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Another Jewelry Question....

11 November 2014 - 01:46 PM


I just started making some jewelry, and I am really confused as to some information I received from the art guild downtown.  What I asked was:  is there anything I can do (type of clay, firing, etc) to make my pieces stronger.....


I am used to slab building, and very new to jewelry; what I was told was to fire my jewelry pieces at a higher cone temp.  The higher the cone temp, the "stronger" and more durable my piece.  Is that true?


Meaning, if I am used to firing at cone 04, if I take the same type of clay, say B-Mix and it is capable at firing up to cone 4 - instead of firing my jewelry at cone 04 and fire it at cone 4, will the piece actually be stronger than if I had fired it at cone 04?  If so, why?


thank you!