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In Topic: Where Does Clay Stand In Fine Art

Today, 08:34 AM

I don't see how the work, of a production potter, is any less of an art piece, than anything else.  

They make multiple copies of the same thing; so do printmaking artists.  And with printmaking, the artist only made the original.  In some cases, they had apprentices and other such workers make the prints.  Despite this, Warhol's mass produced works from "The Factory" are still considered art.


So I don't think production matters either way.

In Topic: Peggy Attends An Art Show--A Philosophical Short Story

Today, 08:15 AM

Good story, very entertaining.

In Topic: Need Advice On Barrel Firing Pots

Today, 08:03 AM

Welcome to the boards.


Will you be bisque firing, these pieces first?  With any type of pit or barrel firing, bisquing is recommended.  You will have much less loss, from cracks and spalling.  Even if everything survives, it will be fairly weak, if you only barrel fire it.  The temps don't get hot enough to harden the clay.  Barrel firing is used to create surface effects on the wares, from the smoke and other additives added in.


I'm not sure if the zinc fuming off will do much, in terms of the wares.  You are right though, the zinc fumes are nasty, so you do need to be cautious when firing.


For pit, barrel and Raku firing a clay that can handle the thermal shock of quick heating and cooling, is a must.  So you can buy a specified Raku clay, but a grogged stoneware works just as well.  

In Topic: Help Me Decide What To Do About A Cracked Kiln Lid

Today, 07:40 AM



There are kiln cracks, especially on the bottom, that generally don't get any worse, and create no issues.  However, lids can be a bigger issue, because of the movement.  The kiln, in my first classroom, had a lid that was a little beat.  The kiln itself was nice, but whether it was due to design, or prior improper use, the lid was not so much.  The metal skin was becoming very loose, both at the handle, and the hinge.

So that's why I'd be a little concerned, about a crack on your kiln lid, coming from the handle.  It's a point, where you will be adding pressure.  It looks like your kiln has an "Easy Lift" feature, is this correct?  The classroom kiln, I was referring to, did not.  I wanted to add one, but not in the budget.


John, Neil and others, who have been building and firing kilns longer than me, will be able to give you a better idea on issues with the crack repair.


So I can see it a couple different ways.  Regardless of whether the crack will get bigger, you paid for a NEW kiln, which includes every portion of it.  You did not receive that, and are being both understanding and flexible, by waiting this long.  Wanting a new lid, is not you being difficult, or demanding, it's what is right.

The lid was cracked by the manufacturer correct?  I understand that this is probably a pain, for the supplier as well, and you don't want to strain that relationship.  But that is part of their job, to deal with the manufacturer.  They are the "Middleman".  A one hundred dollar credit, is a nice gesture, but it won't guarantee the lid won't crack further.  A lid with zero cracks, is less likely to crack, than one with a repaired crack.

In Topic: Need Help!

Yesterday, 09:40 PM

That's how I read it too schmism.