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In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

Yesterday, 12:11 PM

it sounds as if you must use the chip and cannot use the swipe if there is a chip in the card.  is that true?


If you are using a chip card reader, and the card has a chip, you must use the chip. 


If you are using a mag-stripe only reader, you can swipe any card.





If the transactions are excessively slow, what happens if you put it in offline mode, and process the transactions when you get back to an area with wifi? (How many clients have their transactions not approved in a given sale day?)

I will say that people do become accustomed to a few extra seconds on the transactions, but there is an adjustment period. Also, the transactions do get faster as they work out the bugs in the overall technology.



For the Square chip card reader, you cannot do offline mode. The Square system will only allows offline mode when it cannot detect an internet signal. And because the chip card reader doesn't connect to the app when there's no internet signal, there's no way to capture offline transactions.


The Square offline mode does still work with a mag-stripe only reader.




Bottom line for Square users ... always pack a mag-stripe only reader as a backup.

In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

27 July 2016 - 01:28 PM

Thanks Neil, I never heard of Clover before, but it looks promising. What are their rates like? And do you have any problems when your internet service is weak?

In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

24 July 2016 - 02:00 PM

oldlady, 80% of my sales are paid by credit card. At some shows, it's 90%. When a receipt totals about $20 or less, I can see the customer making a decision whether to use cash or a card. Anything higher than that, it's very rare to get cash. Checks are practically extinct.

It depends on what you are planning to sell. If you think your receipts will total say $40 or less, it's reasonable to expect customers to have enough cash. If you regularly write receipts that are higher than that, customers will expect you to take cards.

You have over two months, plenty of time to learn it. It's not hard, but make sure you are comfortable with it before you get out here.

In Topic: Skutt or L&L?

24 July 2016 - 01:40 PM

If you think a speech impediment was relevant to your customer service experience, then I find it hard to take your opinion seriously.

In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

23 July 2016 - 09:32 AM

Humboldt and Roberta,

When using a chip card reader in a gallery setting, do you have a wired or wifi internet signal? I'm starting to think the shortcoming lies in the need for a strong and stable internet connection. Using cellular data at a show is the problem. The worst issues I had with the chip card reader were at an outdoor show with bad cellular coverage. It was worse than just getting the app and the reader to connect. The app was doing all kinds of buggy things.

The mag stripe readers only need a teeny bandwidth to work. The chip card readers apparently need a lot.