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?turquoise Yellow Salt Glaze

04 September 2016 - 10:09 PM

HI All,


Trying to find a couple new glazes and am interested in  a turquoise yellow salt glaze that I found in  an old clayart topic from 2000 by Dr Tom Roess.  I understand all the ingredients but it is the quantities of colorants that do not make sense to me.  I know there are participants here that will be able to explain it to me.  (Thanks for your help).


Here is the recipe:



Neph Sy 63.9
Dolomite 21.1
Ultrox 16   (use superpax)
OM 4 clay  4.3
Bentonite 4
Also add
1/8 =25 Cobalt Carb
2 =25 Copper Carb
To 10,000 grams add 1/2 C. Muriatic Acid


My question pertains to the  amounts of cobalt carb and also the copper carb.  The amounts seem incredibly high -might the base recipe  have been written  for 105.3 plus 4 bentonite grams, and the colorant additions were listed  for  a 10,000 gram recipe?  Is my guess anywhere close to explaining this.  Would appreciate help with the correct colorant amounts - cobalt is too expensive to waste!


I will be firing this in a gas kiln fired with LP, to cone 10 R - not a salt kiln


Thanks for sharing your knowledge!



Claywork While Going Thru Chemo

11 February 2016 - 05:32 PM

I have a couple friends who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. Both will be starting the chemo regimen.  Neither will  work while going thru chemo, and they are focused on keeping positive thoughts and staying as active as their health will allow.  Both have a bit of clay experience and have wondered about working in the clay studio at our local art center.  I feel that the studio would be a calming and relaxing place for them but whether they work in the studio or at home with clay, I have concerns about possible negative health effects since the chemo will cause changes in their immune system.  Because of the dust concerns as well as mold (in clay) etc., should I suggest they perhaps explore a different art medium for now?