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Test Tile Designs - Pros and Cons

10 January 2012 - 04:37 PM

Hello all!

I am fairly new to posting on the forum, but enjoy the discussions here, so I thought I'd ask for your knowledgeable input. I recently set up my studio after about a 10 year hiatus and have had a couple of pretty decent firings (cone 6 electric). One of my New Year projects is to go back to what I should have done before those firings and run some glaze tests. I have some nice glazes that I want to do some overlap testing with and try out some new stuff too. No major deadlines coming up so now is the time!

To the point! I have used the standard "L" and "T" shaped test tiles in the past, extruded, with success. I have an extruder, but no test tile die at present, and no drill press or tools to create a large enough die for a test tile. I do my own small dies with credit cards and a dremel, but I don't think that would be strong enough for a larger shape. Problem #2 is I'd like to hang these on a board when I'm finished, and don't really want to go breaking off the bottom leg of hundreds of tiles (yep, I'm ambitious with these testing plans). So I'm thinking of just making flat tiles with a stamp on one side for texture and a hole for mounting, and making some little "tile setters" of some sort for firing them so they stand at an angle.

How do you make your test tiles? How do you position them for firing? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!