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Different Firing Rate/speed When Firing Pottery Vs. Ceramics?

24 May 2016 - 08:11 AM

Hello all,

I have my own equipment at home (manual cress kiln and pottery wheel) and I also take a class; last night there was a comment that firing pottery is much different than firing traditional ceramics.  (Meaning on average when firing ceramics it would take about 8 hours, pottery should take closer to 12-16 for Cone 6)


Is that a true statement?  That firing pottery is a much longer process than for ceramics?


Cone 6 Waterfall Brown Glaze Recipe

23 May 2016 - 07:07 AM

Hi all,

I have scoured Google, and have found one or two Waterfall Brown recipes, but they were for Cone 10; does anyone have a Waterfall Brown recipe they would be willing to share that they have had good success with?  (steady, etc.)


 Cone 6, Waterfall brown

thank you


Newbie Needs Help With Glaze Cone 6 - Can It Really Be This Hard?

20 May 2016 - 11:41 AM

Hi all,

I am just starting to try mixing my own Cone 6 glazes, and I thought I would start with an easy one.  The recipe didn't really have a name, but only has 3 ingredients.

80% Alberta Slip

20% Frit 3134

4% Rutile


It is SUPPOSED to be Bluish (see attachment); I have tried this twice now, actually three times, and all I get is brown....

I tried:


80% Alberta Slip

20% Frit 3134 (3431?)

4% Rulte


I also tried:

80% Ravenscrag Slip

20% Frit 3134

4% Rutile


after doing more research, it said for alberta slip more than 50%, to calcine the rest.



I have heard that I don't have to calcine the additional amount over 50% (30%

If I do, does anyone know any place that sells calcined alberta slip?  Or do I need to do it myself?


Thank you all for any advice - 

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