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Firing With Propane, When To Upgrade Tank?

Today, 09:59 AM

I have been firing with Propane for a couple of years.  I have a small updraft kiln and have been firing it with a pair of 100lb (26 gallon)propane tanks, in a dual tank configuration and I run then both at the same time.  I get three firing out of the two tanks, then have to haul them down to the local farm co-op to refill them.  I am getting a new larger kiln next weekend, but the burner configuration is the same so the BTUs should be pretty close as well.  I am sure it will use more volume of gas as it has to heat up more mass.  My question is when is the right time to upgrade and which option is best.


1.  Just buy another 100lb tank to add in series and keep going with 3 firings per refill.  This is the cheapest option as the tanks are cheap.  However I would still need to go down to refill them.  Perhaps I could call a mobile refill company and have them come to me, but with such a low volume I bet I would have to pay a delivery charge.  They would not come out for 50 gallons of propane I am sure.


2.  Go buy a 250 gallon tank and then have a company come put the refill it when I need to, which may be every other month or so I would guess.


3.  Get a contract with a local propane provider and have them subsidize the 250 gallon tank and setup regular fill.  I assume this would be the most expensive.


So how do you do it.

Icheon Master Video Series

25 March 2014 - 12:15 PM

The American Museum of Ceramic Art published some videos last year that are just stunning.  This one was my favorite, but you should look at the others.




This one was my favorite, but you should look at the others.



Wholesale Crafts Dot Com

27 February 2014 - 04:02 PM

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and jump into wholesale and try and work through wholesalecrafts.com  and just got confirmation that I was accepted into their ACRE show in Las vegas as well as their catalog.  This seems to be on a larger scale than simple consignments and local wholesale accounts.  I know I have a ton to learn, and have a mentor help guide me along this path.  How many have done this sort of thing before?  I am sure there are several large whole sale crafter distributors that hold shows like this.  What should I expect at my first trade show?

May Have To Cancel Cynthia Bringle Nw Hands On Workshop

17 February 2014 - 01:44 PM

I have been putting out notifications here and other marketing avenues about a 2 day Cynthia Bringle workshop up here in Washington at Kirkland Arts Center for June.  Response has been very slow and sign ups are far too low to hold the class.  If you are thinking about attending please sign up.  If I do not get these workshops substantially full in the next couple of weeks I think I am going to have to cancel and refund all those who signed up early.  It takes a long time to get these workshops organized and going so I cannot wait much longer before just calling it. I also need to get all the other plans in place, like lodging and travel for Cynthia all settled very soon.  I hate to have to do it, but perhaps there is not a market for this type of workshop up here in WA.


below is the original announcement.


Dear CAD Members,
My name is Brian Reed, and I am setting up a two day workshop with noted Ceramic Artist Cynthia Bringle. This workshop will take place in Kirkland Art Center in Kirkland, WA during June of 2014.  Currently scheduled for June 3-4 or June 6-7.  There are two different workshops, you pick the one you would like to attend.





It will be a hands on workshop with each participant immersed in two full days.


  -A two day class covering 6-8 hours each day.

- Instruction will be directed by Cynthia Bringle and will consist of demonstrations and work time for you on your provided wheel.

- Each student will be given exclusive access to a space and their own wheel for the two days of the workshop.

- After demonstration time Cynthia Bringle will be assisting all members.

- There will be something for beginner/intermediate wheel throwers as well as advanced. 

- On the second day Cynthia requests that you all bring in one piece of your recent work so that we can all have a group discussion and critique of your work.  I think this will be a fun time of discovery and direction for our own clay journey.  Who wouldn't want Cynthia Bringle to tell us what she thinks of our work... I can't wait!
- The intention of the workshop is to learn new techniques and take the time to re-learn some of the basics that you may or may not regularly use.  It is not a time for you to pump out production and come away with a load of pots.  Because of that there are no firing services included in this class.  Perhaps we can work something out with Kirkland Art Center where a piece or two can be firing for a fee; we can get that information out prior to the workshop.

 The cost is $335 a person for a two day hands on workshop.  


It includes 50 lbs of clay per person (we will have two types of stoneware and maybe some porcelain) All clay is being graciously donated by Clay Art Center in Tacoma; stop by and thank Joe when you are in there for your next purchase.  If for some reason you will need more than the 50lbs allotted to you over the two days you can purchase at $10-$12 for 25 lb bag, or you may bring your own.  During our last class everyone just shared and there was plenty for everyone, which we will establish prior to starting for the day.  You also need to bring your own throwing tools.  There will be a more detailed check list for those attending once we get the class participants all set up.

If last years Simon Leach workshop is any indicator I suggest you sign up early to ensure you have a spot.  I ending up with a wait list and some did not make it into the class. I want to give all potters a chance to attend; for Simon's workshop we had people from Alaska, California and Montana attend.  Please respond back to me if you are interested and have some questions, or just go to my sign up page and get registered.  I understand Cynthia is giving the closing key note at NCECA this year, wouldn't it be cool to have her in a much smaller instructive setting for two days?  Come learn from one of the treasures in clay and leave a better potter.


Sign Up Page http://nwclayclub.com/?page_id=180


Brian Reed



Questions About Sharing Studio Space

31 December 2013 - 02:10 PM

So I have posted a few times about my journey so I will not bore you.  I am not new to Pottery, but new to having my own studio, it is about 2 years old.  I totally miss the community that came with the local pottery teaching studio in my area.  Sure I have a few friends that stop by from time to time, but not enough for me.  I think back to the early English potteries and they seem like a community or factory.  Full of people making pots together and each had a mission.  I do not want that sort of thing, I do not want to work on collaborative pots, but rather the multiple people working together in the same studio.


My studio is plenty large enough to share the space, but that seems like a huge leap allowing others to work in my studio. 


How many of you have done this with multiple people in the same studio working on separate work?  What were some of the issues, what did you like and not like about it.  What are your general thoughts about sharing?  I know there are logistical things like how to share clay, and glazes, and even how to organize firing and such.  Then of course the cost and how that should work, but those I think I can work out it is more the general rule about sharing a studio.


Your opinions will be greatly appreciated.