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In Topic: Inspiration?

18 July 2014 - 11:08 PM

Am naturally inspired heaps by other ceramic artists work but also by printmakers, papermakers, painters, sculptors, textiles, Japanese sand gardens, Ikabana flower arrangements, Korean tableware, Chinese calligraphy, Art Nouveau jewellery, beaches, water, pate de verre glass, plants, micro organisms, astronomy etc, etc...............it will be a colour, a shape, an approach to an unfamiliar medium, a concept, a social issue.....the choice is honestly diverse and limitless


I try and synthesise what I see, touch or feel into my own responsive interpretation using the ceramic and mixed media materials and processes that I love and think best express my response to that inspiration.


Without a broad curiosity, study and analysis of those things that inspire me I become creatively blocked, limited and repetitive..........horrible!!



In Topic: 10 Cool Trends In Contemporary Ceramics

18 July 2014 - 10:46 PM

I have been riding along this post for several days, thinking about various viewpoints. ...what makes a trend, who defines what, the role in art criticism that provides verbal skill as a stand in for pieces being able to speak by themselves without linguistic interpretation....

Then, I thought about how many art/ceramic students I've met over time, and how I am frequently amazed by their profound lack of technical skill, and simultaneously dumbfounded by their gift of opinionated description. To date, I have met three technically skilled individuals: two trained at Alfred, the other ignored all advice until given the degree that allowed them to go make and sell pottery. These thoughts are not unique.

Today it occurred to me: this stuff does represent a trend, perhaps. People who graduate from art schools are not learning solid technical skills. They are taught how to wax on verbally about "eh" work.

I understand the place for verbal skill. After all, the art critic of Artnews needs a job. But the abstraction of "pointed, political edge" from the work highlighted in the "anti ceramic mush" section seems to prove my point of b.s. making the art have a story that a nonverbal viewer would NEVER create themselves. I realize that story sells the art, but doesn't it seem reasonable that skilled artists strive to make technically proficient art that can stand without the artist or critic explaining it for the viewer?

Thus my proposed trend: language substitutes for skill in ceramic arts?

(Water buckets ready ;o)


drmyrtle, you make me smile.......studied my undergrad at my first college that was all about skills, materials, processes, experimentation etc by local and international practicing potters, the idea of 'learn to make a 'good' pot first before you go off with all your ideas'...


did not understand how grateful I would be for the solid foundational training I was given until I went to my first post grad in a college renowned for its contemporary approach..... standing at the photocopier in the post grad room I see a PhD student copying passages of a book on contemporary Chinese ceramics, so to start a conversation, I said hello and commented on the work she was studying and asked her about what kind of ceramics she liked to make.......the look on her face!...... you''d think I had just spat on the floor!!


"I don't MAKE ceramics,'she said 'I STUDY ceramics. If you want to make ceramics then you go to a technical college.' She picks up her bits and leaves the room!   I was stunned both by her rudeness and by the concept that you could 'study'ceramics to PhD level and seemingly not MAKE/MADE any!!??   It was my first close up experience with the truly ''all icing/no cake'' defensive nonsense some conceptual artists operate by....


the kicker to this story is that the head of ceramics department was retiring the year later and she, as the only graduating PhD student that yea,r secured the job!    

She has been head of ceramics for 8 years but to this day I still don't really know what her oeuver actually is!


drmyrtle, maybe I'm conservative and old fashioned with my 'skills first 'approach, but I'm with you on your 'trend ': language substitutes for skill in many quarters of the (ceramic) arts field statement!!



In Topic: Mixing Black Clay Body - Cone 10 - Need Expertise

14 July 2014 - 06:14 AM

I do mix several of my own clay bodies and I don't forget the recipies because I WRITE THEM DOWN! in my technical journal,

so I disagree with the majority here...


...if he wanted to genuinely share his recipie for this clay body then he could have checked his OWN records...


...if he gave the recipie 'off the top of his head' then he is responsible for the omissions he forgot...


...if he did not want to really share the recipie after all then he could have kept his mouth shut!......and sent you to the internet, CAD or the college library to find your own information which would have rightly left you with all the responsibility for the setbacks


I have had several lecturers and instructors over the years and I did believe them and tried all they would teach, but to be fair to teachers I didn't commit 45kgs of work all at once. I was usually testing anyway so I'd toss a few things in each load or else fire up my small electric kiln overnight because I am way too impatient to wait 4-6 weeks to see a result.


Shame about your experience but the lesson is learnt and will be good to see your final results.



In Topic: Non-Legal Ways To Address Copying Issue

14 July 2014 - 05:24 AM

Sell the formulas.


...or sell hers to China!

In Topic: Non-Legal Ways To Address Copying Issue

14 July 2014 - 05:19 AM

Many thanks to all for the encouragement!          Answers to some of the queries:


Private studio space is screamingly expensive in my part of town, this shared space fee includes all the water and electricity I want plus use of a large gas kiln


Colby,  she is experimenting/copying with a view to selling under her own label....her own earlier methods are not translucent 'enough' for her which is why she wants my product....her regular work is very beautiful but very different fom mine until these last couple of months ...  also...she is VERY secretive about her signature process, everything is locked away in 4 big cupboards at the end of the day...took it to be some weird artistic eccentricity up til now,


clay lover, yes, much, much easier to share when it's not your signature work....have no attachment to my other stuff even that which I like, as it is all basic bowl/cup/plate/vase forms etc glazed in glazes made from published recipies.....ie, stuff from other potters who were HAPPY to share their process openly....I don't scam others since I don't like it myself


Chris, thanks for the kind words, from you it's high praise!


Mea, you're a woman of my own heart...my thoughts too!..... no means no just about anywhere.....


Tyler, you're a man of good faith, though if after 2 definative 'no's she's still at it, I think goodwill is scarce....


John, my inspirations and influences were from the published works, techniques and recipies of Angelor Mellor (UK,Aust), Sandra Black (Aust), Sasha Wardell, Jeroen Brechtold, Fred Gatley, Francois Ruegg, Walter Sturmer, Patty Wouters, Remigyus Sederevicius.....and many others of the same ilk....not from their studio benches without their consent...


...and yes, have thought to blow up her space, poison the slip batch, break the results, make copies of her signature work.....etc, etc in times of pique.....one day yet, never know...???



(VERY sorry for no photos, can't work out the 'images extension' part of the software yet! wants urls not jpeg)