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Hanging Methods For Large Platters And Bowls?

Today, 04:12 PM

What is your preferred method of planning how to hang these piece when you throw and trim them?

  A hole in a deep foot ring?  a wire wrapped and twisted?  I want to offer them ready to hang, or to use and then hang back up and this is new to me.

Which Do You Prefer For Joining Process?

20 September 2014 - 08:38 AM

Do you use deflocculated slip, regular slip or magic water for joining.   ?


I have not tried deflocculated slip, just watched John Britt's video on You Tube on this and am considering it for a stiff slab project upcoming.  Are different processes better in different situations?


Some of my students get slabs too wet when using vinegar water, looking for a better way for them.

Hvlp Sprayers Do You Use One?

22 August 2014 - 06:54 AM

I have a sprayer from Harbor Freight, the purple one, with the overhead cup, never used it.  Got it out yesterday and it is the most irritating piece of equipment   I have ever tried to use!  Why do so many potters like them?

The cup is infuriating to fill, the thing is heavy, you can't sit it down and the manual had no info on how to adjust the spray.

What am I missing here?

"throwing With The Eye Of The Clay" - Do You?

04 August 2014 - 08:56 AM

I came across an article in an OLD CM, May 87-Jeffery Werbock,  with this idea. It is presented as a Korean technique.  Are you familiar with it?  When I read it, I thought about my question some time back about throwing orientation of pugged clay and s cracks from the spiral in the pug.

Wouldn't this 'eye of the clay' approach have the same issue?   I was taught to put even small hand wedged pieces on the bat with the spiral cross wise so as to minimize s cracks. 

This article talks about using spiral wedging to create the spiral and how coning up and pushing the clay to one side when coning down will increase the twist in the clay, to your benefit.  The idea is that it is easier to open and throw because you are working with the spiral.  The focus of the article was throwing large.  The potter in the illustrations opened the tall slender lump of clay with his fist, going into the clay elbow deep. The first pull was from walls already 12" tall.

How Fast Do You Run Your Wheel When Centering?

17 July 2014 - 02:25 PM

Is the speed of the wheel a factor for you when you are centering and coning up and down?  Is a bigger, higher HP wheel an advantage?  Some say they handle 75 lbs, some say 200lbs, both are WAY more clay than I will ever center.