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#95157 Nilserik Stool From Ikea

Posted by clay lover on 02 November 2015 - 06:26 PM

No,I use a stool made for handicap people getting in and out of a bath tub. It tilts, is adjustable height and has a broad seat which helps not having pressure points . Best part , it was 5$ at the 2nd had store.. they are there often. Best wheel seat ever. I REALLY believe in the tilt.

#94605 First Time To Make Jewelry, Need Advice!

Posted by clay lover on 21 October 2015 - 08:39 AM

My students are asking for an opportunity to make some pendants type things for Christmas gifts.  I don't have a bead tree or anything to hang the pieces when glaze firing.  What can we do to the backs of the pendants that will keep them from being 'necked clay' but still allow them to lay flat for firing?  I am OK with putting these small pieces on cookies to keep the edges up off the kiln shelf, but want a way to add color to the backs.

Any suggestions?  I have a large collection of underglazes and various oxides to make 'stuff' with.

#91381 Pug Mills :)

Posted by clay lover on 25 August 2015 - 01:26 PM

I have a stainless Peter Pugger,de airing. Makes beeeeuuutiful clay. It's the smallest one. Holds 25 lbs.  EVERYTHING goes in it. Reclaim, new clay to condition, all scraps.  I never empty it and don't clean it.  It is easy to use. Without it, I would not be doing pottery today.  Much cheaper than carple tunnel surgery. I love it.

#89101 Stretching Your Limits

Posted by clay lover on 18 July 2015 - 10:41 AM

Well......on that topic, I have spent the last 2 months struggling to develop a new esthetic.  as of yesterday, the greenware pieces have made me very happy.  As of this AM , after unloading the bisque, with a 50% loss due, I think, to stress in the form, I am not so happy.  Now I need to decide if I like the work well enough to continue to struggle with eliminating the stress without loosing the look.  (Probably yes, but not today).

#81067 Peep Hole Plugs

Posted by clay lover on 08 May 2015 - 08:04 AM

I have a somewhat different issue with loose peep plugs.  The raccoons take them out and carry them out into the woods behind the studio.  It's like being on an Easter egg hunt, but I always find them if I walk far enough.  I wish I could see this happening and I always get a laugh when I see it has happened again.  I do keep a couple of extras around, just in case.  They don't seem to have a any interest in the stilts, but did once manage to take a full 2 lb. coffee can of glaze up and over the farm fence behind the kiln area.  That had to have been a group effort, since the lid was not off the still full can when I found it, several yards behind the studio!.

#79930 Discussion On Clay

Posted by clay lover on 23 April 2015 - 07:13 AM

Ray, I have noticed that same thing. I would expect my skills to get rusty after a layoff, but the opposite happens.

#79840 Humor: The Best Way To Learn!

Posted by clay lover on 22 April 2015 - 08:32 AM

I just now watched the video, I was not amused by it at all.  I don't understand the motive behind it.  Was it to ridicule beginners, illustrate how 'boring' teaching is?  I have been that beginner, and I hope I will never be that teacher.

Every question the 'student ' asked was a valid one, I hear all those questions in my beginning wheel class.  If the student already understood what he was trying to do, it wouldn't be a beginner class, for Pete's sake!  If a teacher is that bored and condescending to her students questions, PLEASE, DON'T TEACH!  You do the rest of us a disservice.

I can laugh my head off when it's funny, but this wasn't

#79560 Defloculate, Or Add Water?

Posted by clay lover on 17 April 2015 - 01:54 PM

Thanks, Neil, I will go work on it.  This glaze was weirdly thick to begin with, I tried the sodium silicate to make it more fluid, but it did not seem to increase the liquidity of it any.

#78797 Request For John Baymore's Throwing Exercises.

Posted by clay lover on 07 April 2015 - 03:36 PM

Actually, looking back over this thread, I'm sort of interested in the Nigerian Prince and the $10,000,000.

  John, could you forward my e-mail to him, pretty please?  :D

#78621 Newbie Discouraged But Persistent---Help!

Posted by clay lover on 05 April 2015 - 09:15 AM

Hard to teach from afar, but, possibly, you are keeping your fingertips in that one spot for too long and thinning the clay there rather than continuing up the wall bringing the clay with you.  .  Sometimes to stop a habit, you have to do the opposite, think 'leave a fat place here so the pot can stand up', and see what happens.  There is a balance to the combination of finger pressure, wheel speed and how fast you move your fingers up.   You have to find that.  If you have the same problem every time, look to what part of that combo is not working.  Too slow a wheel speed for the contact is the same as too long a contact in one place.  Hope this helps. 

#78374 Well Met At Nceca

Posted by clay lover on 01 April 2015 - 10:28 AM

What a good looking trio! ;)

#78007 21 Century Customer... Perpetual Replacement Of Pottery

Posted by clay lover on 25 March 2015 - 12:12 PM

I expect her 'in circle' is not much better at accepting personal responsibility than she is.  I would think it a good thing that she and they shop elsewhere. 


Do you tell her she was buying child proof pottery?  


I didn't think so.

#77543 If You Want Perfect...

Posted by clay lover on 17 March 2015 - 07:06 PM

Listen to Chris.  I've been making and selling pottery for 11 years. At this point, I do well with sales and income. Admittedly, the pots I offer for sale today are VASTLY better that the first pots I offered and did sell, but at no time did I offer warped, cracked, glaze flawed pieces. DON'T DO IT.

I was even encouraged by the so called local  instructor to 'call it art and up the price"  Do I need to add, he makes crap?

Every piece you put out there has the potential to live longer that you will.  The hammer hangs beside my kiln.  I use it less now, since I have become more discriminating about the greenware, If I know the design is bad, I recycle the clay, no need to fire it.

Please do yourself and all of us quality conscious potters a favor and cull you work.  Sounds like you already know what to whack? :-)


Like Pugaboo's stones, will be doing some of that.

#77458 Stuffers Is One Way To Make One Kiln Load Into Two.

Posted by clay lover on 16 March 2015 - 09:58 AM

I make little HB bowls, 3'', to fit in around and under the larger bowls in a glaze.  Little soap dishes, 3x5, to finish off a shelf that has a long rectangular tray. Long skinny butter dishes for same place.

Mark, I think I see a space on the upper left under a bowl. ;)  Impressive work.

#77383 Planning A Glaze Kiln Load - How Much Planning?

Posted by clay lover on 14 March 2015 - 09:54 PM

I'm a bit like Mia and Paul. I will make enough of certain height piece at one sitting to fill a shelf in a glaze. For wide bowls, the hardest to load in a glaze for me, I fill in and around with lower smaller thing that fit in under the rims of the bowls. Takes me forever to fit in the spaces but make sure nothing touches. Like Mia, I have sized new works to fit on a bisque shelf after figuring in shrinkage from drying, and have made pieces sized specifically to sit beside another pieces to fill a shelf tightly. I always have plenty of stuffers and littles for that reason. My goal is to get 2 full glaze firings from 1 bisque. There is a cabinet near the kiln where the glazed or bisque pieces that did not fit are stored until next time.