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The Arts Festival Plan

02 August 2015 - 11:54 AM

Mea ..l hope you don't mind me posting this link as it is a MUST READ for anyone trying to survive in the Arts & Crafts Festival world. Great advice and observations as always.


Cannot Change My Profile Picture

23 July 2015 - 03:20 PM

OK ... I give up ... trying to change my profile picture ... I have it sized correctly, hit change my picture, hit browse ... select my image OK ...

then NOTHING happens and there are no other buttons to push.

Help anyone??

Stream Of Consciousness Back Fires ....

15 April 2015 - 06:57 PM

OK ... So I decide to start a yard sculpture ... the thing gets bigger and bigger ... taller and wider ... On the second floor of my house with no idea how to get it downstairs into the garage where the kilns are.

On the plus side it will fit in the kiln as I keep those dimensions front and center in my studio.
On the negative side, this thing weighs a lot.
In hindsight it would have been a lot smarter to take an hour to add paper pulp to the clay.
In hindsight I guess I should have made it in two parts.
So Plan A is to put it on a piece of canvas and get help wrangling it downstairs.
Plan B is to whack it, convert the clay to paper clay and start over.
Plan C ....... Well, now I know why I don't make large things.

Choosing A Name For Your Pottery Business

14 March 2015 - 10:53 AM

There is a topic in the updates area that I don't think has been asked here yet ....
What should you name your business?
Your name? Your street, town name? A cute name meaningful to you?

Obviously since I am "Chris Campbell Pottery, LLC" we know what my answer is.
The why is strictly business related ...
Easy to Google and find website quickly
Don't have to remember the name of that potter at Wild Turkey Pottery
Easily fits even if I change the type of work I do ... Eg not 'earthenware by Chris' etc.
Legally have to put the LLC on everything
If I get stuff addressed to Mr. Chris Campbell I know I can safely throw it out.

What did you name your business and why??

Porcelain Throwing Method

09 March 2015 - 10:44 AM

I just returned from the North Carolina Potters Conference. Our presenters were three established potters from Japan ... just amazing to watch as they worked.
There were many lessons learned but one excited all the throwers so I thought I would share.
From Fuku Fukumoto ... Google her images and enjoy the Artwork. :)

She centers and cones her porcelain, then cuts it off the wheel, turns it upside down and centers and cones again.
(many thought this reversed the twist that the first centering and coning process put into the clay) She just said it further compacts the porcelain making it easier to throw. The other presenters agreed that they knew many porcelain throwers who did this but did not do it themselves.

I am not a big time thrower so I do not have an opinion ... also, their porcelain is made from stone and is so grog free it is like butter ... 180 mesh as opposed to our 60 or so.

NOTE : see my later post ... on realizing their clay was stone based, so this could be why it works for them. I have to admit if I was a thrower I would definitely try it just to see what happens, but it also could be a useless extra step for clay.