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?turquoise Yellow Salt Glaze

04 September 2016 - 10:09 PM

HI All,


Trying to find a couple new glazes and am interested in  a turquoise yellow salt glaze that I found in  an old clayart topic from 2000 by Dr Tom Roess.  I understand all the ingredients but it is the quantities of colorants that do not make sense to me.  I know there are participants here that will be able to explain it to me.  (Thanks for your help).


Here is the recipe:



Neph Sy 63.9
Dolomite 21.1
Ultrox 16   (use superpax)
OM 4 clay  4.3
Bentonite 4
Also add
1/8 =25 Cobalt Carb
2 =25 Copper Carb
To 10,000 grams add 1/2 C. Muriatic Acid


My question pertains to the  amounts of cobalt carb and also the copper carb.  The amounts seem incredibly high -might the base recipe  have been written  for 105.3 plus 4 bentonite grams, and the colorant additions were listed  for  a 10,000 gram recipe?  Is my guess anywhere close to explaining this.  Would appreciate help with the correct colorant amounts - cobalt is too expensive to waste!


I will be firing this in a gas kiln fired with LP, to cone 10 R - not a salt kiln


Thanks for sharing your knowledge!