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In Topic: Can't Log On Using Samsung Tablet - Help?

22 August 2016 - 02:16 PM

What message/response does the forum give you when you try to login with the tablet?

What browser are you using on the tablet?

In Topic: Element Fail / Question About Shutoff Temp

22 August 2016 - 11:57 AM

Here's the report. The top 3 shelves were very underfired. I'm actually impressed that my liner glaze still worked, I've never fired it this low before.

Shelves 4 thru 6 were pretty close to being normal. I'm going to try to refire them anyways, because they still have some dry areas that don't feel good to the touch. I think one of the selling points of my pots is that they feel good to the touch.

I will put a few of these pots in my next glaze load, which will have to be tomorrow now that I've only got one kiln right now. If they come out fine, then I'll refire the rest. I have refired underfired pots before, without any problems. Knock on wood.

New elements and TCs have been ordered.

So it wasn't what I was hoping for, but it's also not the worst thing either.

Thanks for all the nice responses!

In Topic: Element Fail / Question About Shutoff Temp

22 August 2016 - 08:43 AM

So far I've only looked at the top shelf. It's cooling very slowly. Ok I admit this load was very dense, six shelves of flat pieces. Not a nice thing to do to old elements. The liner glaze looks good but the semi-matte looks dry. Didn't pick anything up to inspect closer, still too hot. I'll know more in a few hours. Thanks for asking!

In Topic: Element Fail / Question About Shutoff Temp

21 August 2016 - 05:09 PM

It didn't stall at 2130. I found it at 2050 and still climbing at about 30°/hour. So I shut it off when it hit 2130.

My liner glaze will melt at a lower temp, but my main semi matte glaze has a much smaller tolerance.

Mostly, I didn't want to OVERfire. Last time this happened (maybe 6 yrs ago), I let the kiln finish to final temp and it was all overfired. If it's UNDERfired, I can refire. My glazes will look slightly different, but only enough for me to notice.

In Topic: Can I Get Away Without A Test Kiln?

19 August 2016 - 11:35 AM


 If you want to sell them even faster, attach a little bird on the rim... 

Haha, so true!



Uh, but please everyone, don't fall into the "Put a Bird on It" meme from Portlandia. Just do a google search for "put a bird on it portlandia" and prepare to cringe (while laughing).


I put birds on some of my pots, but I am careful not to be twee about it.