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In Topic: My Angelbun's Urn

26 February 2015 - 07:32 PM

Timely post!! .....good suggestions.


My beautiful and very gentle spirited male fox terrier 'Ärgie left the world yesterday and I'm tearing up constantly. Have asked for his ashes to be returned to me for keeping until his daughter 'Nina' follows him in a few years time so have been thinking last night how to best make a 2 chambered vessel that will suit now and for later. Have never made for anything like this before and don't yet know how big it should be so am taking notes from the posts here.



In Topic: Firing Service Fees

22 February 2015 - 08:09 PM

In Australia many community studios charge by weight at $5/kg bisque firing and $8-10/kg glaze firing (depending on who does the glaze prep and for extra 'no touching' space needed in the kiln load).



In Topic: Who Gives Their Own Work As Gifts?

28 December 2014 - 07:54 PM

Domestic production work: very occaisionally, gallery sculptural pieces: no.



In Topic: Critique - Worst You've Heard

23 December 2014 - 02:02 AM

Hi Paul


Am quite competitive but I didn't expect great marks, I liked my concept alot but I knew with such a diverse group in the class across so many disciplines that the assessments would be somewhat subjective, that bit was ok. We did have a 1 hour discussion session with the lecturer near the beginning while we outlined and explained our projects. She did say she didn't 'get' ceramics so I expected she wouldn't love my plate but I did think we were on the same page about the whole concept. So the comment in the review about the plate not suiting the Asian market was so left field!


What shocked the class was that the sustainable design taught by some genuinely remarkable designers and acedemics for 3 years did not match the concept of 'design' expected at assessment.  Had 'Etsy' design (for want of a better word) been what was wanted from us then we would have obviously approached the final projects quite differently.


Love study wont put me off, just a bit wary



In Topic: Critique - Worst You've Heard

22 December 2014 - 04:20 AM

After 3 1/2 years of studying my Master of Design where lecturers focussed on sustainability, ethical trade practices, smart packaging, multi-discipline project collaborations, new technologies etc, etc........basically the whole  'Cradle-to-Cradle' design principles (see: http://en.wikipedia....o-cradle_design),..... we were asked for our final projects with assessment to be made by the Head of the Design faculty, herself a textile designer.........much blood, sweat and tears ensued for 45 students for 6 months!!


We were a multi disciplined class including jewellery, computer programming, 3D modelling,  fabric and textiles, graphic design, architectural and environmental design, furniture, lighting......and 2 ceramicists!  My fellow ceramics student designed and manufactured the prototype for a ceramic/charcoal water filter for containers used in developng countries without a clean water supply.


I developed and prototyped a segmented and proportioned dinner plate illustrated with the foodstuffs to go into each segment, to be used by people without nutritional knowledge or the ability to fully understand nutritional information such as children, people with interllectual disability, limited learning skills etc The plate was based on the needs and proportions of a Western diet as recommended by the Australian Health Department.


Most of the students for the other disciplines also followed similar types of sustainable design concepts. Presentation and packaging were part of the assessment too. We set up en-masse in the lecture hall and were asked to leave during the assessment process.....nervous, nervous, nervous!!!  I knew mine wasn't the best my last firing had bubbled and changed one colour but I saw some amazing and genuinely clever, clever ideas in that room!


Results were posted 2 weeks later and a howl of disbelief went up with the 11 other students I stood near, when the only High Distinction was given to a girl who designed frilly fabric wristbands with photos of her dead grandmother on them!!!!.......think 16-24 y.o girlie Etsy stuff!!  We were outraged!! 3 years of sustainable design principles to be beaten at the end by 'pretty', frilly crap!....but protests fell on deaf ears as she was the Head of the Design Faculty, very influential in her field and the Uni would not take issue with her.


My particular critique was that my plate design was unsuitable for an Asian market!!! eventhough it was not designed or promoted for that.....I still, 4 years later, find the results and my particular critique unfathomable.....the degree lost it's value for me.... though to be fair, I learned HEAPS that changed my outlook on design and still influences my work practices today and that learning makes much of my resultant uni debt bearable.


Have never again trusted a critique by anyone without a CLOSE look at a person's own creative preferences and priorities.