot find it! Have used the Search option with several combinations of words but still no luck!


The primary binder was PVA glue that gave the thin translucent porcelain its plastic flexibility but with a bit of water would soften the glue base allowing complex shapes to be formed from the sheets.  Much, much cheaper than buying Keraflex no matter how wonderful it is.


There was a very specific way of making the slip formula and handling the sheets in drying so am looking for that PDF.....does anyone remember the post?....have the PDF on file?...have another recipie I could use? 


Help ........!












Your Labour Cost?

19 February 2014 - 07:56 AM

Hi all,


Thought came up when reading through another thread about REAL work and the percieved value/under value of what we do. 


How do you cost your labour/time for what you make?......by the hour?....daily rate?....by the piece?

Mathematical equation?...guess?....don't think of it??

What percentage of your product's price reflect your labour cost?


In Australia a solicitor is worth $350/hr, a plumber $150 and my mechanic $120......what is a potter's time worth?












Favourite Colour Palette?

11 February 2014 - 01:54 AM

Hi all,


Preparing for a craft market in 10 days and collecting up all the pieces I am thinking of taking along, have them piled up on the studio floor while I decide what other pieces I need to add.


Seeing them all together I notice how much of a simple ^6 transparent soft blue/green glaze I use......thought I had been focussing on unglazed white porcelain and some bright coloured underglaze items..... but the stockpile shows blue/green as prominent.......voodoo I'm sure!



Conscious or unconscious.......what colours repeat in your work?       What is your signature colour palette?




Potter/ceramicist: Pottery/ceramics?

22 December 2013 - 10:26 PM

Hi all


Had our gallery's Christmas bash recently and a debate broke out about our personal definitions of who we are and what we do.......


some thought 'potter'  and 'pottery' was outdated, some kind of 1970's 'hippy' brown 'mug and jug' concept


others said 'ceramicist' sounded like some inflated, interllectual self-justifying 'label' for a craft already practiced for thousands of years  


others thought 'ceramics' allowed for broader interpretations than functional wares


and ALL were horrified that handmade artisan work could get lumped into 'paint-a-plate/hobby ceramics'!!


............the impetus for today's question was one person's strong assertion that ....'in the US and UK theyre called ceramicists not potters!'..............really??


.......it does not seem the case as I read through CAD but maybe I can't read.........so I will ask the question....


How do you define yourself and what you do?.......   potter/pottery, ceramics/ceramicist....or some hybrid or variation?


Look forward to the answers.......


Have a great Christmas/New Year holiday!!                ......btw, 35C here today...no snow :)