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In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

Today, 04:11 PM

Old Lady, Like Mea and Mark said, it really can make the difference in sales.  Yes, if you borrow a phone, and you have signed up Square, you could do that!!  It is rather straight forward.  My only complaint are the issues we are all having with the newest technology.  But I am certain that Square and others know that.  They want our 2.75%!  They will work out the bugs!



In Topic: Skutt or L&L?

Today, 04:06 PM

kdavitt22, I have to say I am more than a little surprised by your experience with L&L.  My L&L is 5 years old with over 500 firings.  It has been a workhorse.  I have found their customer service to be unsurpassed.  Stephen Leuwiki (the president of the company) has emailed me back at midnight and made certain I had my questions and concerns answered.  I cannot imagine they would not take care of the obvious flaws.  I read through the hotkilns website and indeed your kiln is not rated to fire consistently to cone 5/6 if you are single phase.  If you bought this kiln brand new, I know it is under warranty to get things fixed.  I would urge you to give them another chance.  Or like the website says, you might want a different kiln. 


Note about  e28T-3 Easy-Fire Kiln on 1 phase power

The e28T-3 kiln is only rated for Cone 8 when the power supply is 240 volts, 1 phase. It is only rated for Cone 5 when the power supply is 208 volts, 1 phase.

A cone rating should be several cones higher than the cone you plan to fire to. Elements in a kiln that is rated for cone 8 will not last very long when firing to cone 5 or 6 especially with heavy loads.

That said- if you answer yes to any of these following questions, you probably want to go with a more powerful L&L, like the eQ2827-3 or the JD2927-3-QD (if you need UL listing). Both of these kilns, in the single phase versions, have more power (watts) than the e28T-3 and will consistently deliver the power you need to reach Cone 6. On the other hand, both the 240 and 208 volt three phase versions of the e28T-3 deliver plenty of power (watts), so this note does not apply to three phase e28T-3 models.

In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

Yesterday, 10:26 PM

The Gallery is using wifi.  But the Payanywhere reader is a swipe thing.  Not the chip technology.  I work down there next week.  I am going to ask more questions.    I live in an area where we are all delighted if we have cell signal. There are so many places that do not.  So for local shows, most customers know to bring cash, checks, or we do a delayed CC processing.  Most of the vendors I know are pretty unhappy with the chip readers/technology.  The general feeling is that the CC companies and processing companies were not ready for chip cards. 



In Topic: Qotw: What Does It Need For You To Look Beyond Your Own Nose?

19 July 2016 - 05:56 PM

I guess I simply don't know of magazine from other countries.  I do subscribe to a publication from Canada,  does that count? :)



In Topic: Chip Card Readers. How Do You Like Yours So Far?

19 July 2016 - 05:52 PM

I have the wireless Square reader that works with chip cards.  I haven't had but a couple of shows using it, but use it with my tablet (Samung) since it is not compatible with my phone (Droid Turbo)  It connects immediately, and does not seem to be slower than the old plug into the phone reader.    However, I have to switch from chip reader to mag stripe reader depending on which sort of card a customer has.  The transition is rather a pain.  

I am involved with a small gallery that has an ipad with a Payanywhere reader.  It seems to be fairly fast and so far, reliable.  I abandoned Payanywhere last year because it had become cumbersome.  I guess they are all changing right now.