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#111930 Silkscreen Test Plates

Posted by Roberta12 on 24 August 2016 - 10:42 PM

Terry, those are lovely!!!!  I cannot believe how much work you have in those.   they do not look like test plates, they look finished and polished! nice work!!

#111862 Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

Posted by Roberta12 on 23 August 2016 - 03:11 PM

there have been a number of them.  I will have to reflect.  :rolleyes:



#111028 Glaze Spray Gun?

Posted by Roberta12 on 05 August 2016 - 10:17 PM

Another vote for the Harbor Freight HVLP gun.  I am still using the one I bought 4 or more years ago.  I bought a second one when they were on sale simply because I don't live close to a Harbor Freight and I have not used it yet.  ditto on the sieve.....  I use 40-45 psi



#110777 Qotw: Are Our Expectations Too High?

Posted by Roberta12 on 30 July 2016 - 05:53 PM

 Fascinating topic...be it about social change, instant gratification, expectations beyond skill level, or the 20 years plus 5 minutes to throw the 5 minute mug.


I am trying hard to claw my way out of the existential tumor of "informed pessimism" that inhabits my being and threatens my joy of discovering I can still function somewhat creatively. So, for now, I have consciously chosen to approach clay in the manner of throwing the spaghetti to the ceiling and going with whatever sticks. That is abysmally ignorant and a shameful abdication of an excellent education in the science and art of ceramics, but at least, for me, it is a forward motion.

It can also bring a certain amount of freedom, Lee.  Freedom to do whatever the heck you want with that clay that is stuck to the wall or wherever!



#110706 Learning To Post Pictures

Posted by Roberta12 on 28 July 2016 - 10:50 AM

just testing


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#110636 Qotw: Are Our Expectations Too High?

Posted by Roberta12 on 27 July 2016 - 09:32 AM

A dear friend wanted to make an orchid bowl.  She came to my studio and spent 3 hours at the wheel.  I was totally impressed when she threw 2 tiny bowls that would have trimmed up nicely.   She asked me how long did I think it would take to make something large enough for an orchid.  I told her at least 6 weeks (I was trying to be nice, I didn't want to say 2 years).   She left and called me a few weeks later saying that she bought one. hmmmm.  And she is my age (over 60) and has tackled many challenges in her life.  So, in this case I can't blame it on her age, internet, or unrealistic expectations.  tb001 raised a valid point.....because we all grew up playing with clay or playdoh, I think people are surprised by the challenge of making a rice cooker or orchid pot. 


I spent years teaching remedial readers.  Talk about young people being able to face challenges!  Breaking the English language down to the smallest bits and putting all that together requires great patience and willingness to fail and try again.  I wonder if those kids would make good potters??  Because that is what it takes with clay.  Lots of patience, willingness to keep learning, and not being afraid of failure. 



#110550 Found New Textured Paper!

Posted by Roberta12 on 25 July 2016 - 08:01 PM

What is this paper? where do you source it?

Hope there ois similar in OZ.

Initially thought you had found some old wallpaper, or is it the wallpaper that you then paint?/

Love your stuff.

Babs, I found some on Papermojo.com and fineartstore.com   Not sure if they ship to down under.....but I have had that same idea about heavily textured wallpaper.  It has a similar feel.  Perhaps we should be checking with wallpaper people? Find out when they are getting new sample books?



#110541 Mixed My A First Batch Of Glaze

Posted by Roberta12 on 25 July 2016 - 05:55 PM

Yay! Terry!!!  You will pass with flying colors....or at least white! 



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#110514 Found New Textured Paper!

Posted by Roberta12 on 25 July 2016 - 09:13 AM

Those are beautiful Old Lady!  I like how you squared the forms.  I was taught to put shellac on both sides of the texture paper, let dry, and it is good for infinity and beyond!  I even roll it through the slab roller. 



#110324 Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

Posted by Roberta12 on 19 July 2016 - 05:52 PM

I have the wireless Square reader that works with chip cards.  I haven't had but a couple of shows using it, but use it with my tablet (Samung) since it is not compatible with my phone (Droid Turbo)  It connects immediately, and does not seem to be slower than the old plug into the phone reader.    However, I have to switch from chip reader to mag stripe reader depending on which sort of card a customer has.  The transition is rather a pain.  

I am involved with a small gallery that has an ipad with a Payanywhere reader.  It seems to be fairly fast and so far, reliable.  I abandoned Payanywhere last year because it had become cumbersome.  I guess they are all changing right now. 



#109730 Qotw: What Form Do You Use To Experiment On A New Aesthetic?

Posted by Roberta12 on 05 July 2016 - 08:43 AM

This is a great question!  Like most of us, I do a lot of experimenting, either with glazes, glaze combos, shapes, surface design, types of clay, all of that and more.  But I think for surface exploration, I tend to use bowls.  I like making functional ware and I guess that gives me a place to see how it would look in use, in the cupboard, on the table, etc.  I can make the bowls wide or tall, shallow or deep. 



#109578 Qotw: Are We Potters Crazy?

Posted by Roberta12 on 28 June 2016 - 07:49 PM

Oh, I agree with everyone!!  We really are crazy!  One person I took a community ed class with me, quit after one semester because she said "I don't want to work that hard."  Another friend took one semester and said, "I am not going to keep doing something I am not good at."  So even if I have to work hard and even if I am not good at it, I am still working in clay!!  Yes, insanity could be the diagnosis!



#108391 Gargage Sale/ Driveway Sale For Selling Pieces

Posted by Roberta12 on 08 June 2016 - 10:08 AM

Last summer I decided to clear out some of my one of a kind, practice, part of a set pieces.  I invited some artisan friends to bring their things and we did have some deep discounts on items.  For me, it was important to clear things out to make more space.  We had handmade soap, jewelry, paintings, ceramics.....I put it on FB on a Monday, sent out a few emails, and had the sale on Wednesday.  And yes, I put a signboard on the corner.  I was astounded by the number of people who came!  And, I live in the country on a county road.  Yes, they came.  We are planning one again for this year.  But.....I wouldn't do one every week because like Joseph pointed out, you will have people wanting to buy the pitcher which should be priced at $40 for 50 cents.  One friend referred to it as a Yart Sale. So, my intention was to clear things out for space and we did have marked down prices.   But you could call it an Open Studio day, set up a nice display and have regular prices! 



#107540 Texture/embossing Mats/roller

Posted by Roberta12 on 25 May 2016 - 10:48 PM



Giselle, very nice impressions!  What is your favorite tool to use for carving??  Mine often come out rather buggery.  But I might be carving into the clay while it is too wet. 




Roberta, when I'm making stamps I've found it's very important to let them set up a bit, maybe for 30-60 mins, before I decorate them. I use a clay called Moroccan Sand; it's got a fairly fine grit but it does add body. Perfectly smooth clay tends to be mushy and you don't want too much grit or big hunks come out when you're carving. Also most of the designs on the roller stamp in the photo were actually impressed using a stylus tool made by Wilton for cake decorating. The cake decorating section is one of my favorite places to shop for clay tools. I also used a small circular loop tool to make the butterflies' wings and a ball tool for the dots. The heart was made with a polymer clay stamp I made myself with an extruder. Yes, I stamp my stamps with stamps. What of it? ;)


I don't know if you ever go on Periscope but I'm going to do some crazy stamp making on there next week. I also plan to do a series of YouTube videos on stamp making as well, probably focusing on one tool or one kind of tool per video. 

I use a lot of the small round or triangular loop tools, the Wilton fondant modeling kit, random weird tools from around the house like crochet hooks and straws, and wire tools I've made myself in addition to more "normal" clay modeling tools. 


I was using the dreaded Bmix!  hahahaha.  Yes, I will find you on Periscope. That's exciting!!!!  And last night I dug out some borrowed leather stamping tools, which was rather fun! 



#107433 B-Mix And Me - A Contentious Relationship

Posted by Roberta12 on 24 May 2016 - 11:52 AM

Nancy, I do like throwing with Bmix, but have had cracking issues in the past, but not problems with the handles falling off.  However, I have never thrown, trimmed and fired all in one day.  Maybe it's just because my climate is different, but it does seem like you are putting things in the kiln rather quickly.  I had my first explosion ever during a bisque a couple of months ago.  I knew I was taking a risk....the mug was still just a bit cool to the touch.  Lesson learned.   But like Mdobay said, sounds like it isn't the clay, the pot didn't have enough time to dry.