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The Hourly Earnings Project: A Follow-Up

13 January 2015 - 10:04 AM

Hi everybody,

For those of you who followed my blog series a few years ago called The Hourly Earnings Project, I've just written a follow-up post about it, detailing how the project has influenced the direction of my business since then.


Why Is Our Work Better Than Imported Work?

15 May 2014 - 11:14 AM

Hi everyone, I'm starting a new thread with an important question that was asked in another thread:



Why is our work better than imported or mass-produced work?


As far as I'm concerned, the basic answer is "it's not." We are not exempted from competing with imported work in terms of functionality, attractiveness, and yes ..... price. Just because I make my living as a handmaker, do I expect myself to buy nothing but handmade clothing and shoes, or nothing but hand-crafted locally produced food, just because buying anything mass-produced would take away from these industries? Heck no, I can't afford that. So I certainly can't expect the entire US marketplace to reject mass-produced ceramics, in order to gratify my needs. This would be silly and unrealistic. Not to mention narcissistic.


So does this mean we're doomed? Absolutely not. Again, it's just a matter of acknowledging that you have tough competition, and overcoming it. I still buy handmade things on a regular basis, but in order to justify spending the extra money, they need to knock my socks off.


In other words, handmakers can surpass mass-producers in the following areas: quality and buying experience. People buy my somewhat pricey pottery because it is better in terms of functionality and attractiveness. And I make sure the experience of working with me is fun and rewarding.


On the other hand, I'm afraid I see a lot of potters who are struggling to sell. Tact prevents me from asking "do you think it might be the mustard yellow and green glaze combo?" or sometimes "why would anyone want to buy from an anxious sourpuss?" For potters like this, I think it's totally reasonable for a customer to prefer something mass-produced.


These are my answers to this question. I'd welcome everyone's thoughts about this: Why is our work better than imported work?

Business Forum F. A. Q. Listing

26 February 2014 - 06:12 PM

Are advertisements allowed on the Ceramic Arts Daily Forum?

No. Our motto is "Talk business, don't do business." Please use this phrase to guide you. Another way to think about it is to ask yourself "Do I stand to gain financially from this post?" If the answer is yes, please don't do it.

Why are advertisements not allowed on CAD Forum?

This forum exists for discussion, information exchange, and community building. If we allow users to buy and sell goods and services here, many people would come here only for that. There are numerous other places on the internet for this. Anyone who wishes to purchase a classified ad, to appear in Ceramics Monthly and on the Ceramic Arts Daily website, can do so here:

Can you provide some specific examples?

You may not promote your own goods or services, or those of any business with which you are affiliated.

You may provide opinions and recommendations (good or bad) about products and services with which you are not affiliated, and if you do not stand to gain from your opinion.

You may include a link to your website, and/or your online store, in your Signature. Your Signature, along with your About Me blurb and your Photo Gallery, is part of your Profile. The purpose of your Profile is to allow other users to learn more about you, and it is not considered part of the conversation stream. If your Profile inspires another user to buy your work offlist, that's ok.

In the body of a post, you may include a link to your own website, and other websites. However, the content of the post must not contain a "buy it" message.

Please note that the following types of links are generally not allowed in the body of a post: a link to your own online store, or to an ad on PotterBarter, Craigslist, eBay (or similar websites). In most cases these links will be deleted, regardless of the context.

Posts that are of a fundraising nature, including crowdsourcing campaigns, are also not allowed on this forum, even if you are promoting a fundraising campaign that is not your own.

On rare occasions, a post will fall into a gray area, and a judgement call will be used to determine if it qualifies as an advertisement, or not. But the examples above cover the vast majority of all the cases we have reviewed.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. You are allowed to promote legitimate ceramics-related events (e.g. classes, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, etc.), in the Events section of the forum. This is not allowed anywhere else on the Forum, only the Events section.

American Craft Council Baltimore Show, Feb 21-23

16 February 2014 - 07:00 PM

This is ACC's flagship annual show. It will feature more than 650 of the country's best craft artists, including about 65 ceramists. The show is huge, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, and pace yourselves so your brain does not get overloaded with visual stimulation. And prepare to be amazed and inspired.


American Craft Council Baltimore Show

Friday, February 21, 10am - 8pm

Saturday, February 22, 10am - 6pm

Sunday, February 23, 11am - 5pm

Baltimore Convention Center, One West Pratt Street


Complete event details can be found here: http://shows.craftco...l.org/baltimore