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In Topic: I'll Never Be A Real Potter.

Yesterday, 10:41 AM

He's fleeing the interview! He's fleeing the interview!

In Topic: Need To Make Slip A Bright White

09 February 2016 - 09:34 PM

I use Laguna 'Frost' as a slip to whiten less expensive clays. Works well and one bag makes a lot of slip.

In Topic: Copycat Ceramic Work

06 February 2016 - 05:39 PM

I would be interested in seeing what number twelve looks like ... Your journey has barely begun.
Keep going on as this is a decent number 1.
Don't fire anything but number 12.

In Topic: What To Do With All My Early Pieces?

06 February 2016 - 12:27 PM

#One perfect solution is to stop firing everything ... Do some serious editing before you bisque fire pots because nothing that happens after is going to make an iffy pot better.
#Two is hammer & goggles ... Let your stressed out friends have a go at it too. Share the fun. Share the shards with gardening friends .. Shards spread around a flower bed will discourage small animals from getting close and munching plants.
#Three ... Build a wall with them
#Four ... Toss them out.

In Topic: Is There Anywhere To Sell Extra Ceramic?

05 February 2016 - 07:04 PM

1,000 mugs ... Do you own your home? You could turn them into the coolest yard feature ever ... A long wall or garden edging.