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In Topic: What Makes A Good Mizusashi Good?

Today, 09:20 PM

A couple of thoughts............


Make sure that the balance of the lid is such that when it is leaned on the side of the mizusashi in use it will CLEARLY remain in place easily without "fussing".  It shouldn't want to slip, fall over backwards toward the knob, or tend to roll away due to off center weight distribution.


Make sure the top opening will easily accomodate a "standard" chashaku (ladle) at the typical angle that it will hit the form when it is filled with the appropriate level of water.


Make sure it does not LEAK!  (Hagi type glazes on non vitrified bodies can be problematic.)


Depending on the type of Chakai........ it needs to be GRACEFULLY carried into the tearoom full of water and set down.......... watch total weight and the way the top might encourage of inhibit slohing and spilling.





In Topic: What Do You Cover Your Work Tables With?

Today, 09:12 PM

Main 4 x 8 work tables are 3/4 CDX plywood covered with 1/8 masonite (not the tempered stuff). I replace the masonite about once a year. Great working surface. Tables are 35 years old now.


Glaze lab counter is formica.


Deck surrounding wheels natural wood (pine) polished by years of cleaning.


At the college we use MDF like Neil.





In Topic: Do You Mix Or Buy Ready Made? Poll

31 August 2014 - 04:35 PM

CLAY:  Mix some, buy some, alter much of the bought stuff.


GLAZES: Mix some and buy some. (I buy overglaze enamels and resinous lusters....make the rest.)





In Topic: Thickening Iron Oxide

30 August 2014 - 08:53 PM

For cone 10 and up, I use a mix of RIO, a tiny bit of redart (particles for helping suspension), small amount of g-200 spar (early fusion), and use some glycerine with the water to "thicken" the brushing consistency, and sometimes a touch of Elmer's Glue to keep it from smudging after it dries (if painting on top of glazes).  Propylene glycol also can be used to make it brush better (not ethylene... toxic).





In Topic: Wood Fired Kilns

30 August 2014 - 09:36 AM


Any plans on writing a book on kiln building?




In the works. Just too much to do though. Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh.