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Cutting Dies From Plastic, Need Advice

27 August 2015 - 07:29 AM

Have you had any luck cutting extruder dies from salvaged plastic cutting boards?  I have seen some used on You Tube, but my efforts to cut the ones I've been collecting aren't going anywhere. The plastic is melting back together behind the saw, yes, I have tried lube and cutting slower, didn't help.  Other times I have had the materials crack. 

Mc6 Varigated Blue

25 August 2015 - 09:57 AM

Are you using this glaze from MC6 ?  I do and it always looks dull and where it is thin, an ugly dark gray, not what the book shows. On white clay it is better, but not the color the book shows.  Other glazes from that book I get good results with..  I do a slow cool  and have tried it on several different clays. How does yours look and what could I do to get the true color? 

Suggestions Needed For Colorants

31 May 2015 - 08:32 AM

I am testing the following glaze and would like it to be a bit more mint green, bluer side of light green. It is a great surface, but just a touch more yellow green than I am looking for. What changes do you recommend to get there? Add a 1/2 percent cobalt?

The base is the Calcium semi matt from MC6G.
3195 22.2
wollastonite 21
neph sy 4.4
EPK 33.3
silica 18.8

I added copper carb 1.50
rutile 7.00

With the same base and cobalt 1.0, titanium diox 3.0, I got a strong sky blue, not what I want either.

Thanks for any direction that will help me narrow down the testing, I am new at changing a glazes color.

Using Vent Caused Underfiring ?

09 May 2015 - 11:47 AM

I just unloaded the first firing using the Envirovent that I installed on my Skutt 1027.  The cones were much more even, slightly hotter at the TC, but much improved over the cones with out the vent.  Problem is, I used the cone fire mode for 04 slow fire, that is supposed to compensate for irregularities and the Skutt tec said it would be more dependable that the Ramp mode I had written for my firings.  Kiln ran 12.30 hrs, 4 hours less that the program I usually run, and went to 1945.with no hold.  My Ramp firings are to 1920 with an hour hld.  When I unloaded this AM, none of the 04 cones are bent at all, the 05 are only slightly bent. BUT the firing is more even with the vent. GRRRR. what went wrong? I can't call Skutt until noon my time Monday AM. hoped to be running a glaze fire on this work before then.

Can I refire the bisque without risking the work?  Do I need to refire it?  I'm used to 04 bisque work and this isn't even 06 from the looks of the 05 cones.

When Does The Most % Of Total Shrinkage Of Caly Happen?

06 May 2015 - 02:50 PM

I made a GREAT find this AM. a big plastic thing with exactly the size , angles and shape I have been wanting for slumping a basic form for what I want to make. BUT. it is 2" wider that my kiln. If my clay's total shrinkage is 12%, how much of that will be in the drying, how much in the bisque fire? I want this to end up just big enough to get in the kiln without touching any elements to bisque fire it. I know after the bisque it will be good to go for glaze firing . Can't wait to start on this!

DRAT, can someone correct the title?