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I believe this is the process, that Doris was referring to:




I've used it several times, for fine writing, and creating drawings/ illustrations on various wares.  It works extremely well.  


One extra step, I usually take, is to have the image/ lettering I want done on a piece of thin paper.  After the base coat of underglaze is dry, I'll hold the paper on the clay surface, and trace over the design with a dull pencil.  That will leave a small impression on the surface, that can be seen through the wax resist.  That way, you don't have to free hand, when you go to etch through the resist.

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Today, 08:42 AM

Sometimes, I'll have a student start a question, decide they think it's "Stupid", and not ask it.  Sometimes I'll dig, and get them to ask it, and it won't be a stupid question at all.  Other times they refuse to ask at all.  Students don't like to risk sounding "dumb", in front of their peers, even though much of the time, they have valid questions.


That's why I never discourage questions.


I should note, even though somewhat clay-related, the question, "Can I throw clay/ slip?" usually just gets a "sigh" from me.

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Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Yeah, I've never sighed at a student's questions, or goals... Well not honestly, I will do it in an obvious joking manner, simply because they always seem to ask a question, just as soon as; I get to the other side of the room, just washed my hands, just sat down, etc.

I also tell them, during my demo that if the clay is terribly off center, and I show them visually what that means, don't ask me to check to see if it's centered.

But I take questions seriously, and will answer them, in the same way.

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Yesterday, 08:09 AM

I can laugh at myself, and the mistakes I used to/ still do make.

I just didn't find the video amusing, because of how they presented the material.

Now the platter throwing video someone posted, a couple weeks ago, that was funny. It was a satire of sorts, but presented in a way that worked.

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17 April 2015 - 09:54 PM

I'm with you Pres. I didn't find that funny, not even a smirk.