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Do You Know This ^6 Glaze?

30 April 2017 - 12:39 PM

I have lost the recipe to a glaze I have a test tile for that I really like and would like to reproduce.  the tile and the test tub is labeled Opalescent Chun .  The tile is a medium blue with a hint of lavender, satin smooth, some breaking on texture.  Do any of you know this glaze?  I "THINK" I may have gotten it a Odessey clay works in Asheville, but they say the don't remember it.

Color Of Talc.

05 January 2017 - 10:19 PM

When my shipment arrived, the talc is gray not the pure white I have used before from the same supplier!
What is gray talc ?

Are You Using Desert Buff From Highwater?

30 October 2016 - 07:00 PM

Looks like I've got some clay with black boogers in it. This is the first-time I've used Desert Buff and the first time in many years of glazing that I've had anything like these pots coming out of a glaze firing, The pieces have black globs on the surface sometimes with glaze over them, sometimes standing above the surface of the piece. Sometimes I can grind the blobs off and reglaze successfully .
Have any of you gad issues with this clay?

Any Thoughts On How To Improve My % In A Good Gallery?

26 October 2016 - 12:20 PM

     I have been in a well run profitable gallery in a lake resort, retirement community near me for 2 years . The shop takes is a large amount monthly.  Most of the sales go to out of state visitors to the retirees and in the summer, lake rentals.  My problem is that my % of the overall profits are not what I would like.  I sell smaller pieces steadily, but of the 35 various artist, the majority of sales BY FAR go to the 5 jewelers  .  I pay a small commission and work the shop one day a month to keep it low. The commission goes to support the local Arts Guild, which is the governing body of the shop.

     There are 3 other potters in this shop, 2 others make work of similar style and quality to mine, and I have better sales that they do because, I think, I have a wider variety and restock more often than they do.  My display space is large and well lit.  I decide what pieces I bring in and what the prices are. Most work in the shop is very nice. 

      There are 2 town wide festivals and I sit my wheel on the front porch and throw pots to a big crown of watchers on those day.  That has increased traffic coming into the shop, but does not translate into ANY sales of my work those days ! :-( .

     The jewelry is up front near the entrance and desk because it is the most easily pocketed item .  The jewelry is nice quality, silver, semi precious stones, I have bought several pieces myself!  They sell $50- $90 pieces regularly, I rarely sell something for more that $25, no matter what it is.  Only item I sell there at a higher price point is woven clay baskets, none of the other potters make them.  

     How do I get my higher priced items to sell to women that come in and happily spend $100 on a whim on jewelry?  I can sell higher priced items other places, and higher priced items sell in this shop, they just aren't mine!

Standard 266

20 October 2016 - 10:24 PM

Have any of you used this clay? I'm looking for a dark ^6 clay. There are rumors about bloating if it is pushed ,since it is rated only to ^5