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In Topic: Small Jugs Pour Badly

Today, 03:06 PM

Do some studying about pitcher lips, and make new ones.





In Topic: Need Help Learning To Throw While Standing

Today, 03:02 PM



Research the ceramist John Glick and Studio Potter magazine (the definitive article) for the REAL info on throwing standing up. The piece goes back MANY years now.


To just setup a wheel at a different height often just moves the 'zone of injury' from the lower back to the wrists, the knees, ankles, or feet (or multiples).


There ways to still sit and throw without being totally awful for your lower back too.


Get someone who knows not only throwing but ergonomics and physiology to coach you no matter what route you go.


Too many people do not have good use of their bodies when sitting and throwing... and too many teachers don't pick\k up on this issue and fix it before it becomes an ingrained habit. Repetitive stress injuries are usually at least partially caused by improper techniques when it comes to using the body.





In Topic: Well Said

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

We actually like what we do for a living or for a hobby ... That puts us light years ahead of those who hate their jobs ... their learning curve might be just as steep, their self doubt just as real and their failures life changing rather than annoying. Puts us miles ahead of those who just work to make money and live for the weekend.

So acting like we have it any tougher than anyone else ... Gotta get over that!







In Topic: Pictures Of Your Studio

Yesterday, 02:24 PM

My "lifted" bill continues to climb, even though I lock most of the pricey stuff up.


Invest in a small digital security camera and leave it running. You'll do yourself and the other studio members (except for one ;) ) a big favor. 


"Accidently" leave something good out.  Sting!





In Topic: Well Said

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

A lot of what we "put out there" in places like this forum and other online venues gets into the public eye in one way or another.  (One reason I hate the "I play with clay" line so much.)


And like Carl said......... the choice of words in the phrasing there is clearly targeted at the consumer.