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Yesterday, 08:32 PM

We actually like what we do for a living or for a hobby ... That puts us light years ahead of those who hate their jobs ... their learning curve might be just as steep, their self doubt just as real and their failures life changing rather than annoying. Puts us miles ahead of those who just work to make money and live for the weekend.

So acting like we have it any tougher than anyone else ... Gotta get over that!

In Topic: Is Low Fire Clay Easier To Hand Build With?

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

I agree with Neil ... It's what is in the clay. You want a very forgiving elastic clay for this type of building. A short clay of any type is going to crack. Ask your supplier for the most forgiving, elastic and versatile clay body they have.

In Topic: Well Said

22 October 2014 - 08:09 PM

I can only repeat that I would never place this anywhere in sight of a customer ... or myself for that matter.
I choose to do what I do fully knowing buyers do not care how hard I work or how long it takes.
I am not asking for pity because I have to work hard, or implying that every job rips out a part of my soul.
Just me however ... I am a business major after all!!

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21 October 2014 - 08:03 PM


Also the drama ... "Every single piece I make is ripped from my soul."


What Chris.... your's isn't?   Clearly your work process is lacking ;)






My process is indeed lacking John .... perhaps I just need more time stoking a wood kiln!!

Have so much fun with your new 'baby' ... :) :D

In Topic: What Is Your Most Valuable Piece Of Equipment In Your Studio?

21 October 2014 - 04:41 PM

I guess it's the table I work on ... I have had this IKEA dresser since 1977 and it has floated around my home doing one job or another ever since. When I got my own studio space I moved it in, mounted it on cinder blocks, screwed on a huge piece of hardiback (?) board to make it outsized and covered it with heavy duty plastic and canvas. Canvas has been replaced about four times and I keep meaning to put another surface on it other than canvas but never get around to it. It is huge enough to hold even my largest production runs and is just the right height. Drawers hold all my tools, stamps, molds and sketch books. It has taken a lot of abuse over the years and sometimes looks like it wants to fall apart ... but so far, so good.