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In Topic: Wipe-Away Black Staining

28 August 2015 - 07:39 PM

Ditto to the above three posts. Great way to do thin lines, while protecting the surrounded areas.

In Topic: Cheers To Art Teachers!

28 August 2015 - 02:50 PM

Not cynical at all Pres. Pretty spot on, in my opinion.

Our Govenor, seems to loves the private sector. He closed down multiple State facilities, like mental health, and juvenile detention centers.
Then, when the two parties, couldn't agree on the Educational budget, for the year, they agreed on the lower percentage allowable growth, but then include one time extra funds. ...Theeeeen, the Govenor came in and vetoed the extra funds, citing he didn't want to allow lawmakers to depend on that, wanting them instead to figure out a budget. Of course, he's trying to blame the lawmakers for failing to fully compromise, while schools are still out the money. My district lost a couple hundred thousand. Larger districts, it was about a million.

I have been fortunate so far. My District and Administrators support me, and allow me to buy the necessary materials. The Visual Arts, and Fine Arts in general are supported here. I would say teachers overall are happy with the district.

This is in contrast to some states, like Wisonsin, who lost a lot of teachers, due to the current administration, or Kansas, who lost a lot of funding, for the same reasons.

And not to pick on the South, but one of my coworkers in the district, taught Art in Georgia. Not only were the kids "rough" (he had Kindergarteners swearing at him), but he was one time forced to paint with clay, he had dug up himself. His funding was so little, that's what he had to stoop too.

In Topic: Raising The Dead

23 August 2015 - 03:12 PM

So on this "Lazy Sunday", I had some time, and finally took pictures of the wiring.

If you look in the gallery I linked to earlier, they will be there.

From my untrained eye, the wires look good. They don't seem crunchy, even with bending, and no missing wire insulation.

I should note, I removed the sitter tube, so I could fully pull the casing off.

So does everything look OK?

In Topic: Happy Birthday Preston

19 August 2015 - 08:24 PM

Best wishes Pres.

In Topic: Problems With Glaze

16 August 2015 - 02:58 PM

You mean after firing it, in the kiln?

Is it popping off, on its own, or kind of flaking off?

There are a couple reasons glazes can do this. One, is there was something on the ware, before you glazed it ( dust, oils from fingers/ hands, etc) and the glaze doesn't adhere to the clay body. It looks like it does, but because of the dirt or what have you, the glaze doesn't seep into the clay body.

The other reason is a glaze fit issue. If the clay body and glaze don't expand/ contract at the same rate, you have problems. If the glaze shrinks more than the clay, you get crazing, which is tiny cracks in the glaze, or daunting, which can cause the ware to crack. If the clay body shrinks more than the glaze, the glaze essentially bunches up upon itself, and then pops off. The latter may be what happened with your work.

What cone is your clay body, and what cone is your glaze(s)?