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In Topic: Have You Ever Done A Crazy Experiment Just To See What Happens?

10 September 2014 - 08:23 PM

Oh YES!!!....drove my instructors, kiln technicians and fellow students mad at college firing all sorts of things in the kilns to 'see what happens'.......


......steel at 1280C liquifies and burns through the kiln shelves destroying everything in its path


......hay/papers/woods/leaves/seaweeds etc smoke out the kiln sheds and encourage the college neighbours to phone the fire brigade


......tin/chrome formulas made whole kiln loads turn out puce-y red affecting everyone elses work as well....not popular


......the leftover slops glaze that ran and glued everyone's work to the kiln shelf


......the crackle glaze applied over a glassy parian clay body that ripped all the work apart in cooling


....etc, etc, etc.....I spent my whole undergrad experimenting rather than producing a coherent body of work, I wanted to know what 'everything' did knowing I would not have such a fully resourced ceramics studio and college library again when I graduated so wanted to learn as much as possible,..... still experiment but far more carefully now!



In Topic: Competition?

10 September 2014 - 08:00 PM



1. am part of a potters co-op: 12 potters, one shop, only pottery...so customers come specifically for pottery. My paperclay work differs markedly from production potters in group means fewer sales but higher prices. Complications do arise with inconsistant pricing as each potter prices differently, some consider labour/hours, some not as have other incomes as well.  Taking many meetings to get consensus on this.


2. part of art gallery shops.....have been going to many art galleries looking at exhibitions and gallery shops, often know quality, artists, products, pricing etc before accepting placement there, my paperclay work differs markedly from other products.


3. individual or group exhibitions....my paperclay work differs from other potters in area so not a lot of similarities for competition; or exhibit with 2D artists (painters/ printmakers) or very different mediums such as textiles


4. market days/craft fairs...do check to see which other potters are due to be there, get an idea of best stock to take so have few 'double ups'  but similar pricing issues...... some even come along to sell off the things they make in hobby classes....obviously do not go back to those markets again!





1. said market days/ craft fairs...I sell porcelain/silver jewellery as well as regular pottery so must compete with other jewellers, am usually the only potter withporcelain  jewellery so if people specifically like porcelain they do come to me.... but much competition on pricing as costume jewellery can be very cheap and porcelain beads come in from China so others who do not actually make porcelain can undercut prices..... must compete on 'handmade' aspect....also competeing with lampworkers, silversmiths etc...not a big seller at all but only takes up small space on tables so keep it with me.


2. said market days/ craft fairs....to compete with textile artists, paper crafts, costume jewellery, printmakers, candle or soap makers etc...take only production work not gallery work, try to match my product to complement other products...eg, candle/soap/jewellery/yarn holders, trays, bowls,  use slip casting rather than throwing (unfortunatly am slow) then decorate individually to create variety, keep smaller portable stock refer other enquiries to website or galleries.



Whew, what a ramble....time for coffee!! Looking forward to seeing others answers!



In Topic: Engobes And Glazes Recipes

04 September 2014 - 10:42 PM

'They'  is this site, CAD  itself, just had a look.....looks very good guys!

In Topic: Is Is Possible To Calcine Your Own Kaolin?

03 September 2014 - 09:36 PM

Here I am eating my biscuit sorry, cookie, should that be bakie, and wondring why one would want calcined kaolin?


........because it makes an excellent facial cleansing mask!!





In Topic: Do You Mix Or Buy Ready Made? Poll

03 September 2014 - 09:03 PM

Mix my own clays for the sculptural work to get colour or effect 'just right' but buy commercial porcelaineous stoneware clay for the everyday domestic work as it will be covered by underglaze/glaze layer anyway.... saves me time


Mostly use standard commercial pre mixed clear on the domestic ware which I modify for colour or effect sometimes, don't use any glaze on sculptural pieces as the clay texture and colour are part of the piece's 'voice'.