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Connecting Vs. Procrastination

26 March 2014 - 09:48 AM

There was a presentation at NCECA on the topic of using social media. These presenters talked about using facebook, Linkedin, pinterest, instagram, tweets, etc  ... and all I could think about was "When?"


I mean, I do want to connect with other potters and potential customers but could not see many places in my day to fit in all of this activity. Did they have special 40 hour days? <_<  Or, is it easier to 'connect' than to get into the studio and work?


In baseball, there is a 'Warning Track' for fielders so they know when they are about to hit the wall.


What is your 'Warning Track' for over connecting?? Can you balance it all??

2014 Juried Show Images

20 March 2014 - 06:02 PM

I finally got to see the fabulous Potters Council juried show ... Thanks to our extremely talented Members, we have a wonderful show that is getting lots of compliments.
Thanks to the winners, and special thanks to all who submitted work.

Lessons Learned At Nc Potters Conference

10 March 2014 - 11:09 AM

Like Pres, I have just returned from the ice storm challenged NC Potters Conference.




One benefit of the delays was there were a lot more opportunities for conversations about pots and a potters life with both the attendees and the presenters. Here are a few things I learned.


All the presenters agreed that while they enjoy making pottery, they do not consider it "FUN" ... it's work. The famous "Inspiration is for amateurs, pros go to work" line resounded with them as well as with many of the attendees.


They all experiment and consider learning what does not work as important as finding out what does. It all leads to intimate knowledge of materials. Michelle Erickson has probably spent most of her career experimenting and "failing" as she tries to duplicate the decorative surfaces of historical pots ... trying to discover how these potters made their marks means trying all the ways to make marks.


Even though John Gill's pots look very simple and easy to make ... he is an incredible hand builder. You have to have tried some of the things he was doing to appreciate how easy he made difficult things look. A novice would have thought they could just go home and do it. I enjoyed hearing him call stoneware a "dumb clay" that just lets you do stuff to it. Considering trading in my diva porcelain. <_<


Another aspect of pottery they all shared was an awareness of the historic importance of pottery ... that shapes and surfaces tie a pot back to its origins and often define the people who used them.


I encourage everyone to attend or start a local clay conference ... discover the joys of spending time in the company of other potters. It is truly wonderful to be in a place where no one wonders why you chose a life in clay. :D


How Are You Managing Your Web Resources?

23 February 2014 - 03:38 PM

"I know many an old school full time potters who do not choose to interact with the web other than some applications and to see upcoming weather etc.-do not have web sites (or have info only no sales) and seem to be getting on just fine-even thriving-rasing families-making pots.Its a tool only if one chooses to use it.

If your established or your work is a hands on online of a kind the web may not the best venue. For me it started out becuase I got really tired takling color on phone to customers so I dumbed it down to a few color choices. I also choose not to purse web sales over direct sales as its just so small potatoes. I choose to use it more as informational-tell my customers where I'll be showing and where they can buy my work. Yes some want it sent to them in small volumes. Small volume sales have yet to appeal to me.

The most successfull potters I know do a mix of sales and that mix usually does not involve web sales.

I'm sure this is not true accross the board only my experience."



Mark said it was OK if I used his last post to start a new thread.


I am interested in finding out how you all are using or adapting the Internet and your site or commercial sites to promote your own work.

I found it interesting that many potters were finding etsy to be a cheap place to set up a store for their customers ... not even caring much if others found it but just using it as a shopping cart.

Others are promoting themselves on facebook or pinterest by making sure to post images.

I have hidden pages on my personal website where I can send clients to look at new work. When the transaction is done I just delete it.


How are you all adapting?? Any fun ideas?

Hard Paste Porcelain Question

20 February 2014 - 09:03 PM

I just got home from viewing a collection of Tsarist dinner wares made in the 1800's from hard paste porcelain.

I noticed small ding on a platter showed up black rather than glassy as I would have expected.

Is this just centuries of grime?? The person in the room was not really a porcelain person so did not have an answer.

Any ideas?