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In Topic: What Do You Get Out Of This Forum Interaction?

29 March 2015 - 04:33 AM

Sunday evening, 3 hours of C.A.D. Youtube videos, waaay too much coffee, a fat sketchbook and a headful of creative steam.....I am roaring for the studio tomorrow.....


Marcia, you have made my week (months, years??) with the most magic line in your video 'Making a Crackly Surface for Obvara Firing' when you said...' the advantage of this is that there is no smoke so it can be done in an urban setting..'   As a frustrated, urban living 'wish-I-could-do-raku-without-the-fussy-neighbours' potter I can't wait to try this!


What do I get out of this forum interaction.....SO MANY FANTASTIC IDEAS!!



In Topic: 21 Century Customer... Perpetual Replacement Of Pottery

26 March 2015 - 07:13 PM

Mmmmmm...... with my production work I do replace either free or 50% or something I organise because I can make enough in volume over time to offset the loss but the gallery works are one-off pieces and they can sell that child to pay me if needs be.....!



In Topic: I'll Never Be A Real Potter.

23 March 2015 - 09:16 PM

Good post to read, congratulations flowerdry!


I too thought I couldn't be a 'real' potter unless I followed the 4 Heads of Ceramics lecturers in my studies in their male dominated, Bernard Leach, dust covered, rock crushing, gas, wood, bricks and mud hauling, Song dynasty emphasis on 'real' ceramics  (almost felt I should've glued on a beard too)  .....and in consquence I have several books on glaze chemistry, a small glaze lab, SO MANY half used bags and bottles of materials, years of nerve wracking frustration over glaze failures etc ........to finally have come to your conclusion a few years ago......  Duh!!   Have finally settled on a wide firing clear with a few mods for my production work and the beautiful colours, textures and surfaces of unglazed clay in my gallery work. 


Now, to be fair, I'm certainly NOT sorry to have had that grounding in ceramics from my years of study, my mad urge for experiementation in those early years was well satisfied!..... but I do wish the spectre of tough bloke-y, make from raw, gas/wood, guts and sweat C10-C13 Chinese ideal of 'real' ceramics will continue to fade as time goes on. Don't get me wrong, ash glazes can be beautiful but so too can polished porcelain or lush e/w glazes... there's enough room in ceramics for a lot of love.


Glad you worked things out flowerdry, you sound 'real' to me.



In Topic: Any Experince Teaching Those With Special Needs ?

23 March 2015 - 08:09 PM

Taught art at a Salvation Army centre for 6 years and to other community art projects for another 5 to special needs adult groups.....the best and the worst of people in one room at any one time!!....but overall it was a great time! I do love that work.


The 'trick' was to match the activity with the 'issue'....over 55s usually had problems with vision, hands and mobility so we decided on simple card making for family and friends, for unemployed people with $$$ issues we focussed on 'recycled' art making, for disability children we painted flowerpots and tiles, etc. The 'trick' also was to remember that I was not training them to be 'potters' in our limited time but to have an enjoyable clay experience that would bring a smile of delight.


With the actual pottery projects we made things easier for ourselves and the clients,as best we could, by choosing projects that didn't require a second firing if possible.........to prepare for making, load and unload a bisque fire, prepare to decorate and load and unload a glaze fire for 10-25 people is a lot of out-of-class-time technical work in one week.....so unless we got people who specifically wanted a cup, bowl, or plate to eat from then we made things that could be painted with acrylics and sealed with a waterproofing enamel spray.......easier for us....immediate gratification for the client!!  (Did use self hardening clay at times too)


Specifically for children, they mostly want to model things anyway so we concentrated on making characters for their favourite stories, garden creatures and plantings signs, plaques for bedroom doors, pencil pots.....   Painting with acrylics was already 'understood' by them in their school life so the 'dangers' of eating underglaze, and getting them to understand that, was avoided.......and they could take their treasures home with them straight away.


Whatever you decide to do remember to make it easier on yourself.....week in, week out of high needs clients can take it out of you no matter how great they are....and if you're taking on the whole camp......??? then you really need to make things easier. Good luck, is a great project!



In Topic: No More Wheel

22 March 2015 - 06:30 PM

Guinea, I'm really sorry to hear about your illness.  You have a gift, and it makes the world a sweeter place.


Have you considered collaborating with another potter?  There must be throwers who would be willing to produce forms for you-- there's nothing wrong with this, and it might be good for both of you.

Hi Guinea


Sad news about the RA.......and maybe good news about your amazing work continuing a little differently from here. 

Will wheel throw but I am not a 'happy' thrower, hand building makes me happy......makes me feel it's the clay and me in some sort of creative collaboration.


In Australia we have a very well known potter, Pippen Drysdale, who for years and years has not thrown her own forms because she loves the decorating part of the process. She works in collaboration with throwers (who love that part) and designs the forms she wants from them, then she spends her time decorating them in her distinctive style.......if your work has to be wheelthrown then it might be an option.....?


Your good health is essential, must be your priority.