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In Topic: Firing Glazed Plates

Today, 06:47 PM

Often times you fire twice ... Once all the way to high temp with matching glaze on the food surface ... then the second time at a lower temp with a low fire temp glaze on the back. You leave the center of the bottom unglazed and since the temp is lower ... Say 05 ... you don't need any support for the work.

In Topic: Qotw: Are We Copycats?

Today, 10:03 AM

I was once writing an article on craft shows and had some artists totally freak out when I approached with a camera ... even when I explained what I was doing ... they did not want any images taken. This seemed weird to me as any images of their work would have shown up in a pretty good craft magazine ... and quite frankly, the work was not even close to being original designs that anyone would need to steal. Totally misplaced paranoia. They did not know enough about the history of pottery to know what they were doing themselves was 'copying' someone else's style or work.


Now, I can see it in a wholesale type venue where known copiers are roaming the aisles looking specifically for work to rip off. I think these shows ban cameras (?) but still some are looking for what is selling and trying to shoot in secret with high tech type cameras that can send an image good enough to copy for production. BUT ... that said, anyone looking to rip you off is going to find a dozen ways to do it including just buying one and copying it (as has been done).


The only way to beat copy cats is to move on and leave them behind. Unfortunately we mostly do not have enough money to fight them in court and few resources to draw on in the battle. I believe The Rosen Group has successfully sued a manufacturer for one of their wholesale artists but I personally don't know of many others who have taken up this fight.

Anyone know if there is a resource for this??

In Topic: Turning Off Kiln Prematurely

Today, 09:49 AM

Yes indeed ... remember the book "Farenheight 451" ... ignition point of paper .... they had to stuff those fish with something to keep them poofy ... and it does stink as it burns.

In Topic: Acrylic Stamps ?

Today, 09:29 AM

In this case your font is more problematic than the medium. The upper case letters look fine but the lower case ones might get muddled looking with all the serifs ... a cleaner contemporary font might work better.

I use metal letter stamps from a leather stamping set or alphabet macaroni ... my signature stamp is also metal but I don't see why sturdy acrylic would not work.

In Topic: Cannot Change My Profile Picture

23 July 2015 - 04:02 PM

Thank YOU both so much ... that was so NOT logical for me!