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Chinese kiln gods and studio potters

25 September 2012 - 11:20 PM

This is my first time to post on this website discussion group. Mea, another moderator has suggested I try to post on this forum because the topic of kiln gods might be germane to people here. I hope so because I think that this topic is very special. My name is Martie Geiger-Ho have recently published a book on this topic, and in May of 2013 I will go to Taiwan on a grant from the University of Brunei Darussalam where I teach ceramics, sculpture and art history to study kiln firing rituals. (Brunei Darussalam is a modern oil rich Islamic nation located on the Island of Borneo.) I am posting with the Ceramic Arts Community because I want to have some contact and exchange with other studio potters about the topic of kiln gods. I wrote a dissertation about the kiln gods of China for my doctorate and since that time I have researched new sites and developments about kiln god worship practices in China. I am thinking about writing an article on this topic, or even another book in the future, and I would like to know more from others about how they heard about kiln gods or if they make them. A long time ago I did some posting on clayart and I enjoyed the exchange with others about kiln gods. I hope that I can meet others who enjoy the lore and mystery of ceramics through this site.