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In Topic: Mixing Dry Glaze With Clay Bodies

14 January 2017 - 08:37 PM

I have done that in my own classroom, by accident...


We often reclaimed/ recycled clay by taking dryer scraps, then hydrating them to a thick slurry.  We'd then use bone dry powder to work into that slurry to dry and thicken it.  (Note:  I don't do this anymore, because it was a huge mess, and a hazard due to all the dust it created).


Anyway, one of my student helpers, was told to grab a new bag of said clay powder.  We didn't find out until a firing, that they grabbed a bag of glaze powder instead.  The projects made with it, which was only a couple, melted quite a bit.  This was just during bisque, so only about Cone 04/ 05.  

As I recall, they didn't really stick to the shelves.  I just had a couple students, who lost a project, and gained my deepest apologies...

In Topic: Xiem Trimming Tool Set Reviews?

09 January 2017 - 11:25 PM

I got this about a year ago and love it:  http://www.mudtools....?v=7516fd43adaa


It is very versatile.  

In Topic: Preventing Glaze From Running On Pipes

09 January 2017 - 09:55 AM




 When they moved the ceramics department to a different building I heard they just bricked up the doorway to the little room it lived in.


With it still in there?  :wacko:







Yes! It would have been a major ordeal to get it out.




Ha!  That will be a fun discovery sometime in the future!  My coworker at one of the Elementary buildings discovered an electric kiln in the basement of one of the buildings he travels to.  No one remembered it was there, as it hadn't been used in decades.  So when he started there, he had no idea that he had a functioning kiln at that building.  That kiln was sitting in plain sight and it was forgotten about.  I can only imagine the surprise that people will have at your old school if and when that bricked up area ever gets opened back up.

In Topic: Small Teacup Handles? How To Make Them?

04 January 2017 - 09:27 AM

If the handles wouldn't have to be quite as intricate, you could use a small(er) extruder die.


A couple years ago, I made my daughter a tea set.  It was tough for me to pull a handle, as small as I would need it for such a small set.  So I simply threw a cylinder to the same thickness and with the same curve, that I wanted the handles to have.  Once it set slightly, I used a needle tool to cut them into separate rings, which I cut into pieces to create the handles.  

They are not as ornate as those in the examples you posted.  But they are on the "daintier" side.

In Topic: Looking To Acquire A Potters Wheel

02 January 2017 - 11:44 AM

I got my electric wheel off of Craig's List.  


Looking at eBay doesn't hurt, but many sellers there, seem to overvalue what they've got.


Publicsurplus.com and govdeals.com are a great place to get a deal.  The sellers bigger organizations, that are just looking to get rid of things.  The only way the price will get really high is due to a bidding war.  On Govdeals, I nearly got a very nice "used" kiln for $400.  Little to no wear, computer controller, very nice.  It was from a school district, who has the money to trade up more often than they should...


Kick wheels will be much easier to acquire.  They are big and heavy, so sometimes people just want to get them gone.  I sold one of my classroom kilns for next to nothing, to a student at a local studio.  It was a treadle wheel, and it worked well enough, but it was just in the way, and no one liked to use it.