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Today, 10:47 AM

Thank you all ... and I am thrilled that I am already getting images from Pottery Making Illustrated readers.

It is so great to know that people are excited by the process and trying it out.

I will be bringing a display of the pieces to the North Carolina Potters Conference this weekend in Asheboro, NC.

You are all welcome to drop in and see the work on display in the Gallery, even if you are not registered for the event.


I am attaching an image of a pot made by Tunie Van Wyk in South Africa

In Topic: Kudos To Chris Campbell

Yesterday, 09:25 PM

Thanks Roberta!

The pots were all glazed with a Cone 6 Transparent matte glaze. Gives a lovely eggshell finish.

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Yesterday, 06:35 PM

I have never used a gallery service. So all this is new to me. Can someone give an example. Starting with how you price your piece. And do you adjust price based on the location of sale?  Is there a book that covers this in detail?


You should go to the library and check out books on how to run a small business. Basics are basics no matter what you are selling.

These books will teach you how to calculate your costs so you are not loosing money faster than you can make things.


In wholesale you mostly cannot control the price a Gallery will charge for your work.

You sell to everyone at the same price. They mark it up to cover their expenses.

So someone paying big bucks for a high traffic location will likely charge more than someone with low rents and costs.


You can set a minimum price they can sell it for.

You can offer to buy it back rather than let it go on sale.

You can negotiate designer/decorator discounts.


Consignment is a whole different thing BUT these days consignment Galleries want 50% too ... so you are basically stocking their shelves at your expense and taking ALL the risks too.

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Yesterday, 10:54 AM

It is common here for the gallery to at least double the artists wholesale price but in high rent areas that can go higher ... matching your 120%. We do not have VAT tax yet but Galleries pay any sales tax.
This is why it is so mportant for the potter to know their costs and price their wares properly so they make money on their wholesale price and leave it up to the Galleries to make their money on retail.

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26 February 2017 - 08:05 PM

Profitable production pottery ....


You work as long as interns in any field.
You fail, you succeed, you learn, you move on.
You take victories where you find them because the hard lessons find you.

And yes, if you love it, it's just the best!