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In Topic: The Dangers Of Advice Without Experience

17 April 2014 - 01:33 AM

I guess some of this also comes down to when do some people on the forum ask a question........before or after they have tried to find their own answers?


Some people seem to 'ask first' before looking up much of anything on Google, Wiki (ALWAYS a dubious source), the forum's Search, an .edu weblink or God-forbid, a book on the subject......

Others seem to have looked around for their own answers before asking a question to fill in or expand on some knowlege they already have.....

......and this can make a big difference to the information being sought and how a poster approaches an answer to that question


A real newbie to the sport may get something from a Wiki etc.  but most will not and it is valueless to them and the accumulated wisdom on this site to rehash vague or unsubstantiated information and guesses ......and sometimes some answers are completely innane.  

I have wondered sometimes if some people want to seem more knowlegable than they yet are to compete, or if they feel 'left out' if they don't say something.....either way I agree with Tyler that it can be at best useless or at worst dangerous to launch into advice without some substantiated experience. 

(My idea of substantiated = personal, real world experience or significant study into the issue and/or informed guesses from similar experience.)


Don't ever want to stop forum questions or answers but maybe think 'quality not quantity' before a reply. 




PS Babs, no chocolate, Orthodox Easter = real eggs coloured red!

In Topic: What Has Been Your Worst Re Encounter Of A Piece Of Your Pottery?

09 April 2014 - 07:49 PM

New pots or re-found old ones,  I have recently developed a close, personal understanding with the hammer.......'let none survive!'

In Topic: Expectation And Appearance

09 April 2014 - 07:32 PM

I know I am more radical than my son, who often just shakes his head at me.




In Topic: Firing Organic Additions To Clay

09 April 2014 - 06:19 PM

I fire combustables periodically in my clay bodies (rice, sticks, clean cat littter, etc) and 'accept it' as part of the usual wear and tear of the kiln, if you really want the effect then element wear is part of getting it.............but having said that......


-I vent the kiln throughout a slow bisque fire to 1000C to clear off all the carbon,

-most of my firings are regular wares with my interest in combustables going through a phase periodically when I'm trying to achieve something I really want,

-kiln elements will be replaced when they need to be replaced and is part of the business of making ceramics and is built into the costs of doing ceramics


I guess worrying about the elements of a new kiln for a few firings is like worrying about using the 'good' china.......enjoy using it and risk a chip or crack or don't use it and let it sit pretty


Peepholes and vents open for a long bisque, give the chamber time to clear out and fire combustables intermittently.....your kiln will be fine



In Topic: Expectation And Appearance

06 April 2014 - 07:10 PM

As an artist... it is always safe to dress in all black too. ;)










...after years of skirts and 'sensible' shoes for office work (are high heels ever sensible??) ... I put on black clothes and steel caps boots for art school morning dress convenience ......15 years later still the same.....doesn't make a better artist but the 'what should I wear' morning dress ritual is easier!