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In Topic: Sprig Fell Off While Glazing

Today, 12:53 PM

Thanks Mark.  I will see about getting some.  It's not a common problem for me but a person needs something when it happens.  I had a small container of paperclay so I used that and the little bowl is being rebisqued right now.  I will let you all know if it worked. 



In Topic: Cash Deposits Seized By Irs

Today, 12:50 PM

Geez Louise!  All my deposits to my business account are small.  I am a small business.  Should one put their money in a sock? 


In Topic: Sprig Fell Off While Glazing

Yesterday, 09:38 AM

Paul, I seriously considered that last night, and I took a picture with my phone but the pic was too large and it was too late for me to want to resize and all that jazz.  But it's on the other side of the spout of a small batter bowl.  I would hope it would get a lot of kitchen use so using e6000 probably wouldn't be the best solution.  So I will do the paper clay and re bisque thing.   But thanks so much. 



In Topic: Sprig Fell Off While Glazing

Yesterday, 12:49 AM

Thanks Bruce and Marcia.  I was hoping there was some magic trick that I didn't know about that could happen at that moment.  He has a slightly bigger brother, so I wanted them in the same load.  Oh well....

In Topic: How Quickly Do You Get Rid Of Failures?

28 October 2014 - 07:39 PM

I smash, pitch, and toss.  If a family member is moving, I offer to help pack up the kitchen.  I can then sneak old pots into the trash.  However, I have convinced myself that I am going to do some mosaic work, so I have two boxes of broken pots in interesting colors that will someday become a new work of art.  Geez, I wish I had some fence posts!!