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Troubleshooting a broken electric potter's wheel

13 June 2013 - 02:00 PM

Yesterday I plugged in my wheel, flipped the foot pedal switch to on, and depressed the pedal. I got a flicker of sound and maybe some rotation of the wheel but only briefly. Checked wall plug, extension cord, etc everything fine. The power cord was old and looked awful so I decided to replace that before I did any troubleshooting. Cord replaced, still doesn't work. So I try hard-wiring through each of two fuses to see if the light goes on. Sure enough, one of the fuses is shot (ceramic fuse, [email protected]) so I decide that I will put a little bit of copper wire in there that I am guestimating will burn out at a capacity somewhere near but below it's rating and use it for the time being at lower speeds, drawing less power through the temp fuse. But it pops the copper wire instantly, so I go up in "guage" and it pops that too. It looks like for some reason the fuse is being made to bear tremendous loads of electricity when it shouldn't and I have no idea why this is occurring. Does anyone have any thoughts on what the trouble might be? Everything inside the foot petal box (this is entirely where all the electronics are, as opposed to, say, a Brent) looks very clean and there's no indication of a simple short caused by something bent, broken, or worn out.

Don't have a dime to my name and won't get a new one for a really long time if I don't fix this myself.



19 March 2013 - 01:04 PM

I live in a house build in 1906. I would like to run a(n electric) 10 cubic foot kiln up to cone 8 in the little peripheral garage/shed/shop. The house has modern stoves washers, dryers, etc. If I ran a 210 line out from the washer and dryer would that be OK to run? Is this even something to worry about or CAN wiring heat up and cause fires?


Midnight Black II from Seattle Pottery Supply— firing

04 February 2013 - 03:46 PM

Just got some of this stuff. I'm wondering what will happen to it if I fire it at cone 6. It's rated specifically as an 04-5 clay.

Will it totally completely melt or just slouch a little or what? I only bought 25lbs and I have a 10cu/ft kiln that I won't fill up with just this.

I would just be making mugs and teacups, pretty structurally sound cylinders without any big peripheral things that can't suppor tthemselves.

THanks guys


PS I'm really new to this stuff. : D

"Snow White 04-6" Bag-o-powder

31 January 2013 - 06:57 PM

Hello! I have just taken about 30 lbs of powder home from an estate sale labeled "Snow White 04-6".

Is there any way of finding out who makes this glaze? I have checked the whole bucket and plastic bag inside and there isn't anything else written but the above.

My questions is— Is this going to be food safe?

I guess I need to ask first if lead or cadmium or anything else nasty are common constituents of a white glaze that fires at cone 6? What is the probability that this glaze is going to be safe?

Second, maybe there is the possibility that this is some well-known formulation that can be safely IDd?

Third, perhaps I could conduct some sort of test that will help me identify harmful compounds??

I would hate to waste 30 dry lbs of glaze (and I will not), and I am just a beginning ceramicist but I am making mostly mugs/teacups/teapots and wares to come in contact with food.

If you can help me troubleshoot at all I would really appreciate it!!

Thank you!!