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Yesterday, 04:49 PM

Images of NCECA opening address:







In Topic: Pottery Booth Help! What Do You Display Your Pottery On? Shelves Or Tables?

Yesterday, 04:42 PM

A lot of what you use depends on the nature of the work you are showing and how you want to "market position" it.  And the nature of the booth it is located within.  I've never used a "tent" on outdoor events..... fairs I did had big tents that I set up within.  No"flapping" tent walls.


I rarely do 'craft fairs' anymore (never say never).... but when I did............ units like this...... https://www.abstract...etail-fixtures/ .


I still have all the units and use them from time to time. We ll worth the amortized investment. I've had those units for maybe 25 years or so.


Have always had a pickup truck (for 40+ years now..... not same one ;) ) to haul stuff.





In Topic: What Is Nceca?

22 February 2017 - 05:20 PM

Surf around here:  http://nceca.net/


That should answer a lot of your questions.





In Topic: Looking For Suggestions

20 February 2017 - 01:04 PM

Can't speak to public schools and K-12 and their IEPs.


For college, a student does not HAVE to disclose or ask for academic accommodations.  And yes, student records are protected by FERPA  (like HIPPA for medical stuff).  If they don't initiate this process, you need to figure out how to deal with the situation as you would with ANY individual in your classroom.  It can be tough.  (That's why we make the "big bucks". ;) )


As a professor, we are barred from suggesting that a specific person should do so even if we suspect some disability.  We give a blanket statement in the course syllabus that it is available, and that students should go to the Student Affairs office to get the necessary forms.  What the professor gets back from that office is not a diagnosis or discussion of the actual situation (cognitive or physical assessment or diagnosis).... but what we are allowed (and must) do as far as accomodations stand.  We and the student both have to sign off on that we received it and understand it.  It might say something like "extra time on tests and assignments".  Or "verbal tests administered/proctored in the Student Affairs office".  Or "Provide copies of professor's class presentation notes".  Stuff like that.


We can't do anything to change the academic standards for the course that is NOT specifically listed there.


The Deans and the Administration are your friends in dealing with this stuff.  Someone in the school has formal training on Students with Disabilities that is there to help you figure it all out.  I'm pretty sure that position is there in all colleges by law.





In Topic: Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

20 February 2017 - 12:49 PM

Sorry I won't get to see you again there, Pres.