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In Topic: Qotw: What Form Do You Most Enjoy Creating, Whether Thrown Or Handbuilt, And...

Yesterday, 10:18 PM

Chawan suitable for Koicha in Chanoyu.  Because they are incredibly difficult to get right.





In Topic: Stoneware Limit Study

Yesterday, 09:33 PM



What I do to a lot of my clay bodies would give you a coronary. :ph34r:  :lol:





In Topic: The Only Absolutely True Rule For Potters. Pay Attention To This

Yesterday, 12:30 PM

The old item that you have in the studio for 40 years that you haven't used or needed for the last 30 years... and you throw it out.


The next day.... is the day you need it again.  :blink:





In Topic: Do You Like....?

Yesterday, 10:45 AM

As a long time maker of asymmetrical and "loose" kinds of forms....... intended mainly for function........ I find an interesting aspect in the use of language in this thread.  More so than the pieces themselves.  It is how we are defining and describing things as we discuss them.


The choice of the use of the terms like "Perfect" and "Imperfect" and the association to "Symmetrical".


And the choice of terms like "Unrefined" associated with "Simple" and "Rustic".


And the associations that things like "wobble" and "wonky" are a negative.


I would contend that some of the "wonkiest" asymmetrical and rustic pieces can also be some of the most refined, well-considered, technically well executed, and sophisticated pieces there are, and are approaching if not attaining being "perfect". 





In Topic: Studio Safety

Yesterday, 10:14 AM

Agree with you John. The one that I currently use is a NIOSH 6001 3m, but it's cartridge is also for vapors. an overkill I think. Can one find cartridges without the carbon filter? It is also heavy on my face, and particularly my nose. 

Another question: do you think I can place it under a tap and wash thoroughly if I take the cartridges off?  I always just wiped it off, because of that front nossl- thingy. 




Yes... there are just straight P-100 / HEPA filters available.  Lots of online suppliers of safety equipment. The chemical carbon filter is doing nothing for you for the dusts except helping to empty your wallet.  So unless you are using solvents and stuff like lusters, it is also only making it a bit harder to breathe.  


Yes.... you can usually carefully wash the whole thing (minus filter cartridges) in warm soapy water.  Dry it well, and be careful of any mechanical "flappy" parts that control which way the air is flowing when you inhale and exhale.  And for storage, keep them in a sealed plastic bag AFTER washing the mask after use and letting the filters dry out from a bit of exhaled moisture.   Only dry stuff goes into the sealed bag.... unless you like to add molds to your list of possible exposures ;) .


The P-100 filters do not go "bad" over time.  But the chemical ones DO.  So exposure to air slowly kills their effectiveness.  The sealed plastic bags helps with that too.


After the "bad" comment above....... an important note I'd like to mention here is also that the P-100 filters do not slowly let more stuff get thru as they age.  Quite the opposite.  The filters "fail" by plugging up and letting less and less stuff thru.  Like ..... air.  SO when you notice that you are JUST starting to feel a little resistance to breathing or find that you get a little out of breath for a certain exertion level compared to "normal".... time to change the filters.