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In Topic: Can A Pot Be Re-Fired After Being Fired To Clear Glaze It?

Yesterday, 08:14 PM

I have been considering using a cone 10 Raku clay body to make mugs.
The last step for the mug is to line the inside with a clay body that matures at cone 3.  Armadillo's Longhorn White Clay meets that requirement.  Bisque fire the mugs, glaze them with cone 3 glazes, and fire the pots to cone 3 in a Raku kiln.  Pull the pots and place them in sawdust, or reduction chamber and get the reduction effects on the still porous cone 10 exterior.  I know that the available raku kiln will reach cone 3 in an additonal half hour of firing. 
If someone wants to do the experiment for me, go ahead.  I have two other projects that must be completed before I can do more than though experiments.

One problem is that not many raku glazes work above Cone 04, so you would have to reformulate the glazes.
Another problem of course would be getting those two clay bodies to play nice together.
Another would be that all the raku glaze effects might be gone after your customers throw the mug in the dishwasher ... and they will, because it's a mug.

In Topic: Can A Pot Be Re-Fired After Being Fired To Clear Glaze It?

Yesterday, 05:26 PM

As far as I know, re firing the piece in any oxidation atmosphere will burn out all of the effects created at low temperatures ... so no, you cannot have it all ... though it would be great if you could!

And ... I wish you were wearing protective equipment for your face, arms, hands and clothing while you fired. That just looks like an accident waiting to happen.

In Topic: Suggestions For Making Drawing Effect With Glaze?

22 January 2017 - 08:44 PM

Kraythe ... what is your experience level?
You can draw with glazes but you have to know a lot about glazes.

I have some pieces by Alexander Kastulin in Toronto that is glaze drawing but I would not try it!

The easiest way to do this is with Amaco velvet underglazes ... they can leave a solid line with one coat.

In Topic: Wholesale Marketing Materials

19 January 2017 - 02:52 PM

Quality of contacts over quantity will pay higher dividends.

Take the time to sort them down so your time spent has a better chance of paying off.
Take the time to go to their websites ... many you will eliminate in under one minute.
What you will be left with is a quality mailing list that is worth your time and $$$$$$$$

Those that look promising might have a link to how they like to receive proposals for new work. Some of these are very specific as regards to images and programs.
Galleries that make you drool might be worth a personal visit ( on a slow weekday ) to meet someone and ask how they like to get new work ... then, when you submit, you have a name to mention.

Galleries are always on the look out for new work ... so best wishes and Good Luck!!

In Topic: Wholesale Marketing Materials

17 January 2017 - 10:39 PM

It would be worthwhile to pay someone ... in cash or pottery ... to Google the list to narrow it down to Galleries who sell handmade pottery.

This effort would give you quality over quantity as most gift shops and Galleries buy at shows like the huge Atlanta wholesale gift show that is heavy on factory imports and great for profit margins. You only have to see the site to spot the same exact work in every shop.

Another venue you might want to look into is wholesalecrafts.com where buyers are actively looking for work year round. I was on this site for ten years when I did wholesale and they tried to keep the goods hand made ... but, I have no idea what it is like now so cannot vouch for it 100%. Others might have more current info.