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In Topic: Mud Needs Help (Noob Fer Sure Here)

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

These molds will definitely be time consuming for you. Not just the unloading, storing, cleaning, checking .....etc .... but also the curve you will have for learning how to work with slips and molds.

If this is the business you want to get into, then I suggest you get some advice from people who are already doing this. They might be able to give you solid tips on what to look for when auditing these molds. Then, buy some books and give yourself permission to enjoy learning.

Best of luck to you!

In Topic: What % Of The Sale Price Do You Receive?

27 October 2014 - 09:44 PM

I prefer to wholesale but not all galleries can afford to stock their shelves with 100% purchased work so you might have to consign at the start.

There are some excellent consignment galleries, but most of the time I advise artists to stick to local ones where you can keep an eye on them.

In Topic: How Quickly Do You Get Rid Of Failures?

27 October 2014 - 05:48 PM

I like the thought of putting them out on fence posts, but they all have my name stamped on them.  If they are too awful to sell, I don't want to be remembered by them!  How do I get the name off?

A hammer is a good tool, a sledge hammer is also good.

In Topic: Sagging Test Run

27 October 2014 - 03:41 PM

I like the way it looks.
Sorry, not helpful for anti sagging tips.

In Topic: How Quickly Do You Get Rid Of Failures?

27 October 2014 - 01:00 PM

I cannot repo a very ugly chip/dip dish from family ... They love it because it is SO heavy the kids cannot knock it off the table. I cringe every time they haul it out ... Ugly oatmeal glaze too! Ugh

I smash the worst and use the pieces for drainage, decorate my yard by building 'walls' made from others ... years later one will catch my eye and I will wonder why I tossed it ... mostly I vividly remember. Three pieces have been smashed to dust and buried they were so awful to remember.